NASA scientists have recorded an explosion on the surface of the moon


NASA scientists managed to capture a violent explosion on the surface of the moon. This is stated in a press release the U.S. space agency. The threat to Earth is not an explosion.


It is reported that the explosion was caused by an impact on the lunar surface and was visible from Earth with the naked eye. The object bombarded area, known as the Sea of Rains (Mare Imbrium). As a result of the fall of an outbreak, which was more than 10 times brighter than many other outbreaks were registered before.

The flash lasted for about one second, and its brightness reached the brightness of the star 4 th magnitude. The object was a 40-pound meteorite with a diameter of 0.3-0.4 m, was moving at a speed of 90.1 thousand km / h Power of the explosion was 5 tons of TNT. As a result of the fall of the body must have formed a crater with a diameter of 20 m, which may later be able to detect with the device Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

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