NASA has found an icon with a temperature of 36.6 and pulse


The space agency NASA (USA) has published the results of research conducted over the icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Studies have shown that the eye icon "react" to light, photo from


Sensational was the fact that the eyes of Mary ophthalmological analysis showed a decrease in the retina at the approach of light and expansion at its disposal, as is the case with the eyes of a living person.

The scientists also noticed that the temperature of the tissue, which depicted the image corresponds to the temperature of a healthy person — 36.6 degrees. When listening to the body of Mary stethoscope, the researchers found significant pulse of 115 beats per minute, which corresponds to the heartbeat of a child who is in the womb.

According to research by experts from NASA, the paint, which was painted icon, never found on Earth. The case when at the beginning of the twentieth century, next to the icon of Mary planted a bomb, the destructive force which had a large radius.

However, when the explosion occurred, everything was destroyed, but the icon has remained unscathed. Interestingly, the researchers note that the hands of the Virgin Mary are slightly different: the right is lighter, and the left is dark, which can mean unity between the races. At the moment, NASA researchers continue to study the icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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