Premature aging syndrome

Premature aging syndrome12-year Ontlametse Falatse (Ontlametse Phalatse) of South Africa is the first black child with progeria. Reported by the AP.

Girl jokingly calls himself the "first lady" and plans for the future, but doctors say that she needed to live for approximately 2 years.

Progeria — a rare genetic disorder in which the accelerated aging process. It is difficult to say how many children in the world suffering from this disease. During his two-year campaign Progeria Research Foundation (Progeria Research Foundation) has identified 80 such children in the 5 continents.

Audrey Gordon (Audrey Gordon) — executive director of the foundation — said that only two African children the diagnosis was made. Both of these children live in South Africa: Ontlametse and 5-year-old white girl. And then it happened only because South Africa, as the economic center, offers the best medical care on the continent.

"We know that there are children living with progeria, in Africa, in China, in Russia, but we can not get to them," — Audrey Gordon said in a telephone interview.

According to his mother Ontlametse, the girl was born normal, but looking at her, she realized that it is something wrong. Child is suffering from some kind of rash, and at the age of the girl, the hair began to fall, the problems started with the skin and nails.

About two years ago a doctor friend advised the mother to check Ontlametse progeria. The diagnosis was confirmed.

Children in progeria look remarkably similar to each other in spite of ethnic differences: small, bald, with large heads, thin skin, which are visible under the blue veins. Most of these children died at the age of 13.

Ontlametse with mom regularly fly to Boston, USA, where the girl involved in the study, funded by the Foundation. This allows her to get drugs that are not yet commercially available.

Ontlametse said he wanted to be a psychologist to help other people to accept themselves as they are. "After all, I accept myself for who is" — she added.

But to Ontlametse able to live so long, you will need a miracle. Children with progeria die before the age of 21. Usually they suffer high blood pressure, angina, stroke, enlarged heart and heart failure.

According to Audrey Gordie Foundation was founded in 1999, after her nephew was made that diagnosis. In 2003, the Foundation has played an important role in the discovery of the gene progeria.

As previously reported, researchers at the University of Leicester (University of Leicester) and the Royal College of London (Kings College London), United Kingdom, have identified genetic variants that cause the body ages faster. Carriers such variations biological clock is 3-4 years.

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