Nicholas hurricane left without electricity more than 150 settlements in Belarus

Hurricane "Nicholas" left without electricity for more than 150 settlements in Vitebsk and Grodno regions. BelTA learned from the press-secretary of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vitaly Novitsky.

According to the operative data of MES, as a result of strong gusts of wind up to 25 m / sec in the Vitebsk and Grodno regions energized 154 settlements. However, given the fact that Belarus is in a zone of active cyclone "Nicholas" in the future, this statistic may be higher.

As noted by Vitaly Novitsky, situations where would require emergency assistance, while not arise, except for an incident in Grodno. There is a fallen tree damaged two cars and blocked the entrance to the courtyard. Arrived at the Emergency Situations Ministry promptly removed the obstacle.

Due to the fact that the strong wind in the next day forecast mostly on the north and north-west of the republic, in the rescue department recommend the people of these regions to remain at home, rearrange the car in a safe place and take other precautions.

As reported, the causative agent of peace in many countries of North and Central Europe became active cyclone that German meteorologists named "Nicholas". Inspired Monday over eastern Atlantic cyclonic vortex at 100 km / h was moving in an easterly direction, and this morning it is located over the center of Sweden. In the southern part of the Baltic Sea, Danish Straits, in the north of Germany and Poland, on the coast of Lithuania and Latvia, the wind reached hurricane force.

By the middle of the day, "Nicholas" approached the Gulf of Finland, and its atmospheric fronts brought to Belarus precipitation in the form of wet snow and rain, and a sharp increase in wind up to 15-22 meters per second, and in some places — up to 25-27 meters per second. This weather will be at night.

Will also be windy Wednesday afternoon. In the future, after the departing cyclone on Russia to Belarus rush cold air masses of the northern latitudes. Thus, "Nicholas" open road cooling.

New storm warning conveyed evening of 8 February Republican hydrometeorological.

In the next 1-6 hours to Vitebsk and Vitebsk, north of Minsk region will strengthen the north-west wind gusts up to 25-29 meters per second, which will remain for a night on 9 February and spread to most of the Mogilev and Mogilev.

It was assumed that the maximum amount of wind gusts of 25-27 m / s.

In Minsk expected northwest wind 7-12, gusts of 15-20, sometimes up to 23 m / s.

BelaPAN was told in hydrometeorological, currently at the meteorological stations of the country observed westerly wind gusts up to 20-22 m / s. The highest gust recorded in Ashmyany (25 m / s), the Minsk region — in Slutsk (23 m / s). In the capital, the average wind speed is 10 m / s, the maximum gust — 19 m / s.

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