Mystical mysteries of Odessa

Odessa — a city with a unique flavor, that's why so many celebrities born here and not surprisingly, many of the inhabitants of Odessa walks jokes. And, of course, much the same without the mystics! For example, there is in Odessa Zhevakhov mountain where often observed UFOs, and on top of holding their rituals occultists of all stripes: they say that there is a special energy.

A few years ago, Professor Andrew Dobrolyubsky Normal University with a group of colleagues and students, organized in the Mount excavations. Intuition is not deceived researchers: they found an ancient Greek religious sanctuary.

"We found a real cult complex V century BC, which is a huge hole (cella). At the bottom is built omphalos (Greek -" the navel of the Earth "). I think we made a discovery, the significance of which I have not yet I realize till the end "- said Professor press.

Assistant, Department of World History Andrew Krasnozhon believes that Zhevakhov grief conducted religious ceremonies in honor of the goddesses Demeter and Athena. A similar structure is the temple at Delphi. True, there omfallos of stone, but here it is a mound of ashes. During the excavation, archaeologists have found many ancient Greek amphorae and ritual vessels. All the findings were submitted to the Department of World History South Ukrainian Pedagogical University.

Another mystical place — Odessa Opera House. It was opened in 1810 at the initiative of the mayor — Duke Duc de Richelieu. The building was reconstructed several times. Remaking ended December 31, 1872, and on the night of January 2, 1873 in the theater happen to the fire and it burned to the ground. The cause of fire was a faulty bracket. However, 11 years after the building of the Odessa Opera began to recover. Its equipped with "the latest" — in the new theater had electricity and steam heat.

But in 1925, the theater burned down again. It happened after the presentation of the opera by Giacomo Meyerbeer's "The Prophet." This time, a fire damaged the hall, destroyed the stage curtain, sets and costumes. Damage was also music library … After this started talking that fires pursue building the Odessa Opera good reason: it was the 13th in the list of architectural projects Fellner and Helmer, who are "sponsored" 47 European theaters. A 13 is known to be an unlucky number.

During the Second World War, the opera house almost blew up the Germans. According to legend, the German officer in charge of the operation, there was an affair with a prima ballerina, who persuaded him not to touch the theater. Anyway, they left him alone. But other than fires, landslides Odessa opera pursued by groundwater.

In 1955-1956 the foundation pumped liquid glass, had restoration work. But that did not stop the destruction. From 1996 to 2007, the building again a major renovation, strengthening the foundation in 1800 with the help of piles.

Is supposedly in the opera house and its own ghosts. They say that once during a tour of Italian actors on stage during a performance stabbed his partner — perhaps out of jealousy. Since then, at night, in an empty building can be heard loud male laughter. And still there haunted famous bandit Bears Jap — very much in life that he loved opera! Still there is a curious belief that if three minutes to stand at 6-meter mirror, which is an English staircase, three years is not going to grow old.

Weight legends also associated with the famous Odessa catacombs. It is the world's largest underground quarry. They have an artificial origin and were built in the second half of the XIX century, shell limestone. Length of underground tunnels is more than 2,500 kilometers. They cover almost the entire city, and some entrances to caves are located right in the yards of homes.

Before the revolution, often hiding in the catacombs of their prey smugglers here and found refuge bandit gang. Catch criminals in the winding maze was difficult. During the Great Patriotic War the guerrillas were hiding. Now in Odessa underground drive tourists.

By the way, there were many cases in which people disappear without a trace catacombs. They say that once disappeared even an entire scientific expedition. In 1961 he was created speleological club "search", which deals with, among other things, search for the missing in the underground tunnels. However, more often than not find any trace.

Irina Shlionskaya

Category: Mystery stories

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