Miracle showers!

The English language is the expression «It rainings cats and dogs», which literally means "It is raining cats and dogs." So in the old days in the UK spoke of heavy showers. Of course, everyone understands this in a figurative sense, no one even in my wildest fantasies can not imagine falling from the sky pets.

Garden full of fish!

But anyone who believes that the miracles in the world will not take place, is seriously mistaken. Confirmation of this — an unusual occurrence in northern Ethiopia. For two years in those parts victim of the drought. Day and night, local farmers prayed for rain to parched fields, and finally came. From heaven to earth poured rain. But not from the rain shower, and of the millions of fish, dead and still alive.

Among the peasants rose panic. Many were convinced that this was the end of the world. Calm introduced Salote Sodoro. Specialist ichthyologist this region urgently sent a mission to the site. He explained to the local population that the "fish rain" is to blame one of the tornadoes. These tornadoes, storms generated the Indian Ocean, sometimes delaying the funnel entire schools of fish and rapidly transport them through the air for hundreds of kilometers into the land, where, with the decline of strength and speed of a tornado, like fish from a leaking bag fray right on the head stunned tillers .

With panic among Ethiopian farmers after long and repeated explanations failed to end. Nevertheless, many of the locals still tend to see the "fish rain" sign from above and no, no, yes, glancing warily at the sky. But what if there is something else will fall!

About the same thing and people think Indian Mann village in Kerala, which in July 2006 also saw fish falling from the sky. In a short time the land in the county was covered with hundreds of small fishes as thick as a pencil.

"At first they had not noticed. But soon we saw that the ground was covered with some slippery creatures stirring, — the owner of the local store. Another villager said that he personally collected 30 fish that were as cold as ice."

Experts immediately identified species of fish — they were the inhabitants of freshwater lakes and rivers in this part of India.

Like rain poured down from the live fish in December 2002, the inhabitants of the village of Corona in the north of Greece. Athens newspapers reported on this occasion, that powerful vortex caught from the lagoon, which is 15 kilometers away, with the water a few hundred fish, and then cut them in this town.

Residents of the village at first did not believe their eyes, and then began to collect an unexpected gift.

"One such incident was recorded in 2000 in the UK. Then lucky residents of the coastal villages in the county of Norfolk. Sixty Fred Hodgkins first just could not believe it: Fish falling from the sky. I have the whole garden was covered with fish. Everything looked fresh catch fish as if he had just emerged from the sea. "

"According to the British Meteorological Office, a few days before an unusual phenomenon over the North Sea was raging tornado. Apparently, British scientists were quick to say, this is the tornado picked up from the sea fish, subsequently awarding the village residents good catch."

Death knell
Yes, fish falling from the sky — it is at least unusual, but quite profitable for the household. Can not be said about the frogs, which are also often hear and from the sky by the hundreds and even thousands.

In August 2003, for example, through the district of the Vologda region Syamzha strong hurricane swept through.

The epicenter of the natural disaster was a former farm them. Korobitsyna, located 40 km from Syamzhi. Unprecedented in strength heavy wind and rain and hail and brought hordes of frogs. They fell from the sky on the head villages.

"Director of the House of Culture korobitsynskogo Mostofina Leah says: Frogs raced with great speed and tumbled to the ground. On the following day the whole country road and the gardens were full of dead frogs."

"One year later, and after the storm, rain was unusual in the town of Vukovar in eastern Croatia."

"Frogs are literally falling from the sky after the storm and the rain we've seen them everywhere — told reporters the locals. According to one of them, in this case it could be about death knell, because never before had he seen so many of these amphibians."

Representatives of animal protection societies appealed to the citizens of Vukovar called for calm, and was reminded that most frogs that live in Croatia, are protected.

In June 2005, thought it was the end of the world, and the people of Serbian Odzachi. First, there was a cloud on the horizon, a strange shape and color, and then the city covered frog downpour.

People were hiding in a panic at home, stopped traffic on the streets. Among locals rumor spread in the air as if blown up the plane carrying frogs. But climate scientists were quick to reassure the Serb population battered wording: tornado lifted water from the surface of a swamp or lake, and sucked at the same time living there frogs. Then moved the vortex is volatile swamp in Odzachi where shed traveler rain on the heads of terrified residents.

Slingshot for chicken

But not only the fish and frogs falling from the sky. In Australia, in early 2005, plucked and probably frozen chicken plopped the rooftops of two unsuspecting residents of Fletcher at Newcastle.

In both cases, as the newspaper notes «Daily Telegraph», carcasses of birds struck the shingles on the roof, which allowed the experts found that the chickens fell to the ground with a rather high altitude. To investigate the strange phenomenon was caused by the police. However, the answer to the question of where the birds fell, she did not give.

After January 2 first chicken fell on the roof of Stephen Leung, the staff of the Agency for the Safety of Civil Aviation of Australia found that the height from which crashed to the ground chicken, over half a kilometer.

This has allowed experts to conclude that the bird could fall out of the luggage compartment light low-flying aircraft.

However, this theory is questioned after the roof on Aussie Warwick Slee, who lived less than a mile from the house of Stephen Leung, fell second frozen chicken.

Warwick Slee and his family left the house for the weekend, and returning late on Sunday and found that the house is a nasty smell. Head of the family noticed three damaged tile tiles, climbed onto the roof and found the rotting remains of a chicken.

"I heard about another chicken, which fell on a house in the same area a couple of weeks ago, but especially not thought about it — said Slee. — I'm curious to know where they fall."

According to Peter Gibson, a member of the Agency for the Safety of Civil Aviation, the chances of that chicken that fell from the plane, may fall twice in the same place, it is extremely tiny.

"There was a chance that it could happen once, but twice — it is just not possible. I think that the chickens were launched into the air from the ground, — he said."

Professor John O'Connor, head of the Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Newcastle has agreed that, most likely, the chickens were launched from the ground.

"Of course, there are cases where the sky on people's heads fell off the fish, frogs and even chickens, but not before they sucked tornado or cyclone — explained his point of view of scientists. — I think that the method zapuskaniya chickens have come up in the air some inventors. Apparently they shoot frozen chickens in the air to see how much they take off. "

According to O'Connor, it does not require sophisticated equipment — enough to make a big slingshot, which could run into hundreds of chickens meters into the air.

Oh, those scientists! All the while they are trying to explain with the help of tools available is not penetrating with the essence of the phenomenon.

Surprisingly "legible" tornadoes

Fays Swenson from California October 26, 1996 saw a body in the yard a little monkey. It fell from the sky on a rope with sushivshimsya linen. At the same clothesline pole thickness of about 10 cm was wriggle out of the ground. No one was able to explain where it came from a corpse "flying" monkey.

On the bank of the year in Japan Senzumara later appeared elephant carcass weight of 400 kg. Was found to reset it to any one of the sailing ships, and the animal did not belong to any of the Japanese zoos. Another mega-slingshot, through which the "inventors" wanted to see how high fly elephants?

In late 2002, the Associated Press news agency released information that the employees in the Delaware Department of Wildlife found a dead deer in the woods, hanging on the branches of a tall tree!

Artiodactyls learned to climb trees? Nonsense, of course. And decided to write off the cruel joke geek, who immediately declared wanted. However, in early January 2003 in Canada, in the province of Manitoba, not far from its administrative center in Winnipeg, found another dead deer that hung now on the support lines.

Press began to find out: how such bulky animal was at an altitude of seven and a half meters? No maniac throw it in there could not. Journalists phoned the airline contacted the Ministry of Defence, veterinary clinics and zoos. The result — no one "hung" in the air space and the deer did not lose!

Researchers believe the hypothesis of abnormal phenomena of tornadoes and tornado carrying fish, frogs and other animals for hundreds and thousands of miles, only partly true. The same fish are known to live in a densely populated underwater world with insects, snails, not counting plants, small rocks, mud and other things, which is the habitat. In addition, in the lakes rarely live only one type of fish. And from the sky, as a rule, begin to roll the same species.

It is difficult to imagine how the wind eddies or sort the fish by species, preferring to carry one and reject the other. And why with the fishes never drops anything else — water bugs, such as algae or the same frogs?

When piled on top of the inhabitants of the sea, no one says a salty rain falling before or after.

June 30, 1992 near Birmingham in England in the form of precipitation fell little white frog. Scientists have linked this phenomenon with specific tornado sweeping through the day before in the area, but made no mention of the pond, where the tornado sucked the only albino frogs!

Recently in the Spanish press published a similar message that during a storm on the residents of Marbella struck a rain of pink frogs. According to the journalists, cute amphibians fell on the sidewalk, where flock to streams and gardens in their haste to escape. Within 6 hours frog hopped on an umbrella and littered the ground like a carpet.

Biologist Blasco Teres, studying the rain fallen amphibians, their tiny pink explained the blood vessels to show through pale and thin skin. The answer to the question of where to trip to Marbella lived amazing pink frog is still open.

Parapsychologists argue that fall from the sky abnormal items — or the work of space aliens, who are thus thrown after the experiments of his ships 'waste material', or — evidence of close to us parallel worlds. However, neither the one nor the other version of the show is not yet possible …

Gennady Fedotov

Category: Natural anomalies

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