Norway is preparing for the apocalypse


24 July 2011 on the Norwegian English-language Internet portal Newsbad. com letter appeared prominent Norwegian politician, lifts the veil of secrecy on a secret project to build underground shelters, bunkers to escape from the consequences of the global catastrophe that is expected on the planet in 2012.

Mystery author sensation author signed a letter to his real name, but asked the journalists to keep it secret. The letter was accompanied by photographs in which the man was captured together with the Prime Minister of Norway, with Ms Benazir Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan, who died tragically in December 2007, with other politicians, whom he personally knew and met several times.

In the edition of the portal checked the authenticity of the names and photographs — all confirmed. As for the information contained in this letter, it is a real sensation.

Reason secret construction

The author states that he wants to tell everyone about the strange and mysterious events that take place in his country since 2008 and that by 2012, must end. The essence of these events is that the Government of Norway on an increasing scale and in secrecy is building underground bunkers and bases.

The questions dealing with government officials respond that this is done to protect the people from the Norwegian planetary cataclysm. Simultaneously with the start of construction by the United States and the European Union in Norway were harvested foodstuffs and seeds, mainly — in the Svalbard (the so-called Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard) and in the Arctic part of the country.

According to the author of the letter, similar activities are carried out in Israel and in other countries. The letter states that all those government officials with whom the author met and photos of which he attached to his letter, be aware of what is happening, but do not want to disturb the people that do not give rise to a general panic.

The reason of the grand civil engineering served as the approach of Planet X to Earth. It is appropriate to digress and give a summary of the said planet.

What is a Planet X?

On one of the Sumerian seals made about six thousand years ago, is shown together with the Sun, Moon and Earth 12 celestial bodies. We are also in "a complete set" is known only 11. The mysterious 12th planet they called Nibiru Sumerians, which means "an instrument of destruction." There she and other names: Nemesis, Dark Star, Marduk.

Researchers and scientists call it Planet X. Preserved cuneiform clay tablets on which the Sumerians described the ancient history of the solar system. The content of these texts, we believe myths. However, some experts hypothesize about the origin of the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago by the collision of the planet Tiamat, whose orbit is located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, Nibiru, "ransacked" in the solar system from deep space.

Thus were formed as the moon and the asteroid belt. After that, the planet-destroyer departed again into space for 3600 years, because this is the time of its flyby of the Sun at a very elliptical orbit. And so, in accordance with the said hypothesis, in 2012, after exactly 3600 years, the planet X flies back to Earth, bringing her a global catastrophe, fraught with tragic consequences.

How and who will be saved?

However, the measures mentioned by the Norwegian politician, intended only for the salvation of those who belong to the elite power structures, as well as those who can contribute to the subsequent rebirth of our planet and humanity: doctors, scientists, and other similar professionals. Himself as the author of the letter is already known that he would have to quit my job and go to the district Mosyoen (Mosjen), which are located deep in the earth long ago constructed premises for military camps.

They are divided into sectors — red, blue and green, they are given the designation of the armed forces of Norway. All sectors of the underground bunkers and camps connected by tunnels, between the rails are laid on them ply trolley to transport people from one silo to another. That part of the country, which the authorities intend to leave on the surface and which is doomed to perish along with the rest of the people will not get any help.

Under the plan, two million Norwegians supposed to save, and the rest will die. This means that in Norway, two million 600 thousand people will be condemned without being able to do something for their salvation.

The call for unity and self-defense

The writer is very worried because so many people have learned the truth too late for them when everything will be over. According to him, the Norwegian government is deceiving his people since 1983. Leading politicians do not want to tell the country the truth because they are afraid to be among those who did not take the project "Noah's Ark-12" on the trolley uvozyaschih elected lucky in underground bunkers where people will be safe.

Those who are able to save himself, Norwegian politician advised to go to the high places in the mountains and caves to find out there where you can prepare food reserves of at least five years — canned food and water in sealed containers. It is also advisable to stock up on medicines, protective equipment against radiation contamination coveralls and biological protection.

The letter contains the calls to the nation and all the people of the planet — do not rely on the fact that the Lord God will save them, and to rely on themselves, to try to change their own fate. "Please, wake up at last!" — Asks the author of the letter. According to his confession, he could sign a false name, but did so because there are now fears nothing. And explains, if a person is made known some of the things he becomes invincible person.

The probability of global catastrophe, says politician is 100%. But there is still time to prepare for the outcome. He encourages all to create rescue group, to acquire the necessary equipment and look for places where people can be safe, having a supply of food for a long time.

There were no aliens?

This allows people to ask him any questions and promises to tell all he knows about the details of the evolving situation in Norway. He encourages people to look around — after underground bunkers and bases are being built everywhere. A government on the issues vigilant and inquisitive citizens comforting reply that it is, they say, just for the storage of food or anything like that.

Norwegian politician also sure that everyone here in the presence of traces of aliens. It is often remarked that the political elite of Norway — are not the same person for whom they are. They look as if their every thought is controlled from the outside, as if someone dictates them everything they need to say and do. You can tell by the eyes of politicians and their mental abilities.

In connection with the situation, said the letter-writer, the greatest risk are those who, in 2012, intends to remain in the cities or in their neighborhood. These people are doomed. They will be hit first and die first, then the military will collect and separate the survivors, only to send them to special camps. There, each will be assigned a personal number and the corresponding tag. But you can not go meekly into oblivion.

Precautions should be taken to protect yourself and your family to get together with others and acting together, to find solutions to the many problems that soon will face earthlings.


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