Northern Ireland was due to the weather without drinking water

In Northern Ireland, tens of thousands of homes were left without water and sanitation because of burst pipes. The cause of sudden temperature changes. Recently, residents have experienced a jump from a record low for the area minus 17.6 degrees Celsius to 9.8 degrees Celsius.
Some homes were left without water for more than a week. In homes where there is no water, no functioning as sewage and heating. On the streets of Belfast and other cities have formed long queues in which people expect the transport of bottles of drinking water, which is distributed free to power.
Techniques of regional water company has to work in an emergency mode to replace thousands of burst pipes.
Northern Ireland Government and the regional water company promises as quickly replace burst pipes and restore the water supply in the normal mode, the ITAR-TASS news agency.
Past Christmas many Europeans mood because the weather was anything but festive. Thousands of people celebrate a holiday at the airports in Paris and Brussels. In Germany, on the motorways were built huge traffic jams. And in Venice flooded nearly half of the city.

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