Mysterious hum brings the English countryside residents to distraction


The inhabitants of a small village in the English county of Woodland Dyurem go crazy from a mysterious hum that prevents them from sleeping. Villagers claim that every night there is a noise like the sound of a large engine running.

Sometimes the buzz is so strong that shake the bed in the house. No one can explain the reasons for this phenomenon, although in the course are the UFO theory and hypotheses of the abandoned mines.

The news of the mysterious noise spread across the UK thanks to the TV show program "The X-Files." The last such case was reported in 1970 in Bristol, where thousands of people were complaining of dizziness, nosebleeds, insomnia and severe headaches.

Now something similar is happening in Woodland. Hum occurs at midnight and calms down to four in the morning. Neither plants nor abandoned mines are not near.

The inhabitants of the village there is no way to fully sleep. The noise vibrates and pulsates, penetrates into the head — villagers complain. Many residents of the Woodlands are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Thus they become the objects of ridicule neighbors.

Authorities do not yet know what this is, and how to help the unfortunate.

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