Mother tongue

"In one of the most ancient Slavic-Russian morphemes, according to a number of original thinkers, hidden doyazycheskogo archaic name of Deity. His name was once (Ras).
There is no doubt that the "time" ("race") — one of the commonly used morphemes. She somehow present in more than 350 words of the Russian language. And about 3000 words contain it in modified form.
Even more striking semantic capacity and polisemantichnost word "time." "Unit", "start counting", "timestamp moment" — the values of "time" known. Morpheme but "one" ("race") is still in the smysloznachimyh such concepts as "mind", "difference", "separation", "grow", "plant", etc. Treat it only as an auxiliary console ( prefix) would be incorrect. Archaeology Language and reconstruction of meaning indicates the depth of the roots of the archaic words.
It was, incidentally, a well-founded belief that the morpheme "races> grew up" and is associated with the ethnonym "Russia" — Russian (from which traces its origin and country — Russia). But the primary should still consider the name Pervoboga Raza (Race), preserved in the language in the form, at first glance, a meaningless token. In fact once (Ras) offers a range of doyazycheskih Deities, whose memory is preserved only in the language and folklore texts.
Although the semantic load of ancient morphemes and tokens could be quite different than it is now, yet at the present value, and you can catch the meaning that the words and names were in the past, including the undifferentiated linguistic unity. In Russian, the morpheme "time" when it acts as a prefix, is clearly expressed by extension, the separation point. However, the single word "one" means "one" — harmonic by nature. Hence the deity just have to, as it were, by definition, to act as a symbol of monotheism doyazycheskogo the assumption of a single God. "

The language

The above quote from the book by renowned researcher of antiquity, Ph.D. VN Demin for linguistic features, is very important for the understanding of the true history of Russia. She is in sight, with so commonplace and ordinary, everyday life that people do not pay it the attention. And for good reason. It is a direct connection of key Russian words, the foundation of modern spoken language, the name of the original deities from the time it when our world is being created.
Private develops in general. Private should match the total. As you know, in the beginning was the Word. Pure and undistorted reflection began in modernity means that in the Russian language there is a meaningful coincidence of the whole and parts. Such a deep consonance vibration universal Logos universe can confidently say that the Russian — the ancient language, and as such, can legitimately claim to be the original language once united humanity.

Special opportunity

Adequacy of language — the means of expression mysleformiruyuschey activities — to build Words, primary give birth Principles gives a true understanding of the organization of the universe as one world.
Right thinking defines a unique historic task ancestral proto-language media, because it gives a unique opportunity to enter into the knowledge of the basic categories of being, such as the limit and beyond, the real and the imaginary, life and death, meaning and purpose. At the same time is, conceptually sound, limitation, unfortunately, makes it impossible for the intellectual depth of penetration into the mysteries of the universe other, more recent languages. The truth can be understood only by pervoyazyke, protolanguage!
Here are the proto-language media in the capacity holders praintellekta.


In the proto-language, and must be observed praintellekte interpenetration semantic and structural unity of the first principle, the state, sign, symbol. First Words and shapes, sounds and images to be merged into something that initially the whole.
Words are made up of letters. Word is preceded by the letter — bearing energy influence reality fleece.
From the position of a true whole, not at the beginning, but all is primordial letter. And this PervoBukva, it — PervoChislo, is a primary thought form.
And this PervoBukva — O.
In the higher unity "O" is all beginning, from the beyond insides which arise all the other letters, numbers, characters, sound, shape, words, images.

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