Observers in areas began to fix violations

Employees of the Minsk plant bakeries, who live in a dormitory on the street Slyasarnay, 44, forced to vote early. The people who came out to the polling station number 6 Partyzansky (street Antonovskaja 20) observers reported that the commander of the hostel threatened them with eviction in case of failure.

Artur Finkevich, which is an observer on this site, wrote a complaint against the members of the committee, headed by Ina Zhalabitskay. Observers Anastasia Maschevoy, Nikita Naidina and Artur Finkevich, when members of the committee have gone to dinner, they sealed the room in which was urn, and left it under the supervision of a police captain Yegor Dashko. By law, they must seal the room, and the police had protect the ballot box by the door, and not directly in the room. After lunch, female members of the commission together with the first police officer were in the room and then went out into the hall.

Finkevich Naidina and Mascheva not only wrote a complaint, but also reported the abuse ODIHR observers.


Elections 2010

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