Old Man for president — is a chorus

A number of musical panegirykav Lukashenko extended. At this time praising the president mobilized children. Chorus vocal studio "Star" at the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Belarus starts replicating recorded a few years ago, the song "Our President." It is possible that in the near future it will sound in the air FM-stations.

Author of the song, in which the famed "Father of president" — a teacher, a music studio vocalist "Star" at the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Belarus Natalia Montik. Lady says that everything was done from the heart, and no hint of a desire to please Lukashenko in this song is not:

"In 2008, it was recorded and spetaya at the Palace of the Republic. It is in our repertoire, and much, of course, would like us to sing it again somewhere, at least I will look for the site. Song, though in 2008, but it is relevant now, so you can assume that it is like new. "

Reporter: "Either it is supposed to run in rotation on radio stations?"

"Yes, I carried the disc with a song on the station, it's true. And I'm not afraid, feel free to talk about it. And what is the problem?"

Reporter: "Just a presidential election, it will not be campaigning for a candidate Lukashenko?"

"No, it's the children sing, so they see fit, and all. So, okay, we are very well set up. If it is not seditious and not criminal, then why not?".

Sedition in the lyrics of "Our President" did not, but the feeling that in a past age something like that we've heard:

Polyhnet Heat Minsk Spring,
Flags, flowers and hearts.
And seething soul, holiday, slowly,
Knock and sing with your friends.
See the clouds of truth monument
Tell the fire, before the last of the battle.
In thought and work,

Old Man-President:
In joy and sorrow and prayer.
Our president has said to you and me,
"You are more expensive than friendship, his fatherland!"
The heart and soul of the devotee country
Responsible for peace and joy in life — our president.

And scattered the trill of an old accordion,
The kids put in a number of tulips.
To his heart he will squeeze his hand
And the warm embrace of the veteran.
There will be troops, already capture the spirit,
And the fireworks over the celebration parade
Swallow snowstorm cottonwood fluff
Well, people, we need to be happy?
Belarusians, we all — the winners!

Do not let the troubles and wars!
The 21st century, we are citizens,
We are heirs of victory and the hope of the country!
Our President …

Alexander Lukashenko is often said that does not carry too much bragging, but can not do anything with those who want him to thank:

"If some act and to me more than two times begin to thank me, you have no idea what's going on inside of me. This is when the turn to me and start more than once thanks. And maybe even once is not necessary — it's my job Do you chose me for this job, you have not driven a stick. Sam wanted. 'Cause I thank and praise here?'.

Although Lukashenko and tries to convince not to demolish the flattery, but another musical panegiryk — not the first and probably not the last. On the eve of the last presidential election on television airplay song by Anatoly Yarmolenko and VIA "Syabry" "Hey Old Man". Before the elections in 2001 there was clearly "Comrade President" by composer Edward Hanka. And if Mr Ermolenko the sidelines then admitted that "the devil lured" the Hanok the dignity of his work stands still:

we know personally, and it is clear that Alexander Grigoryevich be pleased in his address to hear something …

"Here and personal liking, and citizenship. Because we know personally, and it is clear that Alexander Grigoryevich be nice to your address something to hear. And I think the feeling is mutual: if, for example, someone from his Ministry of Culture will say that I have an anniversary or some other important event, I absolutely guarantee that he will congratulate me. in the sense that will give the nod to the formal greeting. "

Regarding the appearance of products that actually promote a cult of personality, expressed poet Sergei Zakonnikau:

Sergei Zakonnikau

"Every reasonable person understands why such works are written. This is an absolute repeat the Stalinist era. Panegiryki We remember, was held in honor of the leader of all people. Absolutely the same. Just there wassometimes about some even famous poets came under "charm" bloody tyrant and wrote, I must say, good poetry in honor of him. We can remember and some of our poets, our classics, which I love. Also ponapisyvali about Stalin. With regard to this particular poem, there is not no rhyme, no meaning. woman simply wished to one side, attest that she is very fond of the current president. On the other hand, maybe she considers herself as a creator. We also now some people just do not realize that their ability to represent their potential. Even our writers, especially those in the pro-government union to seriously consider — and act in writing, and on the radio and in his soul — they are great writers. Although, of course, is the absolute scribblers. "

In the offices of some stations have confirmed that they have a CD with the song "Our President", but with the launch of a rotation going to wait 'till the end. "



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