On Mars trains


The pictures of the Red Planet and found the railway station. Martian should train station …

Announced the opening of the next well-known American scholar Joseph Skipper (Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator) — a virtual archaeologist who "conducts excavations" on other planets, looking for anomalies in images taken by satellites. Today, he took advantage of the Internet resource Google Mars, which supplied the photos for different devices orbiting the Red Planet. And offers to admire the kind of transportation system similar to that of iron, whether on the monorail. Or any other, since its "track" look broken.






The area with the rails

The car seemed to float above the surface

Earth's soaring car

The road stretches to the Gale crater, near which NASA plans to land its new rover designed to search for water, and even life. Start "the way" about 900 kilometers away. Skipper says that in the crater, walked out, "rails", visible structure. Station? The village?

Rails, as expected, begin at the station

The most surprising is that "archaeologist" found not only the road, but also the likely vehicle for her. Not very far from the "Station" noticeable rectangular object, located right on the "how." The car? Or also a building — The station?

However, the version with the car — most likely monorail — it looks more logical. After an object casts a shadow so supposedly located a few meters from the surface.

From station to station "Gale Crater" more than from Moscow to St. Petersburg — a little more than 900 kilometers

Although, from the station building is unlikely to absolutely refuse, imagining that it is over a transparent tunnel. Something similar to these designs photographed on Mars before. And the artists portrayed as tunnels might look like.

Martian-like structures on transparent tunnels

These Martian tunnels saw artist

Moves to "wagon" or stand still, do not know — there is no other pictures of the area, made in a different time, which could follow the fate of a rectangular object. I mean, look, he has left or is in place.

Pretty safe, and it is hardly reasonable to suppose that Skipper found on Mars transportation system. Skeptics, of course skeptical. But what actually represents a dotted line, not even ideas.

Confused and safety of the road. Other facilities — for example, the Sphinx or objects close to him, like the pyramids, the ruins look. And so, as if they were thrown hundreds of thousands of years ago. Barely protrudes from the Martian sand and construction similar to the foundation of a fortress. And then — and the road and the railway station, and the train. And no sleep.


By the way, an object similar in effect to the Martian "wagon" five years ago, was noticed by the world. And also on satellite maps

(Earth.google.com). It was called the UFO vehicle. Because apparently floated above the ground — levitated.

First levitating car spotted in the Australian city of Perth in January 2006, then — in March. And elsewhere.

And suddenly on Mars "car" floats? That is, is in working order?


Curious rover

The new six-wheeled self-propelled robot NASA named Curiosity (Curiosity) is to go to Mars in the period between November 25 and December 18. The landing in Gale Crater is scheduled for August 2012.

Gale Crater is considered the most promising in terms of water and organics.

— It is very low, — explained the choice of target Grotsinger John (John Grotzinger) — member of the project from the California Institute of Technology. — The water is known flowing down.

By the way, the rover's neutron detector installed in Russia for the search for water and ice under the soil surface.


The rover, which will fly in November to search for water on Mars. Or railway


Mounted on the rover's Russian unit — circled in red

From the crater Gale to "railroad" very far — about 900 kilometers in a straight line. It is unlikely that the rover gets there, if NASA will follow the original plans. But maybe they will change now?

Vladimir Lagowski

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