Preparing governments of the world to climate reformatting

Preparing governments of the world to climate reformatting

Washington and Brussels are looking to replace the Gulf Stream. Kremlin plays the role of a laborer.

To understand the latest developments in the world need to be clear about two things. U.S. dollar — not the national currency, and the money of a private firm called <Federal Reserve> (FRS). And the second — in the years to come the catastrophic deterioration of climate on both sides of the North Atlantic.

And these things are hard linked. No political turmoil there. There is clear the Fed's actions on future device on the planet Earth after the cold snap in the U.S. and Western Europe. Exactly where is now living happily ever after so-called golden billion.

Warm and comfortable climate of Western Europe and the U.S. by 90% due to the influence of the Gulf Stream ocean current that carries 50 million cubic meters. m hot water per second. Its capacity is equivalent to one million nuclear power plants. This <thermal additive> 8-10oC temperature increases in Europe and the U.S.. The action of the Gulf Stream creates unique conditions for agriculture of these areas. Grain yield in non-black in Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden, between 60 to 85 tons per hectare. And in the black earth Ukraine harvested only 24 quintals in nonchernozem Russia — 12-15 kg / ha. In Europe and the U.S. is no spring frosts that destroy crops. Today, the U.S. and Canada exported 100 million tons of grain, and Western Europe — 50 million tons per year. Crop yields there is only a 5% depending on the climate, whereas we — by 50%.

Gracious and warm climate, the lack of soil freezing and thawing can save trillions of dollars in infrastructure and operations. Saves a huge amount of fuel and electricity, building materials, insulation. No need to build a powerful central heating system and heating. The population keeps warm clothes, there is no need to eat more high-calorie food. Due to the absence of suicidal process of freezing and thawing ten times longer maintain the road. Light houses are constructed of cheap materials. Remember the scene from the standard Hollywood action movies like some Rambo fist punches the wall at home. And this is not fiction. There does not need thick walls. Heat. This fellow would try to break through the wall of our house in four bricks.

In general, the Gulf Stream to Europe and the United States — is a royal gift of their economies and population. Live for yourself and enjoy. But then there was a large-scale trouble. <Gratuitous> Gulfstream started to act up.

Nobody wanted to freeze

Kitchen weather is in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. The role of the heating system is a warm ocean current Gulf Stream, which is often called <stove Europe>.

Now the picture looks like ocean currents — cold and denser Labrador Current <dives> under warmer and easier for the Gulf Stream is not preventing him warm Europe. Then the Labrador Current <emerges> off Spain called cold Canary Current, across the Atlantic, reaching the Caribbean Sea, is heated and is called the Gulf Stream seamlessly rushes back to the North. Not <greenhouse> not <ozone holes> are not manmade activities of mankind, namely the density of water Labrador — a key factor in the well-being of the world. Currently, the density of water Labrador Current only one percent higher than the density of the Gulf Stream.
Only 0.1%, as a result — palm trees in London, the Côte d'Azur beaches, ice-fjords of Norway, round navigation in the Barents Sea.

As soon as the Labrador Current equal density with the Gulf Stream, it will rise to the ocean surface and block the movement of the Gulf Stream north. Great interconnected <Eight> ocean currents turn into two circular flow characteristic of the ice age. Gulfstream will go to Spain and will begin to circulate in a small circle, the cold Labrador Current breaks in Europe, which immediately begins to freeze.

Data on previous cold snaps, obtained during the drilling of ice in Greenland, show — it happens almost instantly, even by the standards of human life. From three to ten years for the whole process — and the Gulf Stream <OFF>. The air temperature in Europe in a few short years become anthrax. To live in Europe, Canada and the U.S. will be unbearable. Today in London, palms, and tomorrow Britain will be buried in snow, frost reached -40 ° C, and even reindeer refuse to live there.

Already, the power of the winter the Gulf Stream to Europe is much weaker (by some accounts, 30%). Probably the abnormally cold winter in Europe in recent years — a direct consequence of this.

Mexican catalyst

Acceleration of the accident served as an oil platform <BP> 20 April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico.

Barack Obama described the situation in the Gulf of Mexico <unprecedented environmental disaster>. In the interior of the Gulf of Mexico waters discovered giant oil slick. One of the spots on the depth of 1300 meters is 16 km in length and thickness of 90 meters. There are these deep monsters year ago.

To combat the oil slick on the water surface are widely used family of dispersants Corexit 9500 and Corexit 9527. About 9 million liters koreksita and more than 10 million liters of other dispersants were added to the more than one billion liters of crude oil, which is poured out for a few months out of the hole drilled in the bottom of BP's Gulf of Mexico, flooding this way crude oil. Concern BP has managed to hide most of the oil. She dropped to the bottom, to reduce the size of the federal penalty, depending on the size of the oil slick on the surface.

Argument Meteorology

The average annual temperature of the Russian capital — 3.8 oC. Located far north of the Gulf Stream warms Reykjavik to +5 oC. Helsinki — an average of 6.8 ° C, while in located at the same latitude Yakutsk temperature is -10.2 °. London with the Gulf Stream — 11 ° C, Voronezh on the same latitude — +5 oC. Berlin — +10 oC, and odnoshirotny Novosibirsk — 0.2 oC.

And who would have guessed that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the massive use of dispersants will affect the speed of the Gulf Stream.

According to the latest satellite data, the North Atlantic Current in its present form no longer exists. With him gone, and the Norwegian Current.

The first stop of the Gulf Stream in August 2010, said Dr. Zangara, a theoretical physicist from the Institute of Frascati (Italy). He spent several years working with a group of scientists conducting monitoring Gulf of Mexico. According to him, <… a huge amount of oil is constantly expanding in scope, covers such a huge area, which has a serious impact on the entire system of thermoregulation of the planet by destroying the boundary layers of the warm water flow. Pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico ceased to exist a month ago, the latest satellite data clearly show that the North Atlantic Current is now there, and the Gulf Stream begins to break apart, 250 kilometers from the coast of North Carolina. A situation where the warm waters flow through the cooler, has a great effect not only on the ocean, but also on the upper layers of the atmosphere up to seven miles. The lack of a common phenomenon in the eastern North Atlantic disrupted the normal course of atmospheric flows in the summer. The result was unheard of high temperatures in Moscow (up to 40 ° C), drought and floods in Central Europe and the massive floods in China, Pakistan and other countries in Asia ".

The average water temperature in the north of the Gulf Stream dropped to 10 degrees. Conveyor system is broken into separate sections and stopped transferring to Europe warm water. Dr. Zangara said: <They killed the pacemaker of world climate in the world>.

In the Gulf of Mexico formed a blockage of the internal flows, and pump warm Gulf Stream stopped. Scientists argue that the problem is worse in the fall and winter, when the Gulf Stream will completely disappear and the temperature begins to fall in Europe and North America.

The first symptoms have appeared.

In Germany, two months in a row (during November and December 2010) remained stable snow cover thickness of about 10 cm, which has not been for decades. Were unusual for the area cold, reaching at night to minus 20C.
The strongest in the last 100 years of cold covered England. Because of the unprecedented frosts were closed during both the London airport.

Icy winter rains Moscow and the region — also <greetings from the Gulf Stream>.

In this regard, curious sayings Chairman of the Board "Gazprom" Alexey Miller, appeared on the Internet May 11, 2011: <Who May, and exports <Gazprom> correspond to winter levels. Application for today — almost 500 million cubic meters of>. Miller predicted that by December 2011, the price of gas will reach $ 500 per 1,000 cubic meters. m

As a result of cold weather and impending food shortages every man <golden billion> have to spend 3-4 thousand dollars a year more. This is 3.4 trillion. dollars. Infrastructure to accommodate the need of 15-20 trillion., Keep it in working condition in the winter — even a couple of trillion <green>.

But this is not the worst. Have somewhere to take the missing heat in the winter heating billion and feed these "Golden>. Now the U.S. and Europe export 150 million tons of grain per year, will have somewhere to buy the same amount of grain. That feverish secret preparations to climate collapse.

True, that would be better than a lie

It is clear that the U.S. dollar, the U.S. Federal Reserve which prints to the world 24 hours a day for years on end, not to have dinner and do not heat the house, even if it is burned in furnaces. So disguised training <printers> to Bede underway before our eyes. Not without <dust in the eyes>.
For example, all international scandals with Russian gas supplies disguised power showdown between Russia, Ukraine and the EU. Solely because of these alleged shootouts and the construction of several <Alternative> pipelines.
To the uninitiated into the essence of what is happening are not just ordinary people, but the vast majority of European heads of state. That is why they so selflessly trying to deal with <energy expansion> Russia and engaged <noble> works to curb <aggressive> Russia.

People <a topic> speak very differently. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder announced that by 2015 Europe will consume 200 billion cubic meters. meters of natural gas a year more. Currently consumes 500 billion cubic meters. meters a year.

Why is that? One explanation: it was too warm not want. Therefore, as a team, agree all the planned pipelines, including the notorious <Nabucco>.

In addition, after the reconstruction of 40-60 billion cubic meters. m per year increase gas pipeline system of Belarus and Ukraine.

Policy of silence

Gulf Stream in its present form is not present. Officials and the media are trying to hush up this truly terrible news, but something is leaking. Around 1,600 U.S. scientists admitted that they either banned the use of the terms <climate change "and" global warming> in the works or materials before publication edited in the right way. (From on July 28, 2009)

As a result of the real state of things they know very few people, including the leaders of most countries.
Now they know and readers <Argumenty Nedeli>.

Interestingly, for <Nabucco> gas can be made only from Iran, which absolutely do not want to do that. In this regard, Iran forecast disappointing. Either the Iranians agreed to sell its gas, and then the country removed from the list <rogue> and accept democracy as obedient Saudi Arabia. Or will wait for the next color revolution with the growth of terrorism, assassination of Iran's leaders, etc. Do not stand on ceremony. An attack on Iran are all the time. Iran understands this and is trying to survive. He dramatically enhances ties with China, which is now the de-facto <acting USSR ". Iran's rulers are trying to organize a single unit with Turkey, Syria and Azerbaijan, and most importantly — dramatically increase the combat effectiveness of the army.

Battle for the Harvest

As already mentioned, due to climate change in agriculture, the U.S. and Europe will soon start problems. Countries — grain exporters will have to purchase it. Question — where? Obviously, where drought and desert today and tomorrow is flourishing lands abundantly watered by rain.
Where is it? For years, blazing war in Sudan. Western media betrayed her for fighting with the Muslim north of the Christian south. Most recently hundreds of years, Christians have lived in peace with the Muslims, and then <decided>, which tracks diverge. Give separatist!

What, really? Activity occurred on all fronts, China has a long-term lease of the Sudan in several million hectares of farmland. And when the man from the U.S. Federal Reserve rushed to buy land in Sudan, having realized that the United States will soon have nothing to eat, it appears that China is ahead of them. But these guys are not accustomed to retreat. If you really want to, you can and what can not. Why not organize a religious civil war? In Sudan, a referendum was held, at which the decision to establish two Sudan, Christian and Muslim. All previous agreements with the former Chinese Sudanese government once lost legal force. Today, it is the U.S. government threatens war Sudanese authorities for being reluctant to acknowledge <Independence> their Southern Sudan.

Soon, for no reason at all flared up in North Africa and the Middle East: Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Morocco: All of a sudden overnight decided to live in a new way, in a democratic way.

And so people do not even think his sight back to their homes, just about anywhere there <unknown> snipers. They shoot protesters, providing <TV picture> atrocities regimes and fueling hatred of the masses.

Who blew up the Middle East, of course. But why?

Pragmatics of the Federal Reserve just do nothing. These regions in the near future will be the areas of favorable climate, this is where the sun is added to the abundance of the abundance of water from certain after <reformatting> Gulf Stream moisture climate. Land in the Sahara will be worth its weight in gold. Overstayer but local leaders do not want to sell the land at rotten American papers. Therefore, leaders need to change in the new, obedient, his. While this strategy has stalled: not giving Gaddafi held Yemen and Syria, even in Egypt came to power is not an American puppet, and the army, which has its own interests that do not coincide with shtatovskih.

In addition to this main carefully hidden purpose — to seize the land, there are others. It is useful for the United States to weaken and undermine strengthen Europe, especially Germany, more kick. Sent there for this crowd is organized by the refugees. It is useful to weaken the euro, extending the agony private Fantik called <dollar>. It is useful to test new weapons systems, killing women and children in Libya. Whichever way you turn — all good!

Assistance from the East

The Kremlin is preparing to save the future <zamerzaltsev>.

Has designed a liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Yamal capacity of 5 million tonnes (equivalent to 7.3 billion cubic meters. Meters of natural gas). Some of this gas will be delivered to the United States, and some — to Europe.
Construct an LNG plant in the Murmansk region (the village of Teriberka) capacity
15 million tons. Deliveries will go to Europe.

Thawed by the decision to build the Baltic LNG plant in the Leningrad region, capacity — 3.5 million tons of LNG. Delivery — to Europe.

All of these pipelines and refineries should come into operation in full no later than 2015.
In addition, at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg began to build the world's first floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) capacity of 70 MW. Planned urgent construction of seven more such stations. I want to believe that they will be warm Murmansk or Pevek not perform float <international duty> somewhere in Manchester or Marseilles.

European energy

Europe feverishly energovooruzhaetsya. Spitting on the lamentations <green> started building nuclear power plants in Finland (the new block at the plant <Loviisa> ranging from 1 to 1.8 GW). Plan to develop nuclear power in Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany:

Podnalegli to alternative renewable energy. The leader of Germany. Already, the share of renewable energy in Germany 10%, in 2020 it will be 20%. In Germany, more than 17 thousand wind turbines. April 27, 2010 came into operation the first offshore wind energy park <Alpha Ventus>. Planned to build 25 more of these wind farms: 22 — in the North Sea, 3 — in the Baltic.

Britain urgently planning to build several offshore wind farms with total capacity of 32 GW (equivalent to 30-40 power plant).

France in general is trying to get electricity, using wind currents along the freeways. Has started a pilot experiment <avtoelektrostantsiey> on the A6 motorway linking Paris and Lyon.

The European Union is planning to build in the Sahara the world's largest solar power plant worth 400 billion euros, the so-called Sun City.

Letting Moscow

Russia benefits from climate change and stop the flow of the Gulf Stream.
Let's analyze. In 1995, 63 million hectares of land, Russia received 63.4 million tons of grain, that is, the yield was 10.1 t / ha. This despite the fact that the Russian authorities have killed the use of chemicals, irrigation — almost everything achieved in the USSR. Area under cereals decreased to 47 million hectares. But Russia was still in 2008 — 108.2 million tons of grain, and in 2009 — 97.1. Yield was respectively 23.0 and 20.6 kg / ha.

Of course, to ignore Russia Americans could not. I do not for them if our management issues <Order of the Government of the Russian Federation on October 25, 2010 N1874-p r>? For <Saints> targets <create conditions to attract investment, stimulate the development of the stock market, as well as the modernization and technological development> It states <list> entities to the organization on behalf of the Russian Federation sale privatization of federal property and (or) of the functions of the seller >. Companies list is impressive.

1. Closed Joint Stock Company "Bank Credit Suisse (Moscow)>.
2. Closed Joint Stock Company "VTB Capital>.
3. Limited Liability Company <Deutsche Bank>.
4. Limited Liability Company <Investment Company of Vnesheconombank (VEB Capital)>.
5. Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank <J. JP Morgan Bank International>.
6. Limited Liability Company <Merrill Lynch Securities>.
7. Limited Liability Company <Morgan Stanley>.
8. Limited Liability Company <Renaissance Broker>.
9. Open Joint Stock Company "Russian auction house>.
10. Branch of a private company with unlimited liability <GOLDMAN SACHS (Russia)>.

The list was published only five months later — March 18, 2011 at <Russian newspaper>. The sellers of the property on behalf of Russia and <plaintive request> Russia nominated six Western banks and companies, including the organizer and a permanent member of the U.S. Federal Reserve <GOLDMAN SACHS>. Even in the U.S., the bank said the cause of all the past six crises and often applied to him the epithet <gangster>.

Circle. Our cabinet without much publicity, quietly, offering masters and his comrades from the Fed to buy the remains of Russian property.

December 20, 2010, the Russian government, which is so like Au. Medvedev has added another 13 vendors on behalf of the federal property of the Russian Federation. The same algorithm. Of the 13 vendors — 8 foreign banks, including LLC "Barclay Capital> LLC" UBS Bank> etc.

The list is easy to find sold in a government privatization plan 10 major companies in 2011-2013. Here <SCF>, and JSC "Russian Railways>, and part of the Savings Bank, and more. Of the 10 companies, only one is sold completely, 100% of the shares. It is easy to guess what: <United Grain Company>.

So that from January 1, 2012 our grain is likely to be administered by <Goldman Sachs>.

From the latest posts

At first week of the Italian environmental organization Legambiente published a report stating that climate change is a major cause of mass migration of people. According to forecasts of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, in 2050 the number of such persons could reach 200-250 million. This writes the Rome newspaper La Repubblica.
As the report points out <effects of climate change are becoming more serious — the tension in the Mediterranean Sea could escalate>. A few years ago, the main reason for the mass migration of people were war, the fundamental reason for fleeing becomes dramatic climate change. According to the researchers, this has led to the fact that in 2010 the number of such people has reached 40 million.

According to the famous ecologist B. Kalltsolayo <migration has always been a motor upgrade human activity. But today, climate change risk that these processes alarming rate>.

However, after reading the material Italian organization have a feeling that the researchers know more than they tell. And it is no accident that the authors call for steps to take swift <immediate legal recognition of environmental refugees on the international level>.

Extreme drought affects the production of wheat in Europe. Agricultural fields of the European countries are suffering from a prolonged drought. At the epicenter of dry weather was England, where such weather phenomena happened in the last three hundred years. In France do not remember such a drought for the past fifty years.

Lack of rain in the Albion damaged 5% wheat. The same fate awaits the wheat crops in France and Germany.

Meteorologists also do not give optimistic predictions about the weather conditions, because in the next month to install solar weather without precipitation. France, Germany and Britain are the largest producers of wheat in Europe, but this year the European wheat production at risk.

Stocks of the crop is also declining. Small surplus left over from the previous marketing year, can not provide active exports, reported IA "Kazakh-grain."

These countries were active export throughout the marketing year, which led to higher prices in the domestic market, as well as the reserves. Lack of rain also threatens crop rapeseed in Germany.

MAYOR published a plan of privatization of large companies before 2015

Ministry of Economic Development published a plan of planned sales of shares of large companies in 2011-2013, particularly in the period up to 2015 will be sold 25% less one share of the oil company "Rosneft" — 15% of the shares will be offered for sale on the market and on the package 10% minus one share of planned asset swap transactions with investors, subject to increase capitalization of the company. Presentation to the terms of the planned sales launched by MED.

Since 2013, reports Minekonomrazitiya, plans to sell up to 24% minus one share of Railways, "including the possibility of an asset swap transactions."

Until 2012 the government plans to sell 100% of "United Grain Company" (UGC), in 2011-2013 — 4.11% minus one share of FGC "subject to sale at a price not lower than 50 cents per share," for the same period it is planned to sell 7.58% minus one share (a package owned CB) Sberbank. In the period from 2011 to 2013, Russia plans to sell 7.97% minus one share of "RusHydro", "followed by reduction of the share of the state to the level of blocking, with a view to ensuring the necessary conditions for long-term development of the society, including the conduct of operations on the asset swap."

It is reported that in 2010 and 2011 to be sold annually, 10% of Russia's second largest bank VTB, in 2012 — 15% minus one share. "Reduction in 2013-2015 the share of the Russian Federation to the blocking provided reliable attract investors, increasing market capitalization" — said in a presentation of the ministry.

By 2015, the government plans to sell 25% of shares of "RAB" (RSHB) "with the ability to channel funds to increase the capitalization of the bank with the prior implementation of pre-training."

In 2011, Russia plans to sell 25% of shares of "SCF", in 2012-2013, 25% minus one share "with the possibility of a decrease in the share of the Russian Federation 2014-2015 below majority while ensuring control over the placement of orders for Russian shipyards."

The presentation IEG also noted that in 2013-2015 is planned to sell a controlling stake "Rosagroleasing" "preserving the property of the Russian majority stake (50% plus one share) in view of the pre-pre-training and work to attract robust portfolio investors to improve the quality of services. "

For his part, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said today that the government is considering the sale of control after 3 years in most of the large companies in the list of privatization.

"Depending on how you go through three years, come on", — Kudrin said, adding that "the sale of control want to earn."

"It is possible, in most packages dropped by 25 plus 1, but this is the next step" — the minister said, noting that at present the conclusion for the near future for the state to save the package in fixed assets in the amount of 50% plus 1 share.

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