Over arrested in Russia Belarusian soldier stood Committee of Soldiers' Mothers

Belarusian Alexander Trubnikov was called up for military service Military Commissariat Partyzansky Minsk in January 2009 and sent to a military unit in the Minsk region. But in May 2010, a young man voluntarily left the territory of, and disappeared.

Police launched criminal case, War declared wanted. It later emerged that TRUBNIKOV went to relatives in Russia.

Fugitive soldier was arrested November 1 in Murmansk. Now the Belarusian side expects the Russian Prosecutor General's authorization for the extradition Trubnikova. The name of the Russian Prosecutor General received a petition on bringing him to justice for the shoots. If the fault of the soldier is proved, he could face 2 to 7 years in prison.

Surprisingly, however, interceded for Trubnikova Murmansk Committee of Soldiers' Mothers. A spokeswoman Irina Paykachava organization says they have visited Trubnikova in jail. As it turned out, for the service young man had to change four military units, where faced with bullying and abuse on the part of starasluzhachyh:

"In our view, his escape were under a very good reason, and Russia should give Trubnikova asylum and not to give out to Minsk."


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