Putin: Leaders of Belarus adopted a policy of economic integration with Russia

The Belarusian leadership on economic integration with Russia deserves all the support, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

"How would we neither were the relations with the Belarusian leadership — and there are sparks from time to time — I personally have never allowed myself to any attacks against the Belarusian leadership. But whatever the spark, we must honestly say all the same: the Belarusian leadership has taken a clear, a strong commitment to integration in the economic sphere with Russia ", — Putin said, answering a question on the air from Belarus.

According to the Russian prime minister, "of course, this choice is worthy of support and respect."

During the "straight line" Putin received an anonymous sms-message with a question: "Why should our Batka all the time do wrong? What he does is not always like that. "

"What do you mean" insult? "If it comes to Alexander Lukashenko, in politics there are other categories of interests," — he said.

As Putin said, "to say that the Russian behaves incorrectly — such an approach has no basis. "

"We have great respect for the people of Belarus and all what is being done Russia for decades to support economic and social development of Belarus, is in the interests of the Belarusian people. A lot done, "- said Putin.

"We will supply to Belarus over the next year 20-21 million tons of crude oil byazmytava. This will cost our budget, we sustained a loss of about $ 3.5 billion," — said Putin.



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