Moscow — come the great migration

Moscow - come the great migration

Moscow authorities have announced a new capital Urban planning for 2012-2016. It turns the former principles of urban development on its head and returns to Moscow in 1970, write "News." According to the idea of the authorities, the capital back to the Brezhnev era by such indicators as population density.

The essence of the new concept of the city — a declining population, a focus on low-rise construction and tourism. "Instead of prefabricated towers — buried in greenery townhouses. Instead of infill development — conservation of the historic center, "- describes the proposed government plan" Moskovsky Komsomolets ".

Therefore, for the foreseeable future from Moscow would have to leave 2.5 million people, and the city — learn the 52 thousand hectares, declared the deputy director of the General Plan NIiPI Valery Becker. According to him, "this will help achieve the ideal population density — 8 thousand people per hectare, in Moscow in 1970."

— Airport will be the center of Moscow

The head of department of urban planning policy of Moscow Sergey Lev said that instead of the skyscrapers in the near future will focus on low-rise city of brick construction. The construction of the houses will be subject to special requirements — they need to be comfortable and low-growing, that is two or three stories.

The panel also houses will be built away from the historic city center, which will turn into a tourist zone. The only building, which will now take place in the city center — a hotel.

Such a large-scale program in Moscow, as well as in other regions of the Russian Federation, was not. It represents nearly 17 city routines — "Transport", "Housing", "Education", and so on, said Lev.

Sub-program "Complex development of the historic center" provides for the rejection of the construction of office buildings and the complex reconstruction of cultural monuments and architecture. In a separate sub-allocated host the World Cup in 2018.

The control functions are assigned to the city committee to ensure the implementation of investment projects and control the shared construction (Moskomstroyinvest). It also will expand the Unified parking system, namely the additional 2 million parking spaces in the next five years.

In the near future in Moscow planned to adopt a holistic approach to the building, when one house shall be at one social institution. Now the city is built up of mosaic — without a clear system of distribution of schools and kindergartens.

Details urban housing program will be known only in September — after it is approved by the city.

The program's authors argue that at the time of the development of a possible extension of the borders of Moscow Ring Road was not yet known. However, according to officials, major adjustments to the program do not need to make.

At the same time, as the "MK", limiting construction in the city center — just a continuation of the previously started by the policy. In early May, Sergei Sobyanin suspended the issuance of building permits in the city center, as well as suspended already received. Now Minkomnasledie busy thorough inspection of all permits issued. We are talking about approximately 100 sites.


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