Mystery of unidentified objects in the Gobi desert almost revealed


Joint efforts of Internet users were able to identify some unidentified objects detected this week in a satellite of Google China's Gobi Desert. However, the theme of "desert objects" is still relevant — it found a strange new construction, writes British newspaper The Guardian.

As news of the strange objects in the Gobi desert, fixed satellite Google Earth, appeared in many of the world's media, the Internet has exploded different assumptions about the possible appointment of origin and unusual buildings. Opinions expressed the most fantastic. Some speculated that the unidentified objects can be part of a secret military training, others — that they may have an extraterrestrial origin. The first version was partly true.

Some images could be identified in extreme close. As it turned out, many facilities have military and industrial service and really are part of the Chinese test site Lol-Noor. However, the government has never really conceal its existence. Among the industrial plants that were previously considered unidentified, was a large blue building that resembles a giant block of ice.

It is one of the buildings of the world's largest plant for the production of potash. The company is also located near a closed military zone Lol-Nur, which is not a secret. In this part of the Gobi Desert recent years, China conducts nuclear tests. Thread-like objects that some Internet users in appearance compared with the "kleysternym" Chinese soup, in extreme close-turned wind electricity network installations. Development of wind power China now ranks first in the world.

However, other mysterious objects in the Gobi desert are still unidentified. In addition, the number of strange buildings supplemented by three square buildings of bright blue.



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