Most in the Moscow Zoo snow happy polar bears

Heavy snowfall, which started in Moscow on Wednesday night, and goes so far, most of all pleased at the Moscow Zoo Japanese macaques, and polar bears — they feel at home, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the press service specialist metropolitan zoo Natalia Istratova.

According to weather forecasts, snowfall stops in Moscow until Saturday morning. Total should fall about a quarter of the monthly rainfall.

"All animals feel quite comfortable, despite the bad weather. Best of all is the polar bears: they are — at home. But their brown cousins, who are used to hibernate at this time of year, and sleep soundly. Moscow weather are not affected" — said the agency interlocutor.

According to her, well relate to the snowy weather and Japanese macaques, because their natural habitat are the mountains, where there are also snow.

"There are some animals that the snow does not occur, because they are in enclosed spaces — are representatives of tropical countries, such as elephants," — said Istratov.

She also noted that this year, for the first time with the snow there cubs Dagestani tours (mountain goats), because they were born more recently.

"Constantly under the open sky waterfowl. They are always in the pond, and the snow from them nowhere to hide. Metropolitan zoo staff care about waterfowl, for them to have adequate nutrition, because the birds have a constant body temperature," — explained the employee news Service zoo.

According to her, the birds are in a hole, in which pressurized air is supplied and therefore it does not freeze, and waterfowl warm your feet in it for extreme cold.

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