Pharmaceutical Holocaust — a concentration camp for humanity

Pharmaceutical Holocaust - a concentration camp for humanityUnmasked

(There is nothing hidden which will not become apparent)

We also offer to read some excerpts from an open letter from Dr Rath's newspaper «The New York Times».

Dr. Matthias Rath — the world-renowned scientist and physician member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the American Heart Association and other scientific organizations. His non-fiction book "Why Animals Do not Get Heart Attacks?» («Why Animals Dont get Heart Attacks?») And "Cancer» («Cancer») published in ten languages and sold millions of copies.

He is the founder of the scientific concept of Cellular Medicine, a concept consistently applied in clinical medicine, biochemistry data about the importance of micronutrients — biocatalysts many metabolic reactions at the cellular level. He has revolutionized the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease by natural means. His longtime colleague, double Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, a decade ago, said — that Dr. Rath's discoveries are a threat to the multi-billion business of production of patented medicines. Perhaps Linus Pauling said, to prevent the collapse of the industry in the future will even wage war. It seems that the time has come …… Some excerpts from the letter of Dr. Rath, a statement to the world community to the peoples and governments of the world to stop the genocide and AIDS, held pharmaceutical cartels, we present to our readers. This is an appeal from the June 29, 2004 were submitted through the newspaper «The New York Times».

A very important tat served fact that the open letter was reprinted by leading newspapers in more than twenty countries and mentioned in numerous other media said about awareness of the world, the UN has not only violated its charter, but also defied his authority. After some time on the Internet with Dr. Rath Health Foundation contacted many governments, international corporations, organizations, and universities, for more information about alternative solutions to the problem. This is an open letter to Dr. Rath published June 30, 2004, in the "New York Times" has become one of the most important and influential in the history of public statements by the United Nations.

It reveals that the 59th General Assembly session was the funeral of the United Nations. World Parliament — League of Nations — committed suicide under the pressure of corporate interests were at the source Nazis and later the Second World War. With the decision of 8 June 2004, a small elite nations of the Security Council is obviously intended to ignore the UN Charter and continue to "pretend its business as usual." During the opening session of the General Assembly, George W. Bush, who is the main culprit, which has forced the UN to commit suicide, was even invited to "bury it."

"George Bush's war against" terrorism "is nothing other than a smoke screen to protect pharmaceutical organized terrorism. Its perpetrators and financiers responsible for the continuing deaths of millions of innocent patients in America alone. The war against Iraq is a struggle against "terrorism", it is a struggle for oil fields. This is — part of an elaborate strategy of pharmaceutical petrochemical investment groups, creating psychological fear to achieve global control. Long-term international conflicts, wars — even the use of weapons of mass destruction — could be used to achieve this goal and, obviously, to suppress any opposition. Six billion people around the world wake up from the frightening reality that the UN — the guarantor of peace and security, no longer survive.

For the second time in the history of mankind was destroyed by an international organization specifically established by the main international peace and security. We, the people of the world, have to decide: do we want XXI century to be the century of corporate abuse of the world's resources, the subordination of human health and safety interests of corporations? Or we choose a different path? UN political suicide was the latest step in the collapse of the organization as a servant of the people of the world. The permanent members of the UN Security Council, namely the United States and countries of the UK, have long started to use the United Nations as a political tool of its corporate interests. Same interests use such UN agencies as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), which became tools, cement structures "corporate colonialism."

Particularly devastating was the impact of the most powerful investment industry in the world — the pharmaceutical companies. U.S. and UK are the leading exporters of pharmaceutical industry and only in 2001 they have released in the global market two thirds of the total drug production. Meanwhile, as their task is to bring health throughout the world, they contribute to the fact that the disease continues to exist to maintain markets for their products. Taking advantage to the WTO, these forces were forced to accept the principles of unjust fees, even for the poorest countries.

At the same time, using the WHO, pharmaceutical companies are trying to outlaw effective natural alternative treatments, under the guise of UN approval — commission UNs Codex Alimentarius. Deficiencies in micronutrients have been proven scientifically, and have now become the most common cause of diseases, including cardiovascular disease. Unlike people Animals Do not Get Heart Attacks, because they produce their own vitamin C, increasing the production of collagen and blood vessel wall stability. Thus, deficiency of micro-nutrients to the root cause for the susceptibility to infectious diseases, including AIDS.

Millions of people in America and other countries are dying from preventable diseases continue to exist, due to the financial benefits the pharmaceutical cartel that deliberately denied us in the rescue of information about the true causes of diseases and their treatment. This epidemic is a result of the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Dangerous side effects after taking the drugs Vayoksks (Vioxx), Silebreks (Celebrex), Lipitor (Lipitor) and Prozac (Prozac) are not the exception but the rule. According to its synthetic composition, most pharmaceutical drugs are toxic to the human organism — they lead to organ damage and lead to other more serious side effects. According to the American Medical Association (American Medical Association), one million Americans to disability is receiving pharmaceutical products and as a result, more than 100,000 of them die — every year!

Eradication of cardio — vascular disease, cancer, as well control over global epidemics such as tuberculosis and AIDS is largely dependent on the worldwide distribution of basic information about health. Promoting literacy programs in health (LNVZ), a coalition of nations to prevent ignorance in matters of health, and thus eliminates the pre-conditions for today's most common diseases. What is saving billions of lives and trillions in health care costs. Millions of people in America and other countries are dying from preventable diseases continue to exist, due to the financial benefits the pharmaceutical cartel that deliberately denied us in the rescue of information about the true causes of diseases and their treatment.

In the first days of August 2001, two weeks before 9/11 — a scandal, caught in the world news, the fatal consequences of drug company «Bayer», lowering cholesterol and causing rhabdomyolysis (softening of muscle tissue). More than 50 people were killed with only one drug (Baycol), and the bomb was planned more than six (6) million (!) People using the drug. Should have been followed by other drugs.

Starting an avalanche of lawsuits and class actions against major multinational companies, manufacturers of the drug could lead to a meltdown of the investment vestment industry. Losses for certain interests of the Rockefeller would have been trillions of dollars. Then, on Monday, 6 August 2001 — right in the middle of this disaster — George Bush got the infamous now, the message titled "Bin Laden. Decisive blow to the American people, "the Daily Presidential Letter. George Bush must have realized that this "attack" would turn immediately media attention away from the inevitable loss of the drug was behind the trillions of dollars of investors and drew attention to the tragedy that happened then, on September 11. What were Bush's actions? A recent report to Congress on 9/11 showed that George W. Bush has decided not to do anything! George Bush and his administration have gone one step further. They abused this tragedy for the development of their infamous "war on terror" as a campaign intended goal of which was to regain control and develop counter-strategies for survival of production (the threatened) drug.

HIV / AIDS has become one of the worst threats ever faced by humanity. Most of all, it has fallen to the African continent. According to the UN, AIDS has killed 22 million Africans, and every day takes another 6,000 lives of African men, women and children. To this human tragedy created a multibillion market for pharmaceutical investment business pharmaceutical cartel, for which a prerequisite for the return of investment is the continuation of the AIDS epidemic.

To keep the world market of patented AIDS drugs, the pharmaceutical cartel is promoting so-called "anti-retroviral" drugs (ARVs) to fight with immunodeficiency. These drugs cause serious damage to all the body's cells, including white blood cells, so that they do not struggle with immunodeficiency, but rather, on the contrary, aggravate it, thus contributing to the spread of the AIDS epidemic. In February 2004, the Vatican Father Angelo D 'Agostino also accused the pharmaceutical companies in the genocide against Africans. It's time to stop these crimes against humanity and to acquaint the people of Africa and the world with an efficient, safe and affordable solution to the AIDS epidemic. If the AIDS epidemic is curbed through natural means of treatment — and now it's possible! — That will inevitably end in this whole multibillion-dollar business of unscrupulous dealers who profit by the epidemic. For pharmaceutical cartel is now a battle for survival, and now with the help of his political appointees cartel holds its "final offensive."


June 14, 2003 by Matthias Rath MD, and other community organizations on behalf of the people of the world the complaint was filed, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Senator Luis Moreno-Ocampo, to commit genocide and other crimes against humanity in connection with the pharmaceutical "business with disease" and The last war in Iraq. The Hague, 14 June 2003. Lodged the complaint stated — This complaint brings before the International Criminal Court from all the major crimes committed in the history of mankind. The defendants are guilty of causing injury and death of millions of people through the "business with disease", war crimes and other crimes against humanity. These crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Defendants are aware that they will have to answer for these crimes, so they launched a global campaign to undermine the authority of the International Criminal Court, to put themselves above international law and continue to commit crimes at the expense of humanity. Therefore, the complaint shall be considered by the International criminal court in the first place. Furthermore, we call upon all the people and the government to join the complaint, once and for all get rid of these crimes.

Evidence of crime

Proof of the charges contained in the complaint, also belong to two categories of offenses:

Evidence of genocide and other crimes against humanity related to the pharmaceutical "business with disease" and the evidence of war crimes and aggression and other crimes against humanity committed in connection with the war against Iraq and the artificial worsening global crisis leading to World War II.

Proof of genocide and other crimes against humanity, associated with the pharmaceutical "business with disease"

There is a piece of evidence that the defendants were guilty of intentional support and spread disease through deliberate cultivation of new diseases, and expand the use of drugs registered for use with the disease of the same species, to more diseases.

To achieve these objectives, the defendants strategically develop, implement and put into practice a fraudulent business plan on a global scale that is unprecedented in its scope.

1.1. Intentional spread of disease

The following evidence indicates that the most common by far the disease deliberately maintained and distributed by the defendants, despite the fact that these diseases can be prevented and effectively eliminated, which could save millions of lives.

1.1.1. Coronary heart disease

The main cause of coronary artery disease and heart attacks is a structural weakness and impaired function of the arterial walls, which, like scurvy, is caused by long-term deficiency of vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Pharmaceutical approach to prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease deliberately ignore this cause and focuses on treating the symptoms of disease, such as high levels of cholesterol in the blood.

As conceived by its creators to avoid the treatment of diseases for which allegedly are pharmaceuticals, they cause devastating side effects that give rise to new diseases. The result of these intentional crimes annually becomes excessive (over 12 million) of deaths.

1.1.2. Elevated blood pressure

The main cause of high blood pressure is a strain of the arteries caused by the deficiency of essential nutrients in the smooth muscle cells of the arteries, which leads to a narrowing of the diameter of the arteries and high blood pressure. There are a number of clinical studies have documented the use of generic micro-nutrients, particularly amino acids arginine and magnesium. These substances make up the deficit in millions of vascular wall cells, thus relaxing the walls of blood vessels, increasing the diameter of blood vessels and contributing to the normalization of pressure.

Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of hypertension, deliberately focused on treating the symptoms. For example, beta-blockers reduce the heart rate, and diuretics to reduce blood volume. The pharmaceutical preparations of the plan of their creators do not cure "spasms" of the walls of blood vessels as the main cause of high blood pressure. Thus avoiding the treatment of the disease, these pharmaceutical drugs have long-term detrimental side effects potentially generate a lot of new diseases, and therefore new markets medicines.

A direct consequence of the defendants' actions is the fact that hundreds of millions of patients around the world suffering from high blood pressure, do not receive adequate treatment, and the level of mortality increases with each passing day.

1.1.3. Heart failure

The main cause of heart failure is the lack of cellular biocatalysts, certain vitamins, minerals, carnitine, coenzyme Q10 and other carriers of biological energy in millions of heart muscle cells. As a result of this deficiency defect occurs in the system of pumping blood and accumulation of water body.

When the pharmaceutical approach to treating heart failure deliberately ignored this and instead are focusing on symptoms.

Diuretics, allegedly intended for the treatment of heart failure, not only wash water accumulated in the body, but also vitamins, minerals, and other water-soluble carriers of biological energy. Thus, pharmaceutical preparations, ostensibly intended for the treatment of heart failure, in fact exacerbate the disease and the cause of reduced life expectancy of patients with heart failure, which can be expected from the time treatment is initiated with diuretics.

These pharmaceutical preparations intended for intentional avoidance of disease treatment, wash the body of essential nutrients, thus worsening the cause of the disease. As a result of the defendants' actions over hundreds of millions of patients with heart failure worldwide die prematurely.

1.1.4. Arrhythmia

The main reason is the lack of arrhythmia micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, ubiquinone and other carriers of biological energy in millions of heart muscle cells, responsible for the conduction of electrical impulse. The result is a failure in the generation or conduction of electrical impulses needed for normal heartbeat. A recent study of a double-blind placebo-controlled confirmed the fact that the application of micro-nutrients in therapy is an effective, safe and affordable way to treat conditions associated with an irregular heartbeat.

Pharmaceutical approach to treating arrhythmias ignores this fact and instead focuses on the symptoms. Drugs for adults, ostensibly intended to treat irregular heartbeat, often worsen the condition and cause heart failure and premature death.

Ten years ago, Thomas Moore, in his book "Deadly Medicine" showed that the use of drugs against arrhythmia one new class, in the U.S. has caused more deaths than the war in Vietnam. As a result of the defendants' actions, over a hundred million patients with arrhythmia around the world do not receive proper treatment, and the number of deaths is increasing.

1.1.5. Cancer

Until recently, cancer was considered a fatal diagnosis. With recent advances in the field of natural therapies and cellular medicine situation changed radically. Obviously, the accused deliberately neglected in medical research non-proprietary treatment of the disease and to exclude it from the list of ineffective drugs in favor of allowing the epidemic to spread cancer as one of the most lucrative markets. Due to the extremely crimes accused in connection with the epidemic of cancer, they are presented here in more detail.

Scientifically proven that the mechanism of the development of all types of cancer is the same — the use of absorbing collagen enzymes (collagenases, metalloproteinases). Therapeutic use of natural amino acid lysine — especially when combined with other non-proprietary micronutrients — can block these enzymes and inhibit the spread of cancer cells. Respond to this therapy all studied types of cancer, including breast, prostate, lung, skin, fibroblastoma, synovial sarcoma, and other cancers.

The only reason for this medical breakthrough has not received the research and development has not been used for the treatment of cancer patients around the world is that these substances can not be patented and therefore can not benefit. Moreover, effective treatment of any disease leads to its disappearance and destruction of pharmaceuticals market, the turnover of which is many trillions of dollars.

Sale of pharmaceuticals for cancer patients is particularly fraudulent and malicious. Under the pretext of treating cancer patients apply masking "chemotherapy" toxic substances, including derivatives of mustard gas. The fact that these toxic agents simultaneously destroy millions of healthy cells in the body, carefully concealed.

Given this fact, were deliberately considered and taken into account The following consequences. First, the global cancer epidemic will continue to spread, providing an economic basis for the multi-million dollar business in this disease. Second, the systematic application of toxic agents in the form of chemotherapy cause a wave of new infections in cancer patients treated with these toxic substances.

Thanks to this strategy, the market of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of the dangerous side effects of drugs (including infection, inflammation, bleeding, paralysis, etc.), the size of the market than even chemotherapy drugs. Thus, the defendants used fraud scheme designed to cause harm to patients with cancer, for financial gain.

1.1.6. AIDS and other infectious diseases

Such deliberate deception designed scheme used for the treatment of one of the worst epidemics in human history — AIDS. 10 years ago as part of scientific studies have shown that vitamin C can reduce the replication of HIV virus by more than 99%. For decades, this fact was known to the accused.

Deliberately ignoring and bypassing this safe and affordable generic treatment, the accused developed AIDS drug, which could be patented, have severe side effects and are not affordable for the majority of the world's population due to excessive fees for patents. Thus, applying the criminal business plan, the accused risked life and caused the death of millions of people in Africa, South America, Asia and other regions.

Similarly, they boycotted the information that the single most important way to raise immunity against infectious diseases is the optimum intake of vitamins B6, B12, folic acid and other essential nutrients. Scientifically proven that these biological catalysts of cellular metabolism increase the production of white blood cells — the main weapon of the human body in the fight against infection. By systematically withholding this information from the hundreds of millions of children and adults in the developing world pharmaceutical industry is at risk intentionally hundreds of millions of people in these regions. All the accused know that people living in these regions of the world, can not afford to purchase pharmaceutical products, which leads to death.

Concealing this saving information about natural, generic alternatives to the prevention and control of infectious diseases not only leads to the death of millions of people but also the destruction of the economies of many developing countries. As a result of the imbalance in the world economy dramatically worsens. These countries are deliberately drawn into a conflict that they can only lose.

1.1.7. Other diseases

Similarly, other degenerative, inflammatory, and infectious diseases, and many others of the most common diseases of today continue to exist due to the fact that the defendants approved and protect them as markets for their criminal "business with disease."

1.2 Proof of existence of the criminal marketing plan DEFENDANTS

Intentional spread of disease and the development of new disease patients to expand the market of pharmaceuticals

To expand the market defendants intentionally produced and sold the following groups of drugs, despite the known detrimental side effects of these drugs. Defendants intentionally criminal enterprise develop new diseases under the pretext of the existing ones. The fact that new diseases caused by side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, appear for many years, is an additional cover for this fraudulent plan:

Drugs that reduce blood cholesterol levels, particularly statins and fibrates, mass produced and sold under the guise of prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In the doses prescribed are now millions of patients around the world, these drugs cause cancer.

Chemotherapy drugs are sold ostensibly to treat cancer. In fact, they cause a series of severe side effects, the most common of which is the emergence of a body of new cancers. The entire criminal marketing plan for Chemotherapy works only because the defendants made a deadly cancer diagnosis — even a few months of survival of patients receiving chemotherapy, the defendants sold as a success story. Aspirin is mass produced and sold under the false pretense of preventing heart attacks and strokes, but the long-term use of the drug may have certain side effects, including the destruction of collagen and a gradual increase in the risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as other conditions such as stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat pain and inflammation, such as arthritis. However, many of these drugs destroy connective tissues, such as joints. With long-term use of these drugs likely worsen health than treating the patient.

Calcium antagonists mass produced and sold under the false pretense of treating high blood pressure and prevent heart attacks, but it is known that long-term use of these drugs increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and other diseases.

Estrogen and other hormones are released en masse and sold under the false pretense of preventing osteoporosis and heart disease, but it is known that long-term use of these drugs cause cancer in over 30% of women who take them. The most common forms of cancer caused by these drugs are hormone-dependent cancers, such as breast and uterus.

Tranquilizers and antidepressants. Another mechanism by which defendants are systematically expanding their markets is deliberate evocation of addiction to drugs in order to increase the sales of drugs. It is known that many tranquilizers and antidepressants, including widespread diazepam (Valium), cause dependence and addiction. To expand global sales of narcotics defendants encourage their use, using the full-page ads in publications for general audiences.

Other medications. Since the acquisition of the patent is a necessary precondition for the pharmaceutical investment business typical pharmaceutical drugs — are synthetic molecules that are toxic to the human body. Operating a fraudulent business principle for almost all drugs — short-term relief of symptoms while causing harm and the gradual development of new diseases as the basis for new drug markets.


Committing a crime, the accused deliberately extend existing pharmaceutical market by inventing new health conditions for which they recommend medication, previously recommended for the treatment of other diseases.

The first evidence of the following examples are given below:

Pills against headache allegedly prevent heart disease. Aspirin, originally developed as a drug to relieve headaches and pain of other species, are now mass marketed and recommended the accused as a preventive measure for long-term use, even healthy individuals for the alleged prevention and treatment of heart disease and other serious health conditions.

Antibiotics allegedly cure coronary heart disease. In order to expand the global market for antibiotic drugs accused fabricated and spread the so-called germ theory of heart attacks in the world. With no clinical evidence that the bacterium Chlamydia or other bacteria actually become a cause of atherosclerosis or heart attacks by criminal defendants support program for general use of antibiotics (including healthy people) under the false pretense of preventing heart attacks.

The above are but a few examples of the practice of the defendants in the dissemination of drugs for the treatment of other diseases. In fact, the marketing plan is not the exception but the rule. The list of crimes committed in this context, should be updated and completed in the course of further investigation.

1.4. CRIMES RELATED systematicity penetration in different layers of the population to facilitate the commission of these crimes.

The accused systematically and deliberately infiltrated the medical and health sectors of most countries in the world to make them financially dependent for the smooth conduct "business with disease 'and commit other crimes.

Medical research is not the primary purpose of finding the most effective, safe and affordable treatments for diseases, but to determine the major markets of diseases and drug manufacturers get the biggest profit in these markets. As part of this strategy over the past decades, the accused systematically removed from the curriculum of medical schools information on the most effective, but non-patentable therapies.

They deliberately cultivated generations of doctors who have little knowledge or no knowledge of the saving benefits of these natural treatments. At the same time, the control of therapeutic education in medical schools have adopted new departments, called faculties of pharmacology. Thus, for decades, all generations of doctors, which were issued from the medical schools were practically trained sales force in the pharmaceutical "business with disease."

To cover this strategy over-the-counter drugs are called "scientific" and was even called "ethical drugs", while non-patentable natural therapies discredited and were called "unscientific."

Similarly, the accused systematically and deliberately infiltrated the mass media around the world, creating a financial or other relationship, spreading misleading and false information to cover up their criminal practices, to maintain "business with disease" and the commission of new crimes.

The accused deliberately and systematically abused the legal and political systems in most states for law, setting rules and other measures to increase sales of inefficient, dangerous, but profitable pharmaceuticals.

The defendants abused their political influence to force the adoption of laws that enable them to appropriate trillions of dollars under the guise of "social security" and other public and private funds.

Maintaining its fraudulent "business with disease", they took the money from individuals, corporations and governments around the world, demanding payment for ineffective and harmful therapies. It follows that the defendants have provided a huge profit pharmaceutical industry, causing unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

The accused deliberately and systematically infiltrated and used for criminal purposes, the European Parliament and other regional and international bodies, including the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other national and international political bodies to commit their crimes against humanity.

1.5. CRIMES COMMITTED BY CREATING obstacle to effective, generic method for the treatment

To protect man-made business with disease defendants tried to strategically prevent the free access to generic natural treatments. To achieve this goal, the defendants used the hard strategic measures:

1. Withholding life-saving information about generic natural treatments. The accused deliberately and systematically blocked access to millions of people to the basic information that the human body does not produce their own vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Because of the lack of knowledge about all of humanity suffers from a lack of vitamin C, running the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. Similarly, the accused deliberately and systematically withheld and blocked information that the human body does not produce the natural amino acid lysine. Because of the lack of knowledge about all of humanity suffers from a lack of lysine, running the risk of cancer and other diseases. Thus, the accused deliberately cause unnecessary suffering and premature death of millions of people.

2. Publicly discredit generic natural treatments. The accused deliberately and systematically deceived the general public by spreading false, misleading and false information to discredit generic treatments for the protection and expansion of the "business with disease", based on patented drugs and commit other crimes. Thus, the accused deliberately cause further unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

3. Outlawing of health information related to generic natural treatments. The accused deliberately abused their political influence in an attempt to enter the state and international law, by which the dissemination of information on preventive and therapeutic benefits of generic natural treatments would be illegal. At the same time, this legislation seeks to establish the "upper limit" for the amount of these natural and safe drugs, a step to ban their use as natural therapeutic agents. Misusing authority of the UN «Codex Alimentarius», defendants even tried to set these laws for all UN member states, that is, almost the entire world.

1.5.5. When all efforts to protect the pharmaceutical business with disease peaceful means failed, the defendants used a different strategy. They deliberately aggravate the international crisis, up to the war in order to create a psychological and legal status that will instantly around the world to introduce protectionist legislation and strengthen the structure of the "business with disease" and other crimes of which they are accused.

2. Proof of genocide, war crimes and other crimes against humanity committed in connection with a war of aggression against Iraq.

Defendants are committing a crime by deliberately worsening international crisis, including wars of aggression with the use of methods, leading to the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Defendants consistently abusing the tragedy of September 11 to create a scenario of an international crisis, which they used to justify their aggression.

Maximizing the psychological factor of this tragedy, they blocked the official investigation into the events and the base 11. Throughout the year, the White House itself blocked the activity of independent investigations.

Thus, while not all the facts of the tragedy known to the general public, September 11 used with criminal intent to justify the international crisis.

Defendants failed to find convincing evidence of guilt in the September 11 attacks, but they used it to capture Afghanistan. For looting followed the conquest of Afghanistan accused of its natural resources for profit.

Similarly, the defendants used the excuse to invade another country — Iraq. Hiding behind the ideas to combat the spread of weapons of mass destruction, the defendants tried to draw the international community in the war of aggression against Iraq. Despite the fact that most of the UN Security Council, the majority of UN member states and international public opinion was against the war, did the accused attacked Iraq.

War, planned, instigated and carried out the accused was a war without international sanction and therefore can be classified as violent crime against humanity. If the accused can not be punished for the crime, the whole system of international law, established after World War II to protect humanity from destruction, collapse. In the absence of international sanctions, the only justification that remained the accused was a fabrication occasion — mystified search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Today, the whole world knows that it was also a hoax.

During the war of aggression against Iraq killed people (soldiers and civilians). The murder of this magnitude during the war without international sanction is classified as a crime of genocide. In addition, hundreds of thousands of innocent people, many of them — children, injured, disabled or have suffered physical or mental damage caused by the criminal acts of the accused. And even more — accused deliberately and systematically made the seizure of oil fields and other natural resources in order to enrich.

In order to hide their crimes defendants disseminated false information that the seizure of oil fields — in the interests of the Iraqi people, and bring him a favor. By carrying out the occupation of Iraq and the appropriation of its resources during the war of aggression, the accused also committed the crime of looting and capturing enemy's property. Defendants acted in a systematic escalation of the crisis to further reduce civil rights through the so-called anti-terror laws.

In order to deceive people for crimes, they gave these laws misleading names such as "Internal Security Act" or the "Patriot Act", thus gaining political support in the reduction of civil rights. Systematically organizing the aggravation of the crisis, the defendants also deliberately abused the chaos in the media, making the first steps towards the adoption of protectionist legislation in favor of the pharmaceutical cartel.

Secret from the U.S. Congress Homeland Security Act was amended, which guarantees the inviolability of drug manufacturers when submitting claims for reliability. Here is a brief description of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the accused, their strategies abuse war crimes to commit larger crimes, strengthening global "business with disease." Upon further investigation of war crimes should be involved in all efforts to bring the accused to justice: all the available information from the UN, the UN inspectors in arms, documentation of war crimes in Iraq, international sources, etc. The peoples of the world should participate in this process and provide documentation of these war crimes, in order to speed up the process of justice.


The accused include the following individuals representing corporate, military and political sectors of different countries:

George Walker Bush, President of the United States. He is the chief political representative of the interests of the pharmaceutical and petrochemical cartel. He is the main political executor of war crimes against Iraq and other crimes described in this complaint.

Anthony Charles Lynton ("Tony") Blair, the British Prime Minister. He is a political leader and performer in itself, as well as George W. Bush's accomplice in the commission of the crimes listed in the complaint.

Bruce Richard ("Dick") Cheney, the U.S. vice president. Cheney was the chief executive of oil company employees provider Haliburton & Company, Dallas, Texas. After the invasion of Iraq was a major Haliburton company performing the looting of Iraq under the pretext of reconstruction.

Kondoleza Rice, Advisor to U.S. national security. She is the former director of the petrochemical concern Chevron; helped to promote a war of aggression against Iraq.

John Ashcroft, the chief prosecutor of the United States. He is one of the developers of the so-called Internal Security Act, a tool with which the defendants systematically reduced the amount of civil rights in the United States. He is responsible for protectionist legislation, which is to ensure the inviolability of the pharmaceutical industry in the face of the court for their crimes.

Tom Rich, National Security Minister accomplice John Ashcroft to strengthen political and economic control exercised by the accused, in order to continue conducting unfair "business with disease" and other crimes through the systematic reduction of civil rights in the United States.

Donald Rumsfeld, the defense minister. Rumsfeld was CEO of several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, in particular, the pharmaceutical concern GD Searle, today — of the corporation Pharmacia. For several decades, he played the role of strategic organizer of the pharmaceutical "business with disease." He has received several awards pharmaceutical industry. After George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld was one of the initiators of a war of aggression against Iraq.

In the pharmaceutical sector are charged the following companies:

Pfizer Inc., CEO Henry A. McKinnell, Ph.D., and other executives and board of directors.

Merck & Co., Inc., CEO Raymond V. Gilmartin, other executives and board of directors.

GlaxoSmithKline PLC, Chief Executive Officer, Dr Jean-Pierre Garnier, the other executives and board of directors.

Novartis AG, Chief Executive Officer Daniel Vasella, other executives and board of directors.

Amgen Inc., CEO Kevin Sharer, other executives and board of directors.

Astra Zeneca, CEO Sir Thomas McKillop, other executives and board of directors.

Abbott Laboratories, CEO Miles D. White, other executives and board direktorov.Drugie pharmaceutical companies and their CEOs and boards of directors, support and promote investment "business with disease" and other crimes.

Eli Lilly and Company, Chief Executive Officer Sidney Taurel, other executives and board of directors.

In the petrochemical sector charged following corporations and their leaders:

ExxonMobil Corporation, CEO Lee R. Raymond, the other executives and board of directors.

British Petroleum (BP), Chief Executive, Lord Browne of Madingley, FREng, other executives and board of directors.

Chevron Texaco Corp., CEO David OReyli, other executives and board of directors.

Other petrochemical companies profiting from the capture and plunder of Iraq as a result of aggressive war.

Financial Group is a multinational corporation:

Rockefeller Financial Group and the members of the Rockefeller family, benefiting from the crimes.

Rothschild Group and its members are receiving financial benefit from the crimes.

JP Morgan Group and all its members are receiving financial benefit from sovershennyhprestupleny.

The Trilateral Commission and its members, a body founded by David Rockefeller to coordinate the interests of the investment group in the three regions of the world — the U.S., Europe and Japan (hence the name "Trilateral") — including all the members of the commission, found guilty of these offenses or receive financial benefit from them.

Members of other corporate lobby groups and interest groups, which in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or getting them financial benefits.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, Chief Executive Officer William B. Harrison, Jr., other executives and board of directors.

Other financial institutions, their executive directors, boards of directors, shareholders and other persons who, in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or receive financial benefit from them.

Policy of national and international level, which in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or receive financial benefit from them.

Military involved or recognized in the course of further investigation involved in the commission of these crimes, or getting them financial benefits.

Executives of health authorities, which in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in a deliberate and systematic commission of these crimes, or getting them financial benefits.

Media workers and other persons, who in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or receive financial benefit from them.

Other individuals, organizations or authorities in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or getting them financial benefits.


In addition to the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court, to serious allegations made in this complaint, the following international agreements and declarations:

1. The Charter of the United Nations

2. "The Declaration of Human Rights" on December 8, 1948

3. "Geneva Convention on Human Rights" on August 12, 1949

4. "The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide" on January 12, 1951

5. "The Convention on the Non-Applicability of restrictions punishable under the law of war crimes and crimes against humanity" by 1968

6. "Principles of international cooperation in the detection, arrest, extradition and punishment of persons guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity" of 1973

Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, under which the accused SUBJECT

The named person should be brought before the International Criminal Court on the basis of the evidence presented in this complaint.

The investigation of individual responsibility of the accused must be prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

This investigation will continue and expand on our part, by people from all over the world.

The accused should be punished for the following reasons: the conscious and deliberate violation of the human right to peace, conscious and deliberate violation of the right to life, conscious and deliberate violation of the human right to health.

This complaint will be regularly updated and completed in the ongoing development and revision until the initiated legal proceedings against the accused.

The complaint submitted biggest crime that has ever committed in the history of mankind. For each day of delay in the commencement of formal proceedings against the accused in the International Criminal Court, millions of people around the world are paying with their lives, and the world is coming to the next world war. This case is urgent.

As U.S. attorney at the Nuremberg War Tribunal against the leaders of chemical and petrochemical cartel IG Farben: «If the guilt of these criminals will not be disclosed, and the offense will be punished in the future they will bring much more damage."

We call upon every man and governments around the world to join these charges. Now is the time to act.

The Hague, The Netherlands

June 14, 2003

On behalf of the people of the world,

Matthias Rath, MD

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