Our motherland India and for the first time to conduct joint exercises in the Russian countryside

India and Russia will hold first joint military exercises on Russian territory

On Tuesday, the area of the Eastern Military Area of the Russian Federation will begin the first joint exercise "Indra-2012" with the Indian armed forces Foreign participants have already arrived at the scene, the press service of the TSB.

"Some soldiers arrived by plane military transport aircraft of Indian armed forces, and some — civilian aviation. From the airport, the town of Ulan-Ude, they went to a training facility, located near the town of Kjahta in Buryatia, which will be located in a field camp, "- said in a release.

International exercises in the Russian Air Force will last until August 17, they will have an active part in the 13-16 of the month.
The combined Russian-Indian forces will conduct reconnaissance, blocking and destruction of "terrorist groups".

As previously reported, in the exercise perceive the role of the 250 soldiers on each side, about 50 units for sale.

Geo-strategic value of future exercises "However," commented Konstantin Sivkov, Doctor of Military Sciences, vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems:

— Any international exercise pursues clear goal — development of joint action by the armed forces of various countries. Such exercises are usually conducted only with friendly armies, and are focused on the development of appropriate criteria for joint action in the case of joint military operations.

India comes in the BRICS and the SCO, as we have with India's close economic ties. In addition, we have it tight military-technical cooperation, says this is the fact that the bulk of India's military hardware is a Russian and Russian standards.

India only principled partner for us from a geostrategic point of view, as it is, having access to Indian ocean, enormous length of the coastline, with significant naval outputs, can influence the development of the situation in the Indian Ocean. In the Russian Federation, in turn, at the moment there is the need to deploy groups in remote areas of the seas and oceans. Namely, the commander in chief of the Navy read that will regenerate the former Russian base in Cam Ranh Bay, as our fleet is due in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Have friendly relations with India, to work out joint actions with their armed forces — all this will allow us to build on Indian bases. This entire range is very important to us in order to promote its geopolitical influence, to support his friends and build not only economic, and military and strategic ties with India.

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