On the track Dzhankoy-Feodosiya — Kerch landslide and formed a failure

National importance under the freeway Dzhankoy-Feodosia-Kerch on a segment-Novopokrovka Vladislavovka landslide and formed a failure. While the Commission on Emergency Situations of the Kirov district administration figures out the cause of the accident, drivers of cars and trucks drive on asphalt hanging in the air.
More February 4 ground under Dzhankoy highway near the village Novopokrovka washed away by rain flow, so traffic on this section of road is closed, traffic flow is on the ring road in cornflower. As the "Cafe" head of the Kirov District Department of Emergency Situations Sergei Shishov under asphalt at a depth of 7-8 m was the drainage system, that excess moisture is left with 500 hectares of fields.

On the track Dzhankoy-Feodosiya - Kerch landslide and formed a failure

On Monday, the commission on emergency Kirov district administration has decided to investigate the causes of the landslide. As the "Cafe" the chairman of the Kirov district administration Oleg Gordeev, the reserve fund is funded delivery of special equipment for opening the drain pipe to determine the cause of the accident.

— If soil is gone because of heavy rains, the movement for the restoration of the track would take a week. But the problem may be much worse if inoperable drainage system — said A. Gordeev. — Only for the delivery of rope excavators Krasnoperekopsk region will need a ton of diesel fuel and an additional cleaning of drainage and other costs. For how long closed traffic on this road is still unknown, as the size of the amount required to restore the drainage system.

Photojournalist "Kafa" making pictures, said that transportation continues to ride on the highway crash site, ignoring the sign ban.

— We put there traffic police post, which oversees traffic offenders — said Oleg Antonov. — There may travel only by those who prefer extreme. Asphalt after hanging in the air. Passenger car he still stand, but the truck just collapse. Put positions on both sides to avoid a tragedy. And on the road repair ask for money from the Council of Ministers, as we are not their money to repair the road.

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