Mysteries of the Issyk-Kul

Kyrgyz Issyk-Kul — the second largest mountain lake in the earth. Its length is about 180 km, width — 60 km. In a fall of more than 50 rivers. Located at an altitude of 1608 m, while maintaining a depth of about 700 m and at the same time — amazing clear water, it is not for nothing that awarded the "blue heart of the Tien-Shan." And of course, this body of water connected many wonderful secrets …

Until recently, the name "Issyk-Kul" was interpreted as a "Hot Lake" as in Kyrgyz "Issyk" — hot, and the "culture" — lake. It does not freeze, despite harsh winter and a significant height location. And the reason for this is that the water is brackish, besides its often "mixed" strong winds.

There is another interpretation of the title. "Izyh" in Kyrgyz — "Honor the sacred." Due to the fact that the lake is revered by locals (it was a sin to pollute it, even swim in it and fish), it was more logical interpretation — the "holy lake."
In August 1965, the passengers and crew of the ship "Rainbow", a flight to the Red Sea, in the twilight watched out of the water broke the mysterious glowing sphere with a diameter of 60 m, which rushed into the sky, vzmetnuv for a giant water column. For some time, it hung in the air at the height of a hundred meters, flooding all around bright glow, and then at high speed disappeared over the horizon.

Several years ago, faced with a similar phenomenon family tourists, moonlight swim at balykchynsky Send a beach. Half a kilometer from the shore arose waterspout, shoot for the stars. However, no UFO witnesses at this time did not notice.

Something silver

Resident of the village of Kara-Oy Issyk-Kul region Viktor Ostankin recalls the events of that hot summer day in detail. Together with his friend Sergei Drozhzhina morning they went to their gardens, set in the foothills of the tract Karagai-Bulak. By lunchtime cope with weeding carrots, garlic and other green stuff. Selecting a place in the shade of a spreading elm, decided to rest.

— I have this habit — I always try to wear a pair of binoculars — says Ostankino. — A lot of curious to see what it helps. So at that time kissed the eyepieces, became the Issyk-Kul Lake from the top point to look at.

Stretches a beautiful view of the bottom surface of the blue bay of Kara-Oi. Two kilometers from the beach view Victor drew a strange object. A huge, 40 meters long, cigar-shaped thing was in a slightly submerged position. Only the top point you may have noticed her presence about two meters under the water.

— Reason immediately thought of UFOs — confessed our source. — All residents of Issyk-Kul region know about the trial of any clever gizmos in the waters of the military. But silver, strange shape and such an impressive size submarine in the lake — it is, sorry, not in any frame does not climb. So the conclusion is obvious.

Night date

In the village of Bast Issyk-Kul region persistently rumored "submarine" that a no-no, and caught the eye of local residents.

Syrgak Abdraev conducts fishing all my free time. That night, about a kilometer from the coast began to expose the network. It was almost midnight. Suddenly, a hundred meters there was a noise of water. In the eyes of the affected fishermen from the water appeared dark shape oval. Subject to stay under water for part of the length of the "submarine" was roughly four dozen meters. Along with the ascent of the object was a loud noise like thunder or more muffled explosion. County lit up the dim glow. Syrgak automatically said that after "thunder" while electric lights went out in the town and nearby guesthouses.

He coped with astonishment, the guy leaned on the oars and pulled himself together only at the coast.
— And did not realize that my encounter with the unexpected visitor from the depths will not be the last, — continued the source. — A year later, she again!

It happened near the site of the first unexpected "rendezvous." This time, three in the morning, there was a whopper without special sound and light effects. Its distance from the boat was not more than 50 meters. Big wave that occurred on the site of the ascent of "Nautilus" was so great that the small fishing boat nearly scooped water over the side. This shake-up completely brushed off the idea of any kind was hallucinating.

Black divers

And now back to 30 years ago. In the summer of 1982 led by Lieutenant Colonel Zverev dive training a group of military divers conducted in Issyk-Kul. Unexpectedly arrived at the location, Major General Demyanko — unit commander and scuba divers Corps of Engineers. Visit of such a high-Moscow authorities testified to unusual situations.

It was found that in Lake Baikal military divers accidentally stumbled on some divers. In appearance they are almost indistinguishable from humans. Only their growth was at least three meters! These creatures had no diving, no masks — they were replaced with spherical caps. All the equipment constituted only fitting wetsuits. But the water in the reservoir at a depth of 50 meters of ice. Appearance in it in a suit for a man means instant death.

It was decided to capture one of the strangest swimmers. Assigned to this group of seven divers. But when one of the creatures they tried to throw the net with such force it threw away all seven people in a matter of seconds were on the surface. And because they have instant decompression began bends. Only four were rescued sailors. Three of the tragic operation to capture the "black diver" died.
That is why in the Issyk-Kul in a hurry and arrived Demyanko general. The fact is that in this lake were seen similar humanoid amphibian. Fortunately, there is no one to force the issue.

Soon the military entered a special bulletin in which a detailed description of the unidentified swimmers monsters and giant disco and Sphere figurative objects seen on these lakes. UFO suddenly appeared in the sky over the pond, sinking into it at blazing speeds at which each unit of terrestrial origin would be shattered to pieces. They escaped from the water at the same exorbitant rate.

Document held under "Top Secret."

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