Personal protective kit tanker 6B15 Cowboy

At today protection Crews fighting vehicles from damaging effects of different causes is one of the more burning problems in the growth of shock troops fighting capacity aircraft Russian army. Protection crews of combat vehicles except the preservation of life and health of military personnel is also a fundamental economic nuance, because the preparation and training of professionals of the highest level for the management of a modern military equipment requests fairly huge cash costs. To solve the puzzles in Russia was created by a set of personal protective tanker "Cowboy" code 6B15. Given set was adopted in 2003, to the current time first such kits began arriving in the division of the Southern Military Area.

One of the major global trends of recent years in the development of modern means of personal protection is the creation of an effective, easy and cheap comparable equipment for the military, which would provide a degree of protection from debris and thermal effects. This is explained by the fact that the criteria for the conduct of modern local wars up to 80% of all injuries have specifically fragments possessing comparable small energy. With all this attention is paid to the creation of effective protection of the soldier's head, the share of such injuries account for up to 45% of cases of military personnel.

According to the analysis, which was conducted spices Defense Ministry, the nature of distribution of the fragments in the crew compartment armor can depend on a huge number of circumstances (type of ammunition used, the angle of his meeting with the armor available in the workplace fencing crew and almost all others). With all of this in most cases, affecting the flow of parts inside the body is represented with 2 unequal parts:
1) A small — group of fragments, which are formed by aggregates of large chunks of the masses, as large fragments of armor. Personal protection from that type of debris in the criteria of being in zabronevom space is impossible in real time.
2) Summary — This group consists of a small mass of fragments (1-2 grams), which account for about 70% of the total number of fragments. The possibility of defeat vulnerable members of the crew of armored vehicles to the type of debris is very high due to the wide dispersion of the field and due to the "saturation" of their flow.

Personal protective kit tanker 6B15 "Cowboy"

At the current time, there are 2 main methods of protecting the crew from shrapnel damage inside the armored vehicles. This is a ballistic shot down (lining) of armor and use of personal protective equipment. With all of this means is a more effective use of personal protective clothing that can protect troops not only inside the war machine, and the open countryside. According to zabugornom data, the application of the crews of armored vehicles of personal protective equipment reduces the transient loss of 2-2.5 times. That's why in the armies of the advanced countries of the world PPE crew members are their subject of mandatory equipment. In most cases, these kits include protective own composition 3 elements: a composite protective helmet, ballistic vest, made of fabrics armidnyh also fireproof overalls.

In Russia, the first such personal protective kits began arriving in the tank units of the Southern Military neighborhood, this RIA Announces said August 1, 2012. Russian protection kits "Cowboy" are designed to protect the tank from shrapnel and fire. According to Dmitry Chuvstvina service representative missile and artillery SOUTH to this special form of protection for the tank crews in the Russian army was not.

The structure of the modern safety equipment "Cowboy" goes ballistic body armor Class 1 protection, flame retardant suit and a special pad on the tank Ballistic headset. According to the requirements of GOST 50744-95 body armor Class 1 protection can protect a person from a shot from a pistol-type "revolver" bullet caliber 7.62mm lead core and a Makarov pistol (PM) bullet caliber 9 mm with an iron core. According to Dmitry Chuvstvina, a set of "Cowboy" provides protection for the shoulders, neck, groin, tanker, its weight is 6.5 kg. With all of this does not hold down a given set of actions of the crew in action. Besides "Cowboy" protects 80% of the tanker skin exposure to direct flame for 10-15 seconds.

Personal protective kit tanker 6B15 "Cowboy"

Protective kit for the crews of armored vehicles 6B15 "Cowboy"

Security set 6B15 became the first Russian aircraft inclusive of personal protective equipment, the crew set up for military vehicles. This set sells adopted the concept of full differential protection. Development of protective kit 6B15 "Cowboy" was a significant step forward in the development of personal protective equipment for military technical arms of the Russian Army, requiring significant financial costs to prepare them.

Given set Designed by FSUE "TSNIITOCHMASH" (Central Research Institute of Machine Building clear), is the center of Armokom. Set 6B15 "Cowboy" is designed to protect crews of armored vehicles from different parts of the harmful effects that appear inside the crew compartment, also against heat. The kit comes: Ballistic body armor 6B15-1, Ballistic plate on a tank headset 6B15-2, flame retardant coveralls 6B15-3. Total weight is 6.5 kg package.

Ballistic body armor 6B15-1

Body armor contains a detachable chest and back section, as a collar. On its cover are located costly pockets that are suitable for the storage of equipment and staff evacuation device. Body armor protects the back and chest from shrapnel and bullets Makarov pistol fired from 5 meters. Ballistic resistance — a fragment of a mass of 1 g. at speeds up to 550 m / s or splinter mass 2 g. at speeds up to 400 m / s. Protection area of the body for more than 45 square meters. dm. Weight — 3.5 kg less.

Personal protective kit tanker 6B15 "Cowboy"

Ballistic plate on a tank headset 6B15-2

Is designed to protect the head from the tanker splinter. Withstands debris mass of 1 g., Soaring at speeds up to 460 m / s. Protection area — more than 8 square meters. dm. Weight plates — least 0.8 kg.

Fire retardant coveralls 6B15-3.

Can be produced both in the summer and in the winter version. Has a system of natural ventilation. The area of protection — 160 Weight — 2.2 kg less.

Set protection 6B15 "Cowboy" protects the neck, shoulder and groin tanker, transport and placement of standard weapons, and other items that are included in the full-time military equipment of this type of troops. In addition to this suit to ensure smooth implementation of the full range of multi-task though how a crew member of a combat vehicle in for 2 full days (48 hours). Bronezaschitnye elements of a suit made on the basis of ballistic fabric
durable fiber Russian Armus having moisture-and oil-repellency treatment.

Exterior body armor covers, coveralls and lining are made of flame resistant fabric in camouflage colors. Information sets resistant to an open flame in for 10-15 seconds. Given protective preserves its own set of security parameters under the influence of rainfall, after the impact of fuel and lubricants and special liquids used in the use of equipment, 4-fold decontamination, decontamination, disinfection. Operating temperature range is -50 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Personal protective kit tanker 6B15 "Cowboy"

A comparison with the protective kit U.S. Army Tank Crew

As a result, conducted comparative research of the Russian protective kit for armored vehicle crew member 6B15 and protective kit U.S. Army tanker identified the following differences:

— Russian Ballistic resistance of body armor by 32% higher rate of V50 compared with the South American counterpart.
— Ballistic resistance pads on the headset staff member of the crew in Russian included a 54% increase in speed V50 in comparison with the helmet of South American tanker.
— area protection and protective suit of body armor for the crew 6B15 a bit higher than that of the South American tanker, with all this Ballistic helmet pad on the 6B15-2 in area exceeds a similar characteristic of South American Slam by 17%.
— Russian fire resistance time set to an open flame for 30% higher rate set South American protection including simulation procedure after 12 years of aging.
— protective coveralls U.S. Army tank unlike the Russian jumpsuit structurally designed as a single unit, which can be an obstacle to everyday life.
— in contrast to the Russian ballistic plates 6B15-2 helmet South American tanker has camouflage colors, which can be a significant drawback in finding out military war machine.
— South American protective overalls, unlike the Russian jumpsuit 6B15-3, does not have a vent, which could lead to overheating of the body tanker, especially in a hot climate criteria. By the shortcomings of the American model can also include the lack of reinforced linings in areas which are subject to greater wear.
— Russian protection package 6B15 "Cowboy" to equip a huge number of different multi-purpose pockets, which are designed to store the extra pieces of equipment serviceman, which is a definite advantage in the conduct of hostilities.
— abrasion resistance, flame resistant fabric in the Russian 1.6-2.2 times higher than the same period a suit protection of the U.S. Army, including simulation and after 12 years of aging.

Personal protective kit tanker 6B15 "Cowboy"

So Makarov, modern Russian set of protection for the crew of armored vehicles 6B15 "Cowboy" on his main tactical and technical features markedly superior to the existing protective set of American soldiers. Including the principal on such indicators as the Ballistic resistance — by 32-54%, and fire resistance — up to 30% with comparable weight.

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