Mass evacuation: coming to the United States, the hurricane of the century


In New York, a mass evacuation — the city is approaching a powerful hurricane "Irene". While the typhoon threatened areas metropolis, located in the lowlands. State of emergency was also introduced in four U.S. states.

Rescue workers and military are on high alert. Slowly gaining strength, "Irene" sneaks to the eastern shore of the United States, leaving behind the ruins, uprooted trees, power lines on the islands of the Caribbean.

Cuba, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, the Dominican Republic have already experienced the power of the first hurricane of the season. Forecasters fear that it was only a warm-up.

"I have nothing left. We did not have time to pack, the storm began early in the morning. We lost everything they had. During that God is punishing us?" — Asks the victim of the disaster resident of the city of San Cristobal. In the five coastal U.S. states of emergency declared: New York, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and North Carolina.

On a scale from "Irene" while the third category of danger, but it is likely to grow up to fourth. Maximum day left before the downpour and gusty winds of up to 180 kilometers per hour hit the shore. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg addressed the citizens: "New Yorkers have to collect things that you might need them in case you have to rush out of their homes. Should bring drinking water, first aid kit, flashlight, and documents. We will keep you informed of what is happening, but as long as forecasts are disappointing and the situation remains very dangerous. "


In Carolina and Maryland declared evacuation: Tourists and local residents leave the resort towns and barrier islands. People shelter house windows with plywood boards and leave.
Ferries are overcrowded, involving all the boats on roads and bridges have traffic jams.

"Here were my brother and daughter, they decided not to go anywhere. Daughter told me last night that they have been here forever and are not going to leave my house,"-said one of the local residents.

The threat is so real that run not only ordinary people but also military: 27 U.S. Navy ships, led by the aircraft carrier out of Norfolk base to the open sea away from the hurricane, and another 28 were left at the base, but they hid behind reefs and piers. Evacuated and three submarines. Flights expected disaster areas already canceled, the National Guard is preparing for a rescue operation.

Scientists from the National Center for the Study of hurricanes scare Americans, arguing that if the "Irene" suddenly weakens, it will be a century event. Weather guards — 55 million people live in the proposed disaster area.

In New York, where the hurricane expected on Sunday morning, every resident put under the door of an apartment with a warning: "Stock up on drinking water, food and batteries, do not open the windows because the expected wind speed — 160 kilometers per hour, and it is very dangerous. "

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