Mikhail Zadornov. Why religion could lead to a world war?

Mikhail Zadornov

Mikhail Zadornov

Talk about daily bread very much interested. Again, who wants to learn more about the many words mentioned by Alekseev, highly recommended for healing of soul and body to read his blog on LiveJournal.

I offer an excerpt from a post by Sergey Alekseev religions. So much has recently been noise cause and unreasonable about certain actions of our officials from the church, that all this has to smell politics. But the church — it is not a policy. It seems to me that many of the arguments on the Internet were still primitive. I suggest to read what he thinks about this Sergey Alekseev. His arguments are not immediate, they do not smell bad and are not caused by the author's desire to score points on the action-news.

"Shepherd" — not our words, and in fact from our own, from the "shepherd." Shepherd — who grazes cattle. Again, how much precision to guess if the Western word is revealed through the age-old Slavonic! Flock — this is what happens to all the religions of man, if he does not have real faith in God, and is only the fear of God's punishment, which it and intimidate various pastors from politics, because, unfortunately, from the church.

Sergey Alekseev. "Forty lessons of Russian."


Lesson Two

Our ancestors were not so restrained and wordy, they appealed to the word carefully, treated him tenderly, and if it sounded a prophetic sense, are set out on parchment or paper, it certainly registered letter. Semi-uncial and cursive appeared simultaneously with the increase of our verbosity, verbosity, indicating that the degradation of consciousness when the lost sense of time, and the significance of the magic words. Featureless immature than our thoughts, the more we want to say, but thought, like the word, demands of peace and calmness. In one of the lessons we will talk about the importance of literacy and how it relates to the language of the non-literate culture based on the language of memory, but now I would like to note that the translation of the word marks, fixing the basic meaning is not the main way to save it. Therefore, the presence or absence of a written language of a people can not be taken as the main factor of the level of its culture. Aliveness of language in its sound, because it is the quality can not be written letters — well, except that the notes.

The main store of colors, lighting and word senses are not those few written sources that have come down to us, and many times revised, rewritten for the sake of the "present moment" or even often controversial, and oddly enough, a lot of adverbs. Language in them, if they were eggs — every word in his basket. And beat them all, and no one ever can. In this diversity of its strength and its greatness and power. Scientists, linguists have long considered the number of words in Russian, then a figure of a million, in a half, and finally, having lost the account, concluded that the amount is not assessable. And, too, again because of the endless interpretations and variations in dialects.

Etymology of the word dialect is as simple and straightforward because it speaks of the root: the content, filling the vessel, called the gift of speech, it is his element, so each dialect, the dialect can not be regarded as a separate language. In an abundance of adverbs is the essence of self-preservation of Slavic and, in particular, the Russian language. What would get up with him, no matter how crazy borrowing and abbreviations are not saturated, guided by the current time, fashion, ideology, no matter how fraudulent substitution did not commit, his voice will be practically invulnerable. Several muddied its superstructure — vernacular spoken (which now has become and "literary"), but she soon settles, will enter the mainstream, like spring water. And the water is known, angular stone boulder run in and then fall over in the sand …

Many dialects, but the language is one that can be called Slavic, and its artificial division and criminal. This happens for the sake of the next "current political moment" when the divide property, marital junk, far from the gift of God, when for the sake of politics and economics are trying to break the bonds of fraternal peoples, spread them in their areas of influence. In the last century, thanks to the partition of the house were separated into three even one Great-tongue, and resulted in Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian. This is actually a three-fold adverb Eastern Slavs, naturally blend into the treasury of speech, which stores the Nizhny Novgorod, Polish, Vologda, Czech, Macedonian, Vyatka, Slovak, Ryazan and other adverbs. Assigning any dialect status of a language, so we do not only seem to be pushing a single ethnic group, but they themselves are misleading, particularly with regards to the general history of the Slavs in the early period. What happens if we pick out "their" stones of the foundation on which our common house built?

German linguistics and technology-European thought tore language, inserting us into the mouth and head another imported word — dialects. And warmed our pride, issued the call — who's in charge? Like, bothering, tuzite each other, find out whose language is at the core! And every tongue shall cease artificially torn unifying, binding principle, originally embedded in the gift of God, not only dramatically reduces its educational potential. Here we begin to divide sacred prey as skin killed bear, arguing over who and who borrowed. In the Slavic language has never been, is not and can not be "internal" loans; adverbs pierced overflow into each other, and mutually nurtured, and despite the different baskets are stored in a single vessel, speechless, with a single root base.

And the intent of such acts is the same, old, famous and purely political — divide and conquer …

But no matter what, our highest gift lives on its own, and if we say God, my God, Bose, the great understand what I mean, without any translation.

In their classrooms, I will use the term "Russian" for the sole reason that the Russian tongue, we have inherited from the tribes of the name Rus was dominant among the other dialects, is widespread and more understandable to modern man. How would I have no idea warmed proud of their own national identity, I clearly understand the language in which to think, speak and write, was born and grew out of a common Slavic roots, and to this day is associated with it a single circulatory system. His voice can not be fooled: the name of ethnic Russian unique among all other names sound like an adjective and responds immediately to two questions — who? and which? In addition, more recently, in the course of language the word "Russified", in relation to any nationality. Russified Germans, for example, having undergone hysteria "national freedom and rebirth" of the early nineties, rushed to his ancestral home of the German and only found there that they — Russian to the bone, not able to live in any other ethnic continuity and that of a German They were nothing but names. No wonder they say: Russian is not a nationality, it is fate. We can add this character, a way of thinking and behavior, developed by The educational speech. It was he, Dar, creates our image.

But back to the lesson.

"God" in the Slavic context and, in particular, in the Russian language — the same words speak for themselves, especially in the form of "God." Bo is a fire. Bo, in this case an indication "that, he," as in "Word …" note: "Bojan bo prophetic, If ye who hotyashe tvoriti song …". The letters G, H, D — signs of fire and fire-light, so they will certainly be in words, where it is understood the fiery beginning — life, the priest, heat, heat, RSA (spark), the dawn, light, fumes, angry. Similarly, the fire element inherent in speaking to the prince — prince — princess all three characters are repeated in various forms, since the beginning prince, literally, "to me carrying the fire," that is, not a getter and a keeper, keeper of fire. His god — Svarog and sons-Svarozhich lights. M character itself clearly preserved in drawing Rune past and outwardly looks like a bonfire.

Again the word of God is directly connected with the word, and this time not in the biblical text, which only trace the status quo. Reading of the word — Orthodoxy. In this case, the "glory", this is not praise, as it seems at first glance, but all the same word, the sacred production, and the right — God, the Almighty, the heavenly protection of, the rights of the very chain trinity of the world — the rule-reality- Nav. If verbatim, the sacred production, sent down (this, successful) regulations. And this is not the translation of the Pentateuch of Moses — originally a Slavic word formation, which plunges us into the depths of thousands of years. In classical literature, we often see the phrase "the right word", with the meaning of "true, honest, true word." But, you say, orthodoxy seems to be linked to Christianity. Do so ancient beliefs (pagan, heathen) so firmly entwined with a relatively young and orthodox faith?

Relationship with the Old Orthodoxy rather indirect, and there was a blind man because of the use of this phrase. And even before the fifteenth century Christianity in Russia called the faithful as it is now called themselves Muslims. The Holy Fathers used the word right here, in one sense, to emphasize that their faith — right, loyal, honest, completely eliminating all other values. Similarly, it was subsequently used the word "orthodoxy." If you like, it is an ordinary medieval substitution of concepts. Christianity is not spliced to the ancient gods and beliefs, except Mithraism, which has had a dramatic effect: it not having your own original teachings, lived solely by the New Testament, was based on the Old Testament and the teachings of the Fathers on zhizhdelos (writings of St. John Chrysostom, Ambrose, St. John the Evangelist and others). However, existing on Russian soil is naturally saturated with older and not of the Christian symbolism, overgrown words, holidays, customs, in short, the process of a kind of fermentation, transforming still alive local traditions. Unable to get away or to be near the water and do not drink.

By the way, just like any other grafted injected ideology until Marxist who unscrupulously used such Russian traditional qualities of character, as the pursuit of the will, to the communal life, to the Veche democracy, the concept of conscience, keen sense of justice. Hierarchs of the Russian Church, taking the palm of the "Third Rome" after the fall of the Byzantine Empire and introducing the usual ear combinations, especially wonder that the blind use of words, can play a cruel joke. Strongly repudiating the past, from "pagan" gods, they also put on Christianity symbolic seal of the former heavenly patrons. Perhaps under the influence of unemployed Greek bishops, the crowds on their way to Russia, not have seen the "treachery" of the Russian language, capable of self-preservation and self-organization. While still in the Middle Ages must have felt his educational start and the ability to maintain a stable magic words …

Speaking of our, native Slavic, heavenly patron all the while keeping in mind an underlying thought and argue with a such internal censor: how careless word would not offend the current church, Christians, Muslims and Jews. All of them came out of the biblical nest, as children, as mladosuschie creation, very sensitive, do not allow too freely talk about their gods and prophets, many taboo issues. For any independent step, for trying to understand, to penetrate into the essence of things, in that hour anathema, if any, publicly threaten violence. Since God does not need protection, and the belief that consciousness, personal attitude, belief, unshakable life, finally, what will protect the hierarchy? Their dignity, their own mediation?

They would listen at the time of Leo Tolstoy, to argue with him, something to learn from the great thinker, and they are called to love, comfort, and nurture, embittered, furious, angry and excommunicated. Now the tomb of the writer without a cross, as if a Russian is at the ground under the embankment. As in the Middle Ages, I swear! But the spirit of Leo was not only a Christian, but a seer: foresaw what would happen to Russia and the Orthodox priesthood shortly after his death. Was also looking for answers to their questions, thoughts, take a calamity from their homeland to avoid invasion, including atheists. Priesthood would join forces with the writer, and they to him — let him be anathema! And yet after a century, none of the current bishops did not correct the error, did not repent of their brethren, who to this day at the mere mention of Tolstoy inflated as prim young lady. However, they, at least in school, spiritually raised on his works.

Proponents of the Buddha, for example, generally do not take offense, even more so for those who are trying to comprehend his divine mind, and their tolerance is amazing: start up in their temples and shrines of followers of any religions, including atheists, and do not fear nor profane, neither blasphemy. And we have a saying — in another as the Romans do not go, that is, the ring came in another church or at home, at least outwardly observe the proprieties. But just try to remove the chief rabbi of a hat, at least, where all self-respecting, and traditions surrounding the citizens they are removed. He himself never uncover his head, is to indicate a trace on incivility, no, no one dares even the president. Offended rabbi — him right, even if not come to government offices. No, he still goes and does not remove (and with him Boyarsky artist, but this is forgivable). Now try to enter it in the synagogue (and equal to the mosque) in shoes and without Bale? Bare, bare head, as we like to? Here you will quickly build in the cold: the Jews, by the way, are proud to have removed from the combat boots of Alexander the Great, when he came to their church. However, from this statement emanates frank myth, but proud — great general took off his shoes!

And our president — too …

All of the above is not a digression from our lesson, all talk about the gods, beliefs should be done in the context of questions of faith and religious tolerance. If the "politically correct" to maneuver between faiths, lest someone inadvertently injure the religious feelings and interests, can never even come close to the truth, let alone understand the spiritual nature of the present state of society. Especially, do not reveal the true meaning of many words in the circle of heaven, divine. (We will return to the names of the gods, in particular, the words "God," "faith," but later). The clergy will certainly say, they say, there is a canon, sacraments, inaccessible to the uninitiated, is not ordained and other catechumen. Finally, there is the tradition, the covenants of the holy fathers, but every sane, including a deep believer in the shower itching any question, for example, why a woman hitherto strictly forbidden to enter the altar? The reasons are known and understood, but still, why? Even skhimnitsam-nuns are not allowed to create ordinances call for the purpose of male priests, sometimes young and inexperienced in matters of deep faith (itself observed in the St. Nicholas Convent). It turns out the woman with great spiritual experience handicapped person? Or is it a chronic genocide by gender? Or as Christ commanded — not to let mothers? But what becomes of the Virgin Mary, who is revered in Russia flush with Christ, as the Russian people, however, like Russia, motherly? Mary was also a human woman …

Or why, finally somehow united with the Russian Orthodox Church, the current bishops do not want to even hear about the association with the Old Believers? Yes, the same ones left from Nikonian split? They are driven to this day, such as the Orthodox, and had suffered during the Soviet period Pobol than ROC showing resistance of the spirit. That is, that the split is going on? Elder Gregory Avvakum, Boyar Morozova and dozens of other supporters "of old piety," accepted death for their faith, will never be glorified and canonized? ..

But they, the saints, has grown as the church itself suffered persecution by the Bolsheviks. Auknulos split! Shining golden temples, monasteries and robes, omnipotent and omnipresent, it proved incapable of leading the neither the people nor the sovereign God's anointed. How could bishops admitted his abdication? Not only that, most of them agreed that he left the throne, which was crowned! At least someone shouted, rose, protested, reminding the Emperor of the oath and krestotselovanii?

When asked a similar question, usually hear in response is not an admission of guilt, remorse, or at least bitter regret about the incident — a streamlined formula, they say, all the pleasure of the Lord …

Yes, Marxist ideology was alien, introduced, yes, the revolution led by professionals using victuals money, but they won it in the hands mainly of Russians. So what? It turns out that the Marxists have in such a short time to dissuade, to propagandize, to tempt people to wrest from the consciousness of faith? Immediately and the entire Orthodox Empire? Absurd! The cause must be sought not in the talents and genius of revolutionary Marxist-Leninist philosophy, Nikonian since the split, for three hundred years, the belief has been eroded and leached out of consciousness, and thus eliminated from Russian life. This is a natural reaction of anyone deeply shocked consciousness. Faith did not make a painful shock! The organizers of the great revolutionary rebellion in Russia knew about it and took advantage of the situation. By the way, then just collapsed and Marxism, from disbelief themselves his followers, though rather, only seventy rejuvenate. And in that hour there was a mass clowning — or not to call the phenomenon that we are seeing now, looking like yesterday's violent Marxist atheists goveyut with candles in the temple, and makes the sign of the cross. In order not to lose a lucrative and trust of the electorate, government officials led by the president and the prime minister rushed to the church and are now out there on holidays, involuntarily looking around, though advisers warned — should be humble. Electorate in turn immediately and accurately dubbed them candlesticks. Perhaps the religious consciousness and party for them is one and the same nature, with the only difference that yesterday were membership cards in his pocket, and now crosses the neck.

Neither dilapidated Orthodox or Christian still did not know of this hypocrisy of power — fear of God's wrath.

Alas, while Russia will be living in a state of spiritual lies, division and shock faith it takes. Even if the state will unite with the church, will be the most severe, medieval laws and begin a ruthless fight against the "heresy", as more recently with "religious obscurantism". There is a good Greek word — catharsis, in Russian, purification, recovery. Sooner or later, will have to rip off the scabs from the previous non-healing wounds, that they finally healed. By the way, the scar on the bone callus, is always stronger than the bone.

Or really quite uncomfortable question: the Catholic Church and one of the dads ever repent and be responsible for seven hundred years of the Inquisition? (In Spain, for example, abolished in 1834, in Italy — 1859) For many millions burnt, drowned (humanely, that blood is not shed!) Zamorennyh prison religious citizens, "heretics" and "witches"? For the genocide of the Armenians and the Turks are now responsible for the Holocaust — the Germans (and still try to doubt — criminal article!), And here that the statute of limitations has passed? Whether there will be that the primate of the Vatican, which would take away the sin of the atrocities inquisitors, following the example of the Savior, and if he himself does not burn, then they should at least go into the dungeon, dressed in a black cassock, and prays, rather than royally show off in front of the flock and to teach the world the European "humanity" and philanthropy.

And who of the Islamic hierarchy takes away the sin of international terrorism, unprecedented bloomed today and threaten the whole world? For thousands massacred innocent lives, including children?

It is not I ask these tough questions, and they hover in the air, in the earth's space, just talking about it is not accepted, if not to say a cancer patient about his diagnosis of "humane", again, the reasons, they say, die in ignorance. Truly good intentions pave the road to hell. But long ago the hour to voice these questions. Why? And then, to heal the deadly disease and to restore the confidence, burned, etched all possible splits, the Inquisition and the experiments on the reconstruction of the world. Faith — this was the third point of support, allows a person to stand on the earth, as we know, three-legged table is the most stable. This disease is not only ours, Russian, quite the contrary, we are still alive, then the old grease, and from the frequent change of ideologies, from the fires and shootings walls overcome the pain threshold and became "canny". We have hardened, rather stable immunity expressed in the saying — and Vaska listens and eats.

World is now covered by a total lack of faith and seriously suffering from complete degeneration of the religious consciousness. Not bigotry, but from a lack of religious consciousness. Converts the fans enough for all faiths, and they somehow just appear where the degree of consciousness falls below zero, and, like all the catechumens, nothing but bring no spiritual harm — either to himself or others, or the church. One of them being recruited by various extremists, and not just because of the extinction of the religious consciousness. Fans do not have representation on religious tolerance, they are ground to find the enemy, and more reminiscent of the Inquisition and oprichinu. As the holy place is never empty, the vacuum is filled with disbelief sectarianism, various amateur, often pretentious, dystrophic and frankly insane. Some fled to the woods to live and look for some kind of community, Anastasia, others are digging underground, and there await the end of the world, the third suit seksorgii someone cleans "society" of the evils of killing prostitutes, drug addicts, pedophiles, and the one who manipulates all these stably removes zelenobanknotny harvest. Meanwhile, criminal and administrative codes rapidly swell of new articles, but it's clear that the laws prescribe for all cases is not possible if a person has no fundamental to religious consciousness, supranational and nadkonfessialnyh emotions — shame and conscience.

Modern science, law and judgment, these feelings attributed to the area of emotions and almost withdrawn from use, or are of a flawed character. Not fashionable to be bashful, but conscientious and do stupid, nobody wants to pass for a chode. However, today's state of mind can not be eternal, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, muddy flood recedes, and clearly exposed the pathological madness of the modern world. More precisely, mira — so it was decided to write, when it came to the world as a society.
But if you think that with it, the world, everything is normal, consumer model you were comfortable with the match "digital" spirit of the times, you will not help neither gods nor faith, much less someone else's advice or my lessons addressed people eager to find at least some hope.
And that's all I'm talking about the language, the word, the sacred extraction, which is called the power of speech.

Every errant traveler, wanderer, a drifter known two rules, one of which should be selected if he was lost in the forest, steppe or desert, no compass, no map, no experience, and the road was no one to ask. Or sit on the ground, sending signals and wait for the rescue and finds MOE or its trace back to a place where there are already familiar landmarks. It is less time consuming, but not very effective — a foreign aid can not ever come, and the second quite expensive and heavy, will have to unravel a trail left spontaneously, without thinking, and go the way of tens of kilometers or years, but the old trail leads you without fail. Perhaps there is your old fireplace, where keeping last spark of fire, out of which you can blow up the flame …

Even skilled, experienced hunters go after his old, including those who produce the word.

And so, we continue excavations words, but now in a tight connection: God — faith. God is light, and faith — they exude, the fiery light. Is it because to this day we fascinates and charms form a burning flame? They say you can watch endlessly on two things — the fire and running water. (We can add to this working bees). But the fire itself, even in the icy winter, when its heat saving, would never have been able to address itself to the deity — despite its mysterious existence, the ability to reincarnate, such as a spark and a flame of devouring fire, carry the blessed warmth and become hell "hell fire." Yes, he was worshiped and still worship, but the spirit of God, his substance materialized as a symbol of the deity.

The presence of fire exists in all religions — in the form of a burning candle in the form of fire, unquenchable flame, torch, lamps, and almost always has a cleansing function, however, as water. Ancient relationship to the fire as a divine principle and fully migrated to Christianity: Now, every year we see the descent of the Holy Fire, though it somehow very much difficult to fit in with the Christian Orthodox and more like a pagan ritual. And pilgrims present at this, look a little strange — like fire-worshipers, and, wild, possessed, it comes to a fight, even among the bishops. They seemed to forget that Easter, which they profess Christian humility, beauty and love.
What is this, the legacy of Mithraism? ..

However, now it is not so important. Importantly, the phenomenon exists and directly tells us that the ancient symbol of the divine and the god, fire, fully embodied in Christianity. This is indirect evidence of his "diffuse" splicing "pagan" gods — with all that that completely rejected the church as a rotten, devilish obscene. In Slavic customs and traditions of the fire with a person lives from birth to death. Remember the carnival, Kupala Night, ancient shrines and temples, where it burned all means, and the princes in the funeral boats burning? "Christ is risen" — we joyfully proclaim after the Easter night vigils. And we are told, "He is risen indeed!". That is kindled after death, reincarnated in the very essence of fire, light substance. Cres is also the word fire, hence kresalo, iron or stone block, Kojima carved fire. Hence, also the name of farmers — farmers, literally raised, lighted lifeless virgin soil, solid …

And hence the same — a cross! But why whipped "cross" bars were an instrument of torture and execution? In the Russian language and culture, they are directly related to the fire and, respectively, have the same root Cres. Sign T — firm, indicates quite the "earthly" origin of the character, and the combination with the sign — indicates its position in space: CT is sure to be where there is something of worth on the ground — a pillar, wall, chair, table, bed, place, post, etc. The origin of the character seems to be clear: If you dig the sacred fire, usually by crossing two pieces of wood to mutual friction occurred across and along the grain. In the same way this sign was noted in runes. But a penalty on the cross our ancestors knew. Scythians torn sentenced two horses or a bent tree, tied by the legs, the Slavs were put on a stake in Siberia recently crucified thieves and murderers, but differently. Pass through the sleeves of a long pole, tied her hands and released in a dense forest — given a chance, trust rock: survivors out of the taiga, so lucky, for some reason still needed in this world. At the worst case, tied naked to the mosquitoes, but to nail to the cross … The ancient, pre-Christian image of the cross and the very root of the word is clearly Slavic (has a female name — Kreslava!), Belarusian dialect even kept in his crate, probably more ancient egg, for it sounds like the root of the wing, and the word — kryzh, that is, "referring to the fire, fire." Krivichi — Russ White, living in their forest naosobitsu booths, kept primal root basis for many thousands of words, and in his "akayuschem" dialect — their sound.

A kind of punishment does not fit on cultural studies or climatic characteristics. Anyone on the cold shores of Slavic got it into my head to use such mark in the form of the symbolic embodiment of punishment? Punished, mostly runaway slaves in revolt or, I should say, a cruel death, alive person substituting hot in the sun, and the Slavs, and slavery-it was not …

Crucifixion — the oldest penalty Srednezemnomore, Egypt, Palestine, Asia Minor, in short, in hot countries. And here revealed the meaning of the cross as the altar. Doomed literally burned to the merciless, scorching rays. Betrayed his burning fire in the sun! According to ancient historians The body is dried out and mummified in one to two days of light. And this is nothing more than an ancient ritual.

However, the study cross words, we will continue on a special lesson on the methods of extraction of fire, light, time, and again and again come back to him, and now the brightest word of all words, and the most significant speeches in Dara — the sun.

To be continued …

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