Our homeland and India will sign a contract for the development of conceptual and technical project FGFA fighter in December

India and Russia will sign a contract for the development of conceptual and technical project FGFA fighter in December

Our homeland and India will sign a contract for the development of conceptual and technical project FGFA fighter in December

Continued for 3 years of preparatory negotiations with a view to harmonizing the criterion agreement for the development and technical project sketched fighter fifth generation FGFA (Fifth-Generation Fighter Aircraft) successfully completed, said the newspaper "Business Standard", citing a source in the leadership of the Ministry of Defence of India .

It is planned that by the end of this month agreement will be considered by the Committee on Government Security. If approved, the contract will be signed in the course scheduled for December of this year's visit to India by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

According disk imaging control "Hindustan Aeronautics Limited" (HAL) Ashok Naik, currently all the questions on the contract agreed upon by both parties and is expected to sketchy and Technology project aircraft will be completed within 18 months after the signing of the agreement. The development and testing of prototypes will be 8-10 years. Funding programs from development, is estimated at 12 billion dollars will be divided in equal Shreds between Russian and Indian side.

Russian Air Force and India want to buy more than 250 fighters, at an estimated cost of each of which will be about $ 100 million.

Highest price development and production of a promising aircraft, according to Indian professionals, have become the main prerequisite verbovaniya India to jointly develop the aircraft fifth generation. As an example, the U.S. administration decided to finish building the aircraft fifth-generation F-22 "Raptor" specifically because of their superior price. The cost of the fighter, was 340 million dollars, forced the Pentagon to close the program from 187 planes after delivery, which is twice lower than initially dubbed the 2000s. plans.

For the first time our homeland offered India cooperation in the creation of new fighter program there about eight years ago, but the parties could not agree on the role of equity in the project. In October 2007, the parties signed a preliminary intergovernmental agreement on the joint development of the fighter fifth generation on the basis of Russian promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA).

This is the first project, provides for the joint development of Russian ultra-modern weapons systems from other states. So the question the separation of work in the project sought further elaboration.

In the end, it took almost three years to the intergovernmental negotiations to agree on a general contract and non-disclosure agreements hidden disk imaging. In March 2010, the parties signed a preliminary technical agreement which had been agreed shred works.

Shred the Indian defense industry in the development of individual systems, according to HAL disk imaging, will be about 30%. Namely, the Indian company will develop software for bortovik, navigation systems, disk imaging functionality of the display in the cockpit, the components of the composite materials and a system of self-defense. Additionally India redesigning single PAK-FA into a double fighter, purchase of which is determined by the Indian Air Force adopted the doctrine, which provides a wide range of decision aircraft missions. In the future, the Indian fighter 5th generation must change three types of combat aircraft operated.

According to representatives of the Indian Air Force to obtain a certificate of airworthiness raid FGFA should reach 2000 hours. Batch creation of the fighter will be able to start in the 2017-2018 years. Double version can be put into service in 2019-2020 gg.

Russian version will be single, while 200 aircraft the Indian Air Force will be made in a double version, like the Su-30MKI, where one crew member makes piloting, and the second — is responsible for the detection and weapons. Russian Air Force at a later stage as applets, maybe acquire additional double FGFA for use as a trainer aircraft.

At present the company "Sukhoi" continues the standard tests most experienced fighter PAK FA. First flight took place on January 29 at the plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. PAK FA has made 16 test flights.

It is planned that the PAK FA will be a functional combat plane, able to do puzzles and ground attack fighter. The fuselage is made of composite materials and other Innovative technologies will provide the aircraft low visibility in the radar and infrared spectra. Modern engines will develop the highest rate over 2M do cruise at supersonic speeds without the use of afterburner mode, fly at a distance of 5.5 kilometers. Placed in the inner compartments weapons systems and brand new AESA radar will provide the opportunity to immediately storm the target on the ground, at sea and in the air, and communications systems — to exchange information between aircraft and ground controllers pt. One of the main feature of the platform is the ability to synthesize the data, ie obtaining disk imaging from different sensors, including infrared, radar, electrical processing and issuance of a unified picture of the situation on the display system pilot.

It is planned that the PAK FA for the first time will be shown to the public during the MAKS-2011.

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