Pancreatitis is a disease of modernity

Olga society underwent three operations. Its immunity, however, unable to cope with the infection. The inflammation has gone further into the lungs, and has led to frequent in such cases and dangerous complication — pneumonia. To save her, even in bad equipped metropolitan hospital, the doctors could not.

This disease — the trouble for surgeons and patients

According to experts, pancreatic disease today — a real problem for both surgeons and patients. In emergency surgery is one of the most frequent cases, along with the appendix. The disease usually develops suddenly, proceeds rapidly, and the probability of dying today as a decade ago, is still very high.

According to the official Belarusian statistics, over the past 20 years, the number of patients operated on for pancreatitis has increased more more than twice. The disease, which used to occur mainly in people, so to speak, a flowering age, more rejuvenated.

Surgeons gastraenterolyagi endakrynolyagi explain the situation and way of life. As well as a few decades ago, people with pancreatitis suffer from so-called "bad habits" and unhealed cholelithiasis. All this is reflected in metabalizme and leads to pathology of the pancreas.

In the latter years of the causes of the disease are so-called modern factors. For example, qualitatively different dietary patterns: fast food, the availability of food in a large number of harmful "chemistry." The main thing — the pace of life has changed significantly citizen. Changes particularly affected young people. Young Belarusians today tend to be financially independent. Many people learn, work, and also work part time even further. The money is needed to hire accommodation, travel, attend concerts, just allow yourself to meet up with friends in a cafe. Such intense life provoke stress, which in turn, becomes the basis for depression and as a result, fail to metabalizme. Apparently, this has led to the disease "Rock Princess" 2007 Olga Samusik.

A few days ago on the site of "Charter 97" the girl's father thanked for the condolences friends daughters, as well as many caring people who responded to the mountain: "I can only say one thing. Necessary to conduct the slow life. Without stress and other shocks. And do not smoke, but it does not always work. "

Chernobyl — a factor metabalichnyh diseases

Go to so-called contemporary factors metabalichnyh diseases Belarusians owned and ecology. According to the doctor of medicine, doctor-radiograms Bandazhevsky, impact of radioactive elements that constantly enter the human body through the polluted air, water, food — much more complex problem than it seems at first glance. According to him, the process of metabolism in the majority of Belarusians changed, but because no one can be considered healthy.

As many Belarusian physicians, as well as some politicians, if not qualitatively different relationship between the state and society to health and a healthy lifestyle, the problem will not solve any modern surgical centers or higher pilyatazh local surgeons, nor the calls of the same endakrynolyagav to healthy life.

Need to change this attitude immediately. On many different levels — state, society, family, school.

The disease develops suddenly, proceeds rapidly, and the probability of death is very high.

At the same time in the community be created an atmosphere that is not enough healthy people are not shy about their illness because it can damage their status in society, career growth. Such discrimination, according to experts, there is now.

And requires a fundamentally different approach to monitoring the health of the population. Such as those that exist in developed democratic societies. It is necessary to establish a profound interaction between practical medicine, science and education, to adopt laboratory research. Very weak in Belarus outpatient service. As a result of the work of the specific outpatient primary diagnosis is extremely slow and sometimes erroneous. Many patients do not trust their precinct. However, the right to choose a doctor, in fact, do not have.

As stated in his election program, candidate for president Vitaly Rymashevski, "now out of our tax money go to the upkeep of the bureaucratic medical system, which is called free." Policies offered by the insurance system when the money will be transferred directly to physicians, and each patient will have the right to choose a doctor. On He said, "The state should provide a high level of health insurance that allows everyone to be treated qualitatively. In the country must compulsory health insurance for residents of Belarus by the state. "



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