Missing from a doctor with a drill, Kola a cryptic SMS native


The search for sailors from the rig "Kola", disappeared in the Sea of Okhotsk on Dec. 18, are still ongoing. As of yesterday, the water rose 17 bodies. 11 people have already been identified. Relatives of other missing persons continue to hope for a miracle. And it almost is.

Yesterday, in the second hour of the night Galina, the wife of Nicholas murmanchanin Svistunova, received SMS from her husband. Nikolai worked on a drilling ship's doctor and is still listed as missing.

The message received consisted of several characters: * 728 #.

Svistunova son Dmitri immediately called the operator MTS, which was registered phone Nikolai:

— What is it?

They confirmed — say, the message was really sent from the doctor, but what it means — we have no idea (the same reporter and said, promising to investigate, but at the time of signing the comment numbers and have not given). Then Dmitry contact the editors "KP" — Murmansk ":

— We are confident that the phone was only her father … How do we explain the meaning of this message?

We passed this information to rescuers to Sakhalin.

— Time to send SMS roughly coincides with the time of arrival of the vessel in Korsakov "Smith Sakhalin" of dead bodies on board — told us at the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on Sakhalin. — However, among the identified Svistunova not …

According to experts, perhaps, the doctor sent the SMS still on the rig, and it came only when the phone was in this range. On the other hand, hardly mobile "survived" to as many days in cold water on a single charge, even if the phone was under a wetsuit sailor.

We ourselves have dialed the number of the doctor Svistunova. After answering a noise replied: "Number not in service", and the connection was lost. What did was the night SMS? The real message from a man somewhere in the middle of the sea on a raft or a communication error? Let's hope for the best … After all, as we were told rescuers, modern technology allows for SMS to find the location of your phone. If I can find it among the Sea of Okhotsk?

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