Presidential candidates commented on the Moscow Agreement


Gregory Kastusyou: "Russia supports the pro-Russian candidate — Lukashenko"

Gregory Kastusyou

Gregory Kastusyou"Russia has a project to support the pro-Russian candidate, which is Alexander Lukashenko. I think the support and recognition of his plan to win, and it will cost us dearly — at the expense of economic concessions to Russia. Already we see these concessions — that the price of gas, and Russian customs payments, so at least some of that money could stay in Belarus. And I think the assignment will be much larger, as we do not know everything. Perhaps it will make concessions and oil refineries, pipelines. Unfortunately, the economic benefits it will give Belarus. "

Vitaly Rymashevski: "In the future, Lukashenko — bankrupt"

Vitaly Rymashevski

Vitaly Rymashevski"The signing of these agreements shows that have no alliance with the Kremlin, Lukashenko is no more. At least for now. The exact subsidy ends of the Belarusian economy. The fact that Russian oil will be duty-free — it's good for our economy, but it will be transparent schemes, and now most of the work on the gray. And most importantly, greatly increased the price of gas, which is why earlier actually datavalasya economy. Thus, in the long term Lukashenko — bankrupt and the bankruptcy of Russia it will not save. So, we must wait for the fast change of power, and I believe that Lukashenka understands that. And I hope that the Belarusian people have the strength to elect exactly the Belarusian authorities. And at the end of 200 years, we will elect a president and parliament, and not a protege of Russia or the West. "

Andrei Sannikov"Every day Lukashenko in power — dangerous for Belarus"

Andrei Sannikov

Statkevich: "I'm more interested in what he has delivered again?"


Yaroslav Romanchuk, "This agreement is not between countries, and between oil clans"

Yaroslav Romanchuk

Yaroslav Romanchuk: "The agreements — this defeat and victory while two weak presidents. Each of them understands that integration agreements have stalled, and that this topic can be purchased electoral scores. Lukashenko took a position on the merits of the Kremlin, though, and says that it is his victory. The Kremlin says that he forced Lukashenko to sign these agreements. But signed and implemented agreements — are two different things. There are still many open questions. What? Example, when a single economic space, then there should be no trade barriers. This means that Belarus will not be able to sell their goods as they are today. The second question is how and through which mechanism will be paying tax? And there are a lot of questions. "

Reporter: "It is stated that the agreement is excluded from the crude oil imported from third countries. Not going to happen happen that Belarus will issue all petroleum products sold for those that are made, for example, from a Venezuelan oil, but not with Russia, and once again there is a conflict between the two countries? "

Yaroslav Romanchuk"It may be, as such a scheme — a chance for fraud. It is also a chance for those oligarchs and oil barons who work with Lukashenko through gray schemes. These agreements were signed not between countries, and between oil clans. "

Nyaklyayeu: "I do not think that Russia's policy on the recognition of the election changed"


Nyaklyayeu"What was signed in Moscow, it was expected and I do not know what is there so much to worry about. Well, maybe not the last expected that without the fees will go 100% of the oil and the fact that everything will go to the west, will be owned by Russia. But anyway, I do not see this danger, which some say. Russia alleged that again will support Lukashenko. Which again hear "son of a bitch, but his." I think it will not happen, and Russia will not give up its policy towards Lukashenko, who decided to get rid of. President Medvedev during trips to the capitals of Europe makes clear its readiness to cooperate closely in the political , economic and military spheres.'s all Russian strategic policy, and here Lukashenko will just get in the way. To say nothing of their personal relationship. "

Reporter: "Do you not think that this agreement Alexander Lukashenko has managed to get the recognition of a future election?"

Nekljaev: "I do not think that Russia's policy on the recognition or non-recognition of the election has changed. I believe that there lies this tactic will not be recognized at once, in any case, Russia will pause, look at the actions of the European Union, hold Lukashenko in limbo and will take economic decisions. There are mechanisms by which it can control Lukashenko as anything. So I do not regard these agreements as a message of Belarusians Go and choose Lukashenko. Another thing is that it uses propaganda, but it's always been. "

Victor Tereshchenko, and Dmitry Uss Mikhalevich declined to comment, citing the fact that during visits to Russia have not been able to study in detail the agreements signed.


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