Mother-heroine in Belarus received about $ 80 as an allowance for children

Order of the Mother. Photo: from the site:

In Belarus, the mother-heroine gets about 700 thousand rubles allowance ($ 80) to all children. This is stated in a survey conducted by journalists "ERB" on November 16.

Belarus President awards the Order of Mother women who have had five or more children. In addition to the order they're supposed to, and a one-time cash award — 2.5 million rubles ($ 285 at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Belarus).

Elena Rabkovskaya Trokeniki the village, which has five children — two girls and three boys. She said that prior to the maternity leave to work in the school cloakroom. The family lives on her husband's salary of 3 million rubles and a benefit of $ 140 thousand white. rub. per child per month. Heroic mother explained that in view of her husband's salary and benefits, the amount will be within the cost of living. Rabkovskoya said: "I only get 50% of the benefits to five children take only 700,000. I 100% do not leave, because my husband supposedly a big salary. So what is it? Five children — and 700,000 … of course, it is not money. Beyond that, I do not get anything. So, in the home — said Rabkovskaya. — Very strong economy helps. "

Mother-heroine Hope Petrenko brings six children. Previously worked on "Gomeldreve" now — unemployed, "many children, sometimes the child was sick, and my boss did not like it … But if I just said that I have 6 children, then I would have no one to work is not taken" .

Petrenko said that raising children helps grandparents and my husband. Salary spouse of 1.2 million Br. rub. ($ 137). With the help of the state, it has built two apartments: three-and four-room. Everyday financial problems in the family are solved by conservation and state aid for the purchase of potatoes. Clothing is passed from one generation to the younger, a large family to help a neighbor.
According to IA REGNUM, November 8, at the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Belarus Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich said that the real incomes of the population in 2012, should not be lower than 2011. "There is good reason that the salaries, pensions and social benefits will grow at a faster pace, the supply of jobs is greater than the demand for them on the part of the population", — he said.

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