Prisoner Bobruisk colony Bondarenko transferred from FCT

UCP activist Andrei Bondarenko, who is serving six years in prison in Bobruisk colony was transferred from the PCT to the regular squad. FCT — is a cell-type, insulated room, where prisoners held prone to disruption of the prison.

Andrei Bondarenko put in PKT three weeks ago, allegedly for being hung over a bed of religious images, and refused to work in hazardous environments and sweep the prison yard.

"What came out, he called home, just fifteen minutes talking. Managed to convey, although released from the FCT, but continue to have all the pressure and make the stay in prison unbearable ", — the" Radio Liberty "father of the prisoner Valeri Bondarenko.

According to Valeri Bondarenko got the Minsk City Court, there still was not considered a protest against former sentenced Andrei Bondarenko. If the protest is considered, from the trial are not reported.

Andrei Bondarenko was found guilty of embezzlement of the company. UCP activist says that with him have paid for their participation in campaign to Parliament 2008.


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