Nibiru disaster threatens the Earth?


Recently, more and more began to appear on the internet about some distant planet Nibiru (also referred to as: Nibiru, Nubiru, Planet X, Hercolubus) that rushes out of the depths of space inside the solar system. As an astronomer, I hasten to inform the news. But also want to warn you that when meeting with the materials on this topic, be extremely careful! Remember that skepticism and doubt in the complex with curiosity — the ability to know the truth, and faith can strengthen any myth so that you will be taking it for real.

After reviewing the materials on this topic, I as an astrophysicist can say with confidence that many of the articles and posts written are not scientists, and even more — people who are poorly understood in astronomy. Snatched facts from a variety of sources, links to which are not, the names of the planets come from nowhere. Sources and the names of the scientists supporting the described facts, no.

In a nutshell about Nibiru.

This is a hypothetical planet that is flying deep into the solar system and is already causing a change in the planet, and the future may bring catastrophic destruction on Earth. It is reported that all of the information on this planet is secret, so there was no panic.
And more.

In the ancient scriptures are references to the year 2012 as a crucial, transitional. Many now claim that in 2012, may come to an end, or on the planet will be powerful destruction. Before you believe in it, find the original sources and make their own eyes the truth of the reported. Skeptical about reports, rewritten with the addition of their own thoughts and fantasies many people.

If this planet was really great as described — larger than the planet Jupiter, and was already in the solar system, it would have seen thousands of professional and amateur astronomers, which is not.

My opinion. "Chain letters," in which the threat of forced to send them on, no longer popular. The masses, as in the 90s, once again talking about the approaching end of the world. Many people can not live without fear — that's a fact.

I do not believe and I do not advise you that in 2012 or subsequent years will be the other end of the world or a global disaster that threatens all of humanity. Intimidation was a lot in the past years and decades. Every year, religious sects and individuals forecast "doomsday" and disasters. And they do not come true. And secondly, Nibiru everything, absolutely everything facts proving it to be vague, check more complicated. Predictions, interpretations, etc. Astronomers across the globe tens of thousands, there are commercial observatory, and hundreds of thousands of fans with huge telescopes. However, they are nothing like watching.

You can assume that the planet X (Nemesis, Hercolubus, as it is called) can exist and can really fly closer to the Sun once every few thousand years, but so far it is unknown to official science of astronomy. There is no evidence proving it.

Why can not one hundred percent believe the articles in the newspapers and on TV reports, not specializing in the fields of science and, in particular, in astronomy?

Since the sensation they need, and there are annual reports to the intentional misrepresentation, exaggeration.

In 2007, newspapers reported hundreds of thousands of users and message forums on the Internet about the alleged impending close approach of Earth to Mars. And the exact date and time, even when you can see in the sky, Mars is particularly bright and large. Here's a clipping from such news:

"August 27th Mars will pass just 34.65 million miles from Earth! On August 27 0030 look at this spectacle. It will look like two moon over the Earth! The next time Mars will be so close to the earth, may be only in 2287. Share this news with friends, as none of the inhabitants of the earth have not seen this. "

Of course, there was no convergence, and Mars could not look at the sky in two disc of the moon! As such an event can not occur abruptly and the accuracy of minutes and hours. Yet, millions of people believed in it, and dozens if not hundreds of thousands, went on the appointed evening, and at the appointed time, and did not see in the sky. Mars that night was the same as in the past few months before.

The great opposition of Mars (approach to the Earth) occur, but in this case it was not. Mars is visible in the sky, like every other

Who and what can be especially persuasive to distribute materials?

In 2009 he published a science fiction film "2012". As you know, the film was a commercial need, and similar topics of the next end of the world, resonated with the masses, disseminating information in a geometric progression. It is easy to guess that the advertising for the film could spread myths about Nibiru and turning 2012.

As an optimist I wish you all light and good life! Believe it! And you will be happy! Fear, especially based on threats have no place in our lives!

Kharkov planetarium lecturer, master of astronomy, Vladimir BAt.
He graduated from the Faculty of Physics Department of Astronomy of Kharkov University. VN Karazina.

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