Petersburg deputies decided not to forbid the children to walk large dogs

 St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly on Wednesday rejected a bill that proposes to ban children walk the "large" dogs, according to the city parliament.

Municipal Council of number 21, which introduced the bill proposed to fine owners who do not have a passport at the dog, and to prohibit the paddock animals taller than 40 inches to anyone under 16 years old.

However, according to the Legislative Assembly, legislation Petersburg there are no rules that require dog owners to issue a registration certificate (passport) of the animal.

Also, experts have found in this initiative, "the corruption factor."

"The proposed rule implicitly requires dog owners to carry a registration card (passport) of the animal, however, this applies only to those cases where a dog has a shoulder height of more than 40 centimeters, which can be viewed as the corruption factor," — said in a statement.

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