Partisans against Wehrmacht watch online

Partisans against Wehrmacht watch online
By the summer 1942 in the southern part of the Soviet Union, German troops have gained significant success. Pali Sevastopol, Kerch, Rostov-on-Don. But at Stalingrad The Wehrmacht already felt an acute shortage of resources. As a consequence, in all the occupied territories introduced tough labor service shall be withdrawn and the real value of food, a healthy population is sent to forced labor in Germany. The occupation authorities — are a way of intimidation: made death camps, mass executions are carried out. Announced by a special order of the Reichsführer SS in which instead of the word partisan should use a bandit. Apply the strategy of "scorched earth".
On the whole area occupied by Russian Belarusian partisan movement zopoluchilo single character. This was facilitated by the centralized management — made in spring 1942 the Central Headquarters of the Partisan movement. People's Avengers did not give the Germans the rest, strongly constraining the promotion of their troops to the front.
It's very annoying Hitler. Realizing that the partisan movement went far beyond the petty local actions, he makes a strong order in which commands considered equivalent to fight guerrillas fighting at the front. And for their defeat Requests to use any means. The Nazis used the strategy of "scorched earth".

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