Over Vitebsk again waved the national flag

On Saturday late evening aazytsyyaner Boris Khamaida national symbol seen on the street Zelenagurskay in Vitebsk. However uranni when he went there with a camera, white-red-white flag, fixed on the heating duct, was not there.

Boris Khamaida says that the flag could see not only the late passers-by, but the railway passengers who were traveling at night from Vitebsk in the direction of Orsha.

From reliable sources, the opposition knows the contents of the note that elusive Myron attached to the flag. In it — again warning about the dangers of the election and call for a boycott, "I want to remind governments of civilized countries, in November 1996, Belarus has an anti-constitutional coup. Existing regime is trying to re-legitimized. During the last 16 years nothing has changed. Without the Constitution, there is no real legitimate elections, the legitimate result! Therefore the public recognition of the results of the electoral farce blow the fundamentals of international law and a blow to the back of the younger generation of Belarusians.

I am sure that the Belarusian liberation movement will never recognize this treachery. We will definitely return Belarus to the constitutional field, and only then will be able to honest elections. Long live Belarus! He lives forever! Miron ".

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