Omsk covered with white powder.

Strange white powder this morning buried parts of Omsk. At first people thought that in August it began to snow, and then were suggestions that rained down from the sky white powder or ash.

While experts explain the reasons for this phenomenon, local control Rospoterbnadzora calls Omsk "to limit contact with the exposed areas of the body fallen powder, small children walking in the fresh air and exercise," and it is better not to go out unless necessary.

It said that this morning already received information from MOE and soon will go to the place at the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, together with a representative of Rospotrebnadzor to take soil samples.

According to residents, a white powder-like snow, priporoshil track in yards, playgrounds, cars, and came to the window sills in the apartment where the windows were open at night. Some citizens claim that the chemical "snow" is associated with emissions at the plant, and EMERCOM in the Omsk region believes that this ash.

"At 11.15 the Center for Crisis Management EMERCOM Russia's Omsk region was reported the discovery of the residents of apartment houses on the streets Barkhatova, Zaozernaya Strelnikov Pushkin path (all the streets are located in the Soviet JSC Omsk), adjacent to the their homeowners territory, a white powder (plaque) is odorless, by type and size of the particles was like washing "- said the local MOE.

For the analysis of the situation and taking samples at left field services Rospotrebnadzor, State Civil Defense and Emergency Administration of Omsk Region, Omsk administration.

"According to preliminary data of the powder is ash. Powder samples were collected, shipped to the laboratory Rospotrebnadzor. On the territory of the Soviet SA odor is not observed, the maximum allowable concentration of air is not exceeded, no smoke," — said the rescuers.

Meanwhile, appeared on the Internet video captured inhabitants of those areas of the city, which had the "powdery ash."

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