Portraits that heal


Most of the so-called healing portraits — portraits of saints revered in his lifetime, but among them there are pictures of people who are not saints. Among them are people who are not related not only to religion, but even to medicine.

Revered not only in Lebanon but in the whole world saint Sharbel even during his lifetime distinguished not only a great piety, but the ability to perform miracles


Revered not only in Lebanon but in the whole world saint Sharbel even during his lifetime distinguished not only a great piety, but the ability to work miracles. However, fame came to this monk until after his death.

Sharbel was born into a poor peasant family in the middle of the XIX century and died in the early XX century. During his lifetime he was healed of seriously ill people by laying hands of individual health in the distance, can control the behavior of venomous snakes, stop a storm or, alternatively, to cause rain. When he died, his body was placed, according to custom, the burial cave. After a few weeks of coming here people began to notice the grave of Charbel a glow and found that his body is not subject to degradation. Moreover, the patients after prayers at the tomb of Saint Charbel recovered. After some time, the pilgrims noticed that the healing properties are even cards with the image of Saint Charbel, which in large quantities distributed as souvenirs, most surprising is that the healing effect was observed even for people who are not Christians, but also for animals. Charbel today — is the most famous saint, portraits which miraculously heal.

ICON "Inexhaustible Chalice"

This is the most famous icon depicting the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus over the cup, later named "Inexhaustible". First its curative effect was observed in 1878, when it helped to a certain peasant, held a prayer service before the icon. It is known that this poor guy was suffering from drinking sessions so that he has taken away his feet, but quit drinking alone he could not, try as he might. Within a few days the farmer day and night praying before the icon, making it not only lost all the phenomena of alcoholic polyneuritis, but he was an absolute teetotaler, has ceased to suffer the pernicious craving for a drink.

Currently, the icon is in the monastery town of Serpukhov Vysotsky. To her still come a string of pilgrims waiting for healing. Help get not only the Orthodox, who suffer from alcoholism, but also people of other faiths, as well as the unbaptized.


It would be wrong to think that the shrine has a healing effect only in Christianity — they are in other religions. Moreover, the amazing healing effect also have portraits of some people who do not identify themselves with any particular culture. An example is the phenomenon of physician Valery Sadyrin from Kharkov, whose photo also helps in various diseases.

Initially Sadyrin worked as an ambulance, where, during his duty paramedic and a nurse jokingly said, "Good luck to us today — with Sadyrin on call and do nothing. No need for any injections — from his presence patients becomes easier. " Subsequently Sadyrin began to work with a group of directionally needy patients carrying with them the so-called "relaxation sessions". And then he and the surrounding noticed that patients who, at their request, Valery gave your picture gradually began to recover, even without seeing firsthand the doctor.

Effect of Valery Sadyrin tested in Kharkiv Institute of Clinical and Experimental Neurology and Psychiatry, not only on volunteers, but also in animals. As a result, it was proved a clear positive impact of his portrait on a variety of pathological conditions.


As an incident can result in messages from the newspapers about the healing action of a portrait of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. It found his countryman Gennady Chujko pensioner who, putting the image of President carved it out of a magazine to the patient or "charging" them water, healing effect observed in conditions such as neurosis, headache, insomnia, and even impotence. Tireless G. Chujko also found the therapeutic effect of the photos and other politicians, both Ukrainian and Russian.

How can you explain?

The phenomenon of healing with the help of images is primarily due to the effect of suggestion and auto-suggestion, which can be repeatedly reinforced through advertising and propaganda. Agree with it not only the supporters of alternative medicine, but traditionally minded scholars. However, one such explanation is not enough, because in many cases, healing occurs, even when the patient is in a visual or tactile contact with the portrait does not know and does not know about his healing powers, as well as its impact on animal diseases.

From the standpoint of eniologii or alternative science this phenomenon is explained by layering on a portrait of subtle energy, constantly coming from space. As a result, the image becomes teraphim, ie, the magical object has a healing or other positive impacts on others.

One may ask why this energy can not get people directly, "owner" in the form of a portrait?

The fact is that most people, because of their psychological make-up and negative beliefs deny all this, are not able to obtain sufficient to recover the amount of mental energy. After all, the disease largely caused by the lack of energy coming from space. Idols, which are not only paintings, but also some others, at first glance — the usual stuff, transform inaccessible to many energy into "digestible".

Another question arises: why not all portraits are Teraphim?

Retired Gennady Chujko applied a picture of Viktor Yanukovych, carved it out of a magazine to the patient or "charging" them water, healing effect observed in conditions such as neurosis, headache, insomnia, and even impotence

There are two reasons. The first — when the person depicted in the portrait or icon, he could during his lifetime as the household gods, to accumulate mental energy and then radiate it to other people. It's not just about the saints or simply admired people, but also about psychics who have a strong biofield from birth, or people that have developed this ability through training and experience.

Another reason — is the impact of collective bio or egregor, which consists in the ideas of respect, awe, reverence, which, in turn, transforms the man into a source of psychic energy. In life, as a rule, these two causes cumulative effect, but usually some extent prevails one of the reasons.

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