Missing actor found in ancient Pompeii


A group of American archaeologists, leading excavations on the site of the ancient city of Pompeii was discovered … the body of Hollywood actor William Green, who went missing in 1925. Then came the famous shooting the movie "Ben Hur". All anything, but Professor Frank Romain, under whose guidance the excavations carried out, reports that the actor remains found under a layer of lava, which is about 19-year-centuries.


Not only is he gone William Green during the filming that took place in California. So how does the body of Green was thousands of miles away from the place where he was last seen unharmed. First, skeptics said that the body does not belong to a famous actor, but the platinum bracelet on his arm with the name of the actor, as well as information about the studio, the film and the year of filming fully confirmed that this is William Green.

Many pundits are simply lost in a loss to explain the mysterious appearance of a body under the Green Lava volcano Vesuvius eruption which occurred in 79 AD Media also speculate, but they are more like a fairy tale. Some newspapers have already declared Mr. Romaine another hoaxer trying to incriminate him what his photos — simple forgery, like the story of the detected bracelet. But the scientist says that a number of facts contrary to the allegations of journalists.

The first argument of Frank Romaine is that Pompeii — a place that is protected, so there carry anything at all, let alone a human corpse is not possible. Then you had to somehow try to bury the body at the proper depth, which would require an extraordinary effort, and the availability of special equipment. One can not bury the dead body on the 6-meter deep without heavy equipment and a few people, and even fall asleep whole pieces of lava rock.

Experts in the field of film said that the actor Greene was involved in the filming of the scene, scene of chariot races. They served as a stuntman. It was in this role Greene made his mark on the directors. In the course of filming the actor was gone, but no accidents by one actor can not remember. That is, the actor disappeared under strange circumstances, as if, in the full sense sank into the ground and disappeared in the light of the sun. As Green was a close relative, then search for it no one wanted to deal with. Therefore, the police announced an actor missing — period! After the "Ben Hur" appeared on the screen talking about the loss of Green, but again not for long. A few years later the story was forgotten altogether.

Professor Romain believes that the Hollywood actor was obsessed with a certain force that led him through a time loop, causing the death of not only Green, but moving it in time in the distant past.

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