NASA is afraid to attack the aliens?


The aliens may destroy humanity for the sake of other civilizations. Such a scenario is realistic, if not stop the harmful environmental emissions of greenhouse gases, warn scientists from NASA and the University of Pennsylvania.

In a report titled "Will the contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations for the benefit or detriment of humanity? Different scenarios" American scientists analyze all possible options and consequences that humans need to be prepared in case of meetings in the future with brothers in mind from other planets.

The authors of the report describe the kinds of scenarios — from the most optimistic carrying people new breakthrough technologies and membership in the "Galactic Club" to the apocalyptic, threatening complete destruction of humanity as a result of the insidious attack of aliens from outer space, the spread of deadly diseases or extraterrestrial aliens of global experiments that will make part of the galaxy uninhabitable.

The most real threat to the existence of mankind, scientists believe rising emissions of greenhouse gases. The aliens can track at a distance of negative changes in the Earth's atmosphere, we calculate a civilization that goes out of control and go to extreme measures to eliminate the threat to humanity posed by the planet and other civilizations, the report said.

They believe that "all of these scenarios should encourage us to limit the growth and reduce the impact on the ecosystem. Particularly important scientists believe the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. But even if humanity had never come into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, described in the report of scenarios will help humanity to choose a path development, which will avoid collapse and to guarantee a long life, U.S. scientists believe.

This information appeared in The Guardian. But by the evening of NASA officials said they were not involved in the report about aliens who take away earthlings.

As reported, the U.S. researchers Seth Baum, Jacob Hak-Misrab and Sean Domagala-Goldman in November 2010 in the journal Acta Astronautica overview of the different scenarios of contact earthlings and alien civilization. One of them suggested that aliens may alarm the exponential growth of our civilization. The two authors of the study were the meteorological and geographical faculty of the University of Pennsylvania, and the third — Domagala-Goldman — have as a place of division planetologicheskoe NASA.

This gave rise to the British newspaper The Guardian published an article with the headline "Aliens may destroy the people to protect other civilizations: the increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, they can be regarded as a signal that we are a growing threat, warns a report NASA».

«Guardian is wrong about" alien "in the statement. This is not a study of NASA », — said the U.S. space agency.

According to media reports

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