Nuclear secrets / Nuclear Secrets watch online

Nuclear secrets / Nuclear Secrets watch online
The movie is a documentary restoration events middle of the last century and is dedicated to the history of the creation of nuclear and hydrogen bombs and unlocks the secrets of nuclear programs in several states. Also describes the nuclear arms race between the USSR and the USA.

Series 1: The Spy from Moscow (The Spy from Moscow) — The story of betrayal Colonel Oleg Penkovsky.

Series 2 super spy (Superspy) — History the creation of the first American atomic bomb. Klaus Fuchs, a spy who worked for the Russian alliance.

Series 3: Super bomb (Superbomb) — History creation and testing of the hydrogen bomb.

Series 4: Vanunu and bomb (Vanunu and the Bomb) — History the creation of nuclear weapons in Israel.

Series 5: Merchant nightmare (Terror Traider) — History acquisition of nuclear weapons by Pakistan.

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