Personal razvedsputniki system «SeeMe» for combat units

It's no secret that even now starting 1st satellite to perform different tasks costing millions of dollars. Although the existing military and civilian satellites purpose can lead observation the surface of the earth, they are not always capable of supplying the necessary operational data in a particular case of passing military conflict. On this day it is the main problem of satellite observing systems — they are not able to lead observation over a particular area, and to keep the satellite above the desired area — it costs time and scarce fuel. By the same conclusion satellite in this area can take so much time that the operational information with it already "out of date". Department of promising research programs at the Pentagon «DARPA» opened the contest in the middle of the companies companies and defense disposition on the creation and development of Innovative operational satellite surveillance system, which received the title «SeeMe». The system comprises:
— booster. Media dimensions should not be much greater than the size of standard missiles, which are installed on the suspension of combat aircraft. Booster can be installed and civilian courts;
— the small size of the observation satellites. They should be provided with the highest resolution optics to perform the intended purpose — to transmit real-time information to the end user;

Individual razvedsputniki system «SeeMe» for combat units

Satellites in a single launch vehicles may be several 10-s units, depending on the intended use of the system «SeeMe». Aircraft kitted system «SeeMe», rising into the sky, picking the right height — goes to the specified point. After this launcher produces satellites on board, which goes to the upper layers of the atmosphere. The carrier achieves this orbit and after services in the area, the small size of the supervisory satellite separated from him and begins to conduct surveillance in the area for 1.5 hours. The acquired data from the satellite will be transferred directly to a combat unit that requested the trigger on personal observation satellite.

Individual razvedsputniki system «SeeMe» for combat units

Thus, system personal observation «SeeMe» will be able at any moment, at the request of the "simple soldier" to give real-time information required for that area, which will allow perfectly apply the right strategy for fighting. According to the required specification of «DARPA», «SeeMe» must have full compatibility with the operating in-orbit satellites and work on it for 2-3 months after reaching orbit to perform high priority. The delivery method razvedsputnikov may differ from the proposed «DARPA», for example can be used to deliver satellite system «Airport Launch Assist Space Access». System can deliver the cargo into space at least some purpose weighing up to 45 kilograms. Rate of development of the system is made up of all for an economical component, because the military budget of the United States has already exceeded 80 billion dollars. It is expected that by 2015, the United States will be able to deploy a network of satellite systems «SeeMe» of 25 units. The estimated price of the 1st half million bucks satellite. At the theoretical level, following a request for deployment of the satellite from the combat units, reconnaissance satellite will be able to pass the first information in less than 1.5 hours after receiving the request.

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