On Defects in conducting rituals

Photo: slavyanskaya-kultura.ru

Photo: slavyanskaya-kultura.ru

Picture this. Christ the Savior Cathedral is Easter service. Parishioners, priests, Patriarch … singing psalms, candles, etc. In order to Orthodox parishioners felt the greatness and importance of what is happening, (player "in resonance") are all conditions. Patriarch sermon. And suddenly, stopping in the middle, turns back and shouts, "Hey, a deacon, a censer round up!" One of the priests takes off and pushing parishioners elbows, rushing into the back room for a censer.

Patriarch continues to preach, "So Christ commanded …" But the church members do not have time to hear what Christ commanded, as the patriarch under cloak of a mobile phone starts ringing. Patriarch gets mobile, throws a few words, presses a button, and read a sermon. Standing next to a loud whisper priests find out where they go communion bread. In the crowd of worshipers begins noise. It makes its way through the crowd returned the deacon with the censer. Here at the entrance to the temple again begin jostling. In the temple comes vdupel drunk Metropolitan. Seeing the patriarch, yelling, "Hey, Lech! Stop the people of Georgia! Here fresh beer ride! "Several parishioners perturbed output Metropolitan of the church. Near the altar stands a group of parishioners, and talking about her, quietly sipping vodka. Finally, the patriarch of the sermon ends, blesses the people and dumps to the metropolitan beer. Parishioners quietly disagree, saying that the service was basically nothing, if not drunk, Metropolitan, and the group of vodka near the altar. Temple slowly empties. Near the altar stands bewildered deacon with the censer and swears: "What the s … m I pinned it?"

Funny? You bet! But ask yourself: can the Easter at Christ the Savior REALLY such situation? With all the negative attitude of the majority Slavs to Christianity Rodnoverie suggests one answer: no. For all the shortcomings of the Christian religion can be said that in Orthodoxy and Catholicism ceremonial parts of waste and run-in to the last detail, and the consciousness of people (at least, members) are not distracted from the ceremony and not break a certain mood. And in the end Christian rites have a very large effect due to the mass of people and the proper organization of the course of the rite. The consciousness of a large number of people involved in the ceremony, correctly configured, has an enormous energy potential.
But Slavic holidays situation jeopardizes the ceremony happens often. In Loving cup beer over, one of them ran for the circle, the fire does not normally flares up, it is necessary to pour petrol on it, etc. Or come alcoholic begins to interfere with the ritual, or a group of pagan Scandinavians deliberately kept apart (in a circle!) or a group of skinheads in full voice discusses his football affairs in the course of the ceremony. Such situations — the sea. Of mobile phones in the rites not want to talk at all. Fully spravno rite without pads above — a rarity.
In this case, unlike the Orthodox Slav majority understands these things. So why do not pay due attention? After all, the power of ritual not only depends on the mood of participants, but also on how well it is prepared technically. When the ceremony was prepared badly, and the mood in most lost. When the run-rite in detail, goes like clockwork, and then force it has a much larger one.
I'm not a hard set of canons and unreasonable compliance details. But would like to see during the ceremonies, people knew what they were doing and did it well. The task of the sorcerer (or priest) to explain to people that their mood, status, and self-discipline depends very much. At the ceremony everyone, even just standing in a circle of community members, and especially leading the ritual should not be distracted by the small stuff and to disrupt the ceremony. This requires careful preparation conditions are places of ritual paraphernalia and instructing participants. Ceremonial drink should be in a circle, the fire carefully prepared, require to be in place. Participants to the beginning of the ceremony must be fully prepared and dressed to go to the ceremony was exclamations like: "Wait for me, I will wear the shirt," or "Stop! I demand in the backpack forgotten! ". The little things very well bring down the mood and break the spiritual union members rite. Therefore, I would like to reiterate that the organization of the ceremony must be treated seriously. As an old Sherlock Holmes: "There is nothing more important detail!". Thank the gods!

Pisano Likhobory
for all the people of Slavic

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