ROSE Kaganovich — Esther and Mordecais New Purim

As repeated. "What has been is what will be, and there is nothing new under the sun" (Ekkliziast). Only change the scale. And some simple (clever) techniques destroy the goyim are the same — a small set of Bible (so to say "home") pieces. Repeated in our day and played with remarkable accuracy the plot of "feat" Esther and her brother Mordecai. New Artokserksu — Stalin, Kaganovich new Mordecai put to bed the new Esther, her sister Rosa and with it achieved extremely powers to destroy the goyim. At this time 75,000, and more than 20 million. So no wonder the Jews are now secretly celebrate Purim two — old (Mordecai) and new (Kaganovich). Until his death, Kaganovich was protected and honored by them as a living God.

To God forbid, would not blame for fiction and fantasy in such a "sensitive" issue, as a Jew in charge of mass murder, let's see what this says nephew of Lazar Kaganovich, a Stuart Kagan. In his book, "The Kremlin wolf", he makes no secret of sympathy for my uncle, but not very well versed in our reality — "blurts out" essential "mystery" of the century — Stalin is fully managed by a small group of Jews and Jewish women.

However, give a word itself Stuart Kagan:

"Lazarus knew how to push the button. As soon as the opposition became too vociferous, he yelled: "Anti-Semitism!" … With the departure of Trotsky Lazarus found himself the most important Jew in the government. "

"Lazarus carefully collected information about Stalin, trying to learn everything about him, that is possible … Lazar Stalin decided to fence off from the others, to secure it at all costs and at the same time, in a sense, fenced off and secured himself. He will create a tight circle around him protection. It is necessary, that would arouse in him a strong enough fear … Lazarus was hastily fortify their positions. He turned to Rose (her sister). Rose into a woman of exceptional beauty, with huge, black as coal eyes, resin with purple tint hair and chiseled nose … she had a small waist, strong legs and "amazing ass." This he proudly kept saying Mary (his wife that did not have to see the same "delicious" attractions. Approx. Added).

Rose rated people, like her brother, from the point of view of their usefulness … She remembered the words Uncle Levik: "All that is good for the Jews …" She knew that Stalin had no women … saying that Stalin need a healthy woman, but from time to time … It is in this circumstance you need to build your plan …

-Second — Lazarus put two fingers on the hand, "He needs a more stable home life. Svetlana 6 years. She needs a parent. Stalin, they can not be. We need to get him-still a family. "

Rose shook her head again … Lazarus looked at his sister studying gaze. It was him oh so necessary. Ability to open gold. He must use it at the right time and with the right people. Rose came up for his plans perfectly …

Rose met all of her waiting, and then something else. Lazarus sown seeds soon began to give fruit. Stalin recognized that many of the people around him were not real friends … As a result of the party lists were excluded 800 thousand people … "

After this, Stalin walked away … Positine end justifies the means. Lazar grabbed the reins with both hands. Another case he fell and he uses it to end. This time, the result of his action exceeded all expectations, because in Russia the Great reigned terror. Savage prehistoric beasts he walked across the country, dosignuv all its corners. And there was never a more bloodthirsty and violent beast. It was as if all the demons escaped from hell … No one could feel safe. Millions of loyal Soviet citizens were expelled from their jobs, arrested, imprisoned, or simply killed. (Here S.Kagan can not hide nothing less sacred delight scale killings of Russian people, isolated by his uncle, while clearly alludes to his Satanism. Approx. Author.) (Page 159)

Particularly bloody exploits were Kaganovich in three regions: the Kuban, the Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Only in these three regions personally conscience Lazar Kaganovich (penalty and "dispossession" carried on his personal directives) of more than 15 million dead and the dead from hunger Slavs and Kazakhs. But there were other regions, particularly the suburbs Don and Voronezh, Moscow itself, without people one time, the Ministry of Railways, and much, much more …

Where before it to Mordecai. No wonder today Kaganovich — a new national hero of the Jews mira.Ego special protection from the descendants of people who were tortured him, until his death at the age of 96 years paid Israel.

As mentioned above one of the main reasons for the destruction of people sent Kaganovich was their possible anti-Semitism. And says this is not an anti-Semite, and a relative of Kaganovich, thus recognizing that the Soviet Union was held (and held in Russia), the Genocide of the most visionary, thinking people who understand the danger of the Jews in Russia in general, and for their grandchildren in particular.

MARIA Kaganovich (wife of Mordecai)

Mordecai's wife

According to the earlier book tsitirovavshesya relative Kaganovich, Lazar's wife, Maria, enjoyed great influence on him, and often interfered in the affairs of the killer with his advice:

"For God's sake, what are you doing"? … Although it was his wife, did not trust him completely (that is a question of trust to Mary Lazarus, and not vice versa, suggesting a truly matriarchal relationships in their family. When she learned that he was fired Trashunova, respected by all (Jews, ca.'s) Kiev newspaper editor … I could no longer restrain himself.

— Do not you have sympathy and compassion for his fellow tribesman? He's a representative of your people, not Stalin. — (S. Kagan "Kremlin wolf", pages 145 — 146).

This is despite the fact of that millions of Russian killed, morilis hunger, empathy is required for just kicked out of the editor and only because he was a Jew (and it does not matter to her, he was right or wrong). It is no coincidence, therefore, as shown by statistical calculations, Jews (despite the frantic advertising their suffering), amounted to a negligible percentage of the victims of repression in years, much less than the percentage of Jews among the nations of the USSR. Therefore, although the Marina Kaganovich remained all his life in the shadows, her eyes are clear, and the effect on Lazarus, and therefore on our history, disproportionately high in relation to the role of a "modest housewife," the wife, she "played". (Page 155 — 156).

Israeli intelligence today is undoubtedly one of the strongest in the world, based largely on the "help" Jewish women married to the "powers that be" through "The Institute for Jewish Bride" (see below). Since childhood Jewess inspire: "What's good for the Jews is good and what is bad for the Jews, it is bad. Goyim do not matter. Moves eleygo ("Yes kick the bucket all the goyim in the world" — the end of the prayers of the Jews, that they repeat every day). Therefore, for the Jewish valor is hearing from her husband, lover, teacher, etc. something important, immediately through authorized representatives or directly through the rabbi bring to the attention of the Mossad. So Mary and mentions Judas (see "I was an agent of the Mossad" in the reference list, the command 10, "Epilogue").

The Institute for Jewish Brides

The author repeatedly heard in recent times, and read about the existence of the so-called Institute "Jewish Bride." (Continued somewhere in the 28 pages in manuscript)

It is important to understand that the "Institute for Jewish Bride" is a "strategic weapon" in the fight against the Jews as for world domination, and for supremacy in Russia. And, even more powerful weapon than gold and banks allow "to introduce their" in the higher social strata of any society. With the help of this particular "weapon" they spread Greek, Roman, German, English, Polish, and then the Russian aristocracy, have created a "public opinion" double standards "when they kill Jews — is mayhem when they kill Jews — this is a reasonable self-defense." Only these "standards" can be explained by the global community indifference (and even welcomed) faced genocide, held (and held) the Jews in Russia.

Immediately after the revolution, when the Russian government by 90 percent consisted of Jews and only pass to the Russian in the highest echelons of power were Jewish wife, special need at the Institute for Jewish brides (search and "recruitment" of all prospective brides Jewish goyim) was not. However, after cleaning by Stalin Kremlin stables, which began in 1934, the situation has changed to the throne perilously close Russian and had to be rushed to "take action."

One of the first such action was "the introduction of the new emperor of Esther" — was able to "introduce" Rosa Kaganovich (the sister of Kaganovich) in bed with IV Stalin. Despite the severe nature of the lord, Do not spare themselves or loved ones, there is no doubt that this new Rose Esther could be done to strengthen the impact of the new Mordecai, Lazar Kaganovich. According to a new ferocity even surpassed biblical. On the right of the relatives, whispering to Stalin on his enemies, Kaganovich was the tyrant extremely powers to destroy the Russian people, and used them to the full. On his conscience for millions, if not tens of millions of destroyed Russian, Ukrainians, Kazakhs. Especially he brutally rasspravilsya with Cossacks of the Kuban, where women, children and elderly were burned in homes, they kill with bayonets, shot whole village. Where before it to Mordecai.

There is no doubt (one look at the nationality of the first 1,000 female persons of the USSR in the years of its existence), the Institute of Jewish brides worked all the time of communist rule. Hidden system of patronage and government officials whose wives were Jewish worked (and works) is very effective.

They paid a lot of attention (and paying) stealth work, carefully avoiding the "advertising." I. Shevtsov was worth more in the "Soviet era" with Andropov described in the second book of the novel "Nabat" work of the "Institute of brides and wives," as repression fell not only to the author of the novel, but also to employees of publishing house "Contemporary", which produces this novel. Editor in Chief Valentin V. Sorokin lost his job for refusing to obey the orders of the Central Committee of the terrible spill box set of the novel. These people and kept the Russian land. And keep going. Especially if all the wives and brides we learn how to send a decent amount for them to address, and not be moved to tears by their glycerine they invented the poor oppressed Jews.

Pauline S. Pearl, known as the Molotov Pauline … Pauline was Jewish, and in the 30 years she has held senior positions in the Council of People's … 18 sezdit she was elected a candidate member of the Central Committee. However, it was soon discovered that Golda Meir and Pauline — pretty close friends … Molotov was not alone. Voroshilov was also married to a woman of Jewish descent, his mother was poluevreykoy Beria, Khrushchev's son was of Jewish origin, and Lazarus himself was a Jew. (Wife of Bulganin, Hope was also a Jew, see page 89. And that the members of this company: Bulganin, Molotov, Voroshilov, Khrushchev, and Lazarus according to S.Kagana completely trust each other, plotted and carried out the poisoning of Stalin. Approx. Author) .

They have planned and carried out the murder of Stalin:

".. Poison (Molotov said.) — Absolutely — Lazar said, smiling a little … We will replace the pills he was taking drugs … writes Rose, although Stalin himself accepts them as needed. (P. 242-243)

Lazarus proposed … (Stalinu!!) Create a commission that would have to study the case of the doctors, who were arrested on charges of conspiracy … the so-called Lazarus also required (!) To Stalin immediately canceled their orders of exile and destruction of Soviet Jews … ( Pp. 242-246).

Since the mid-twenties and the coming to power of LI Brezhnev as head of such a system, "Institute for Jewish brides" at the Russian throne performed the wife and sister of Lazar Kaganovich, and perhaps he was. It is still not fully appreciated their role in the overthrow of L. Beria. Significant role played by the ladies and in the rescue of Kaganovich repression by NS Khrushchev, who was afraid of them openly.

All the time the "reign" of Brezhnev, General Secretary of the rights of the wife, "The Institute for Jewish brides" led Madame Halperin, taking over from his wife Kaganovich, Marina, under the watchful eye of Golda Meir, composed with it (as well as Pauline Zhemchugova-Molotov and Rosa Kaganovich) in the "private" correspondence.

"All Moscow knows" that today "The Institute for Jewish brides" headed by Elena Bonner. Pass the baton to someone she?

Golda Meir

Jewish women in Israel, I send Sholom

"Two Thousand Words" Golda Meir — Galina Meirovoy-Jewish, emigrated from Minsk, and which later became a major political leader of Israel, had been sent to Russia between 1956 and 1960. It instructed Russian Jew, how to help the Jews of Soviet Russia to win without fighting.

For the first time the author heard about this document from their classmates, Jewish. Three years later, after graduating from high school he had a chance to see it and read carefully a young Jewish woman who tried to convince him in this case (the girl was to say the least not very smart) the exclusivity of the Jewish people, his perennial victim, on the one hand, and the risk for dissidents on the other. Conclusion followed a straightforward and simple: in addition to his marriage to a Jewish woman with no reasonable goy alternativy.Golda Meir refers to the time of the Khazar Khanate, when the Jews were bred Slavs for sale, like cattle, and thus we were treated: harnessed to carts, sacrificed, skinned skin for household needs, such as a harness, was prepared from the blood of children medicines and paint destyakami thousands were sold into slavery, taking children from their mothers, etc.

It has since almost all European languages and Slav slave concept denoted by the same word: slav-slave in English, sklaven — in German, etc. It was during the Khazar Jews first approached the universal dominion, and believe that the kingdom of Israel had already built on the ground. Khazar Kagan (the precursor of Golda Meir in sending these circulars) and wrote in the letters, sent them to the Jews of other countries: "We breed Slavic slaves like cattle. We sell them all over the world and get them for all the gold in the world. We have already built the kingdom of Israel in the land and no one dares to stop us rule the entire world "(Letter Hagan Abadi Spanish Jews).

But then they came out the mistake. As the reader knows, I hope not only of the poem, prevented this global plan of Russian. Death have become Iskorosten, at the Battle of White Vezhe at Kulikovo, broke the back of military power, and their last-Khazars — tataromongol. Because of this, we hate the Jews and still the Russian people, kill mercilessly anyone who remembers the story and feels like a Russian, not Russian. In fact the whole subsequent history of mankind — it's frantic attempts to regain the Jewish world domination and their desire for revenge. Today they are perilously close to the goal, to crush the first (in 1917.) Russia, then the Soviet Union, and now they are trying to part with their crippled "new Russia."

Jews reasonably believe Golda Meir in the letter it emphasizes that the October Revolution of 1917 and the subsequent civil war — neither more nor less than the conquest of Jewish power in Russia.

The genocide of the Russian people in Russia on a massive scale began in 1917, as reported in writing on the wall Ipatiev "Belshazzar" one of the executioners of the family of Nicholas 2. During the years of Soviet power at a conservative estimate, we missed about 100 million people. He continues to this day. From direct executions of thousands of unarmed or innocent people, as it was at the "White House" in October 1993., To "quiet" Genocide as places without the necessary medicines in pharmacies, exorbitant food prices and delays of many months salary.

Both then and now, of all understand what is going destroy and destroy, announces anti-Semitic and crazy .. Then — by decree of Lenin, Sverdlov anti-Semitism today Yeltsin decrees (shot on October 4 1993). Those who are not interested in politics inspired and inspire through newspapers and television, that the Jews, as a people who made the greatest contribution to the revolution and the establishment of Soviet power (at that time), the destruction of the Soviet government (now) have a legal right to receive dividends from major changes. It is alleged that during the Soviet era they were oppressed, the "authorities" (where they made up more than 90%) of their de not taken, it is not they, but ourselves Russian conducted genocide against the Russian people and other peoples of Russia. It is for such statements that would incite hatred to Russian among other peoples of Russia, butchers Jews of that time, the investigators and the chief of the camp to the members of the government "cover" Russian pseudonyms: Epstein-Yakovlev, BronshteynTrotsky, Apfelbaum-Zinoviev, etc. Could it be a lie boleshaya, unscrupulousness and shamelessness?!

That was then, they prefer to keep quiet, the quiet burning files with sets of newspapers at the time. Destroy the Russian aristocracy Jews forcibly occupied the social niche, declared himself a unique phenomenon of history: "Russian" intelligentsia. The remaining goals, frightened literate Russian, ensuring their safety is not, no, but their usefulness to themselves they "generously" missed in academics, covering them their nationalist dictatorship. Take, for example, DS Likhachev — a symbol and an idol of this fooled (or) fool the "intelligentsia." He is still (after Solovki) shaking with fear at the word Jew, and pretends not to notice (and did not see) the horrors they perpetrated. But he dared to secure the "struggle" against their countrymen who, bleeding, trying to defend the future of their children and grandchildren from these predators. No matter how beautiful the words he was covered — the name he and his ilk — Judas.

His unforgivable mistake, they feel the same underestimation of Georgians (Gentile) Dzhugashvili (Stalin), who managed to wrest this power from the hands of the Jewish junta that ruled at that time in Russia (ZinovevApfelbaum, Rykov, Kamenev, Trotsky-Bronstein, Lazar Kaganovich, Yakovlev-Epstein, Berry-Yehudi, etc.) For more details see the 2nd commandment of the poem "Thou shalt not kill" (genocide).

In a letter Years Meir task was to re-capture power in Russia over the next 30 years, ie to the 1987-1991 year. As you can see, it really allows for the possibility of Jews in Soviet Russia.

Golda Meir hints at one of the "secret" chapters Talmud, the so-called second commandment has repeatedly quoted the poem in the comments. Gold encourages greater use of the "production" of the kings of Israel in families unsuspecting "best" gentiles who risked marry Jewish women. Thus, the gene pool of the goyim dramatically undermined because best "producers" remain childless (but see themselves as fathers), and their life and all the resources spent on education "kukushat" kings of Israel, conceived their wives in the synagogue with the rabbi's blessing. Thus, in accordance with the second commandment of the Talmud, Jewish prescribe their children from the goyim (if they also happen) bring the enemies of their fathers.

Quoted from the original statement from the letter Golda Meir: "It is time to lift our nation's head above the parapet of history"

The Jewish community in every small or less significant in Russia is taken into careful consideration, or just capable of talented goyim, starting with high school age. Typically the best of them (under various pretexts send for a purpose bride Jew. Practiced and direct-purchase matchmaking groom their parents with a list of monetary and other benefits that will newlyweds. As the author says one of these "brides", and later confirmed by her father, suitors for her and her friends, meticulously selected the city rabbi on file cabinet, somehow derived from the KGB. (MI Well any dowry did not deliver. You young people have the same perspective. KGB is right. and what they know, we know we do).

It should be noted that often after the wedding, the promises are not fulfilled by Jews, especially newlyweds truly falls in love with a young wife, or for some reason he can not divorce her. Link with the fact that the oath this goy is not necessary, or the fact that even in-law of James cheated after the wedding. Frequent with jokes like, "What's this integer haggle-law, like what is rasposledny Jew?"

According to that same "bride", coinciding with the text of the letter but of Golda Meir, the women in the synagogue, and his mother taught her tysche ways, strength and unnatural, a hundred percent to keep with you (at least until the wedding), a young man .

Since Jewish for gentiles to marry or become lovers usually on the calculation, it costs nothing to split the family, using lies, defamation, or adjusting the situations in which the proud and pure Russian women prefer to go away, leaving his beloved "betrayed them" easy prey Jewess, cold miscalculated the situation with and this pride. That's what has been eliminated Alilueva, Stalin's wife, that would enter his bedroom Rosa Kaganovich.


A common use of the Institute of Jewish brides attempt repetition of "heroism" of Esther, Brezhnev was the marriage of Madame Galperina (Goldberg) in 193. year. Network of Jewish brides were widely spread out, got in her not only LI

Brezhnev. This can be seen marriage accident. But that was the general secretary of a Jewish husband Galperina, randomness can be seen only under extreme negligence to Istorii.istorii ancient and contemporary. Even more strikingly, and this "Esther" was also Jurate, approximate to the court of the "emperor."

In the days of girlhood Galperina (Goldberg), he was just a cutter in the garrison studio. After her marriage to "the Commissioner" Brezhnev immediately "went on increasing" — became the head of the studio.

During the war, when Colonel Brezhnev became a member of the Military Council of the Army, an obscure cutter head with the rear of the army (to the war, and who mother is native!). Brezhnev joined the Politburo — the cutter became head of Voyentorg Soviet army. Very capable cutter. From this height, he did much to strengthen the position of their relatives and, according to the Moscow legends, many have contributed to the popularity of Brezhnev "right people" and its hospitality.

We still do not know the degree of influence Galperina (Goldberg) and her brother's decision LI Brezhnev and the Politburo of the Communist Party, but what is vliyaniebylo, no doubt. The author had the misfortune to see this on my experience, when the persecution of members celebrating the 600 anniversary of the defeat of Mamaia. Then on the Kulikovo field were not allowed dense traffic police cordons and police tens of thousands of patriots who planned to take part in the festival (including the author), fired several members of the Central Committee and the Central Committee of the Komsomol, who did not know all the underpinnings of Kremlin intrigues and took part in the celebration.

The reasons for trying to hush up the scandal, but "there is nothing hid, which has not been revealed." A week later, "all Moscow" knew that the reason for such a strong reaction was "demonstrative" violation "guilty" Galperina request of her husband, which repeated the Brezhnev Politburo meeting — do not celebrate this holiday

"To avoid stirring up great-power chauvinism." Then he was "rushed" to the idea of a new national "Soviet" slipped him AN Yakovlev after Suslov. Halperin also are asked Golda Meir after singer Gypsy Slichenko (then Galperina-law), singer-spy Kobzon and / or by the artist M. Kazakov, which had direct access to the Israeli intelligence service Mossad. How can one deny the other great-granddaughter of Esther? "It will help a Jew a Jew."

Sensing a taste for backstairs, Halperin and his daughter, Galina pustlas the winds. Anticipating the imminent death of Brezhnev, they take a "hoarding" using the higher ranks of the Secretary General, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KGB. The Smolensk best diamond polishing factory allegedly climbed the Armory, but instead surfaced at auction in Amsterdam. The KGB and Interior Ministry "everyone" knew that, but said nothing. Murder to investigate these cases Schelokova (Interior Minister) and Tsvigun (KGB general), gave "everything" to understand — who is the master of the house. It was only after the death of Brezhnev curtain just a crack during the trial Churbanov, was the second (or third?) Husband Galina Brezhnev.

But most importantly, stay in office, "Secretary General's wife," Madame Halperin headed "The Institute for Jewish brides", taking over from his wife Kaganovich, under the watchful eye of Golda Meir. There is evidence of repeated meetings wife, and then Brezhnev's widow, Madame Galperina with his wife (now widow) Sakharov Elena Bonner Bonner. That unspoken intercession Galperina caused such soft measures to chatty, surviving from the mind of an academician, so much to do to the destruction of the Soviet Union.

Favorite dish LI Brezhnev was the Ukrainian borscht, which his wife helped prepare a special chef. Brezhnev also believed (or pretended to believe) in that soup is cooking his wife. At least this is reflected in his memoirs.

Theft of top diamond cutting and polishing factory with Smolensk guise rip it to the State Fund was once talk of the town in Moscow because Schelokova affected (to investigate the case of the Ministry of Interior) and General Tsvigun who conducted a parallel investigation by the KGB. When it became clear that the major thieves — the wife and daughter of LI Brezhnev's case had been "hushed up" on the orders of Leonid Andropov Brezhnev and liquor and Tsvigun destroyed as dangerous witnesses.

Trying to escalate as ethnic strife, Alexander Yakovlev, under the guise of internationalism, slipped Brezhnev idea to abolish the nations in the Soviet Union and the emergence of a new nation, "community" — the Soviet people. Of course, apart from the general indignation, this idea did not cause. Yakovlev just that and it was necessary.

His next "Tricks" (with Brezhnev's wife, with whom he was friendly, she doted Sasha) was advertisement celebrating 600 years of the Battle of Kulikovo chauvinistic Sabbath, as mentioned above. Halperin (Goldberg) groans of those killed in the Kulikovo Jews were part of the Horde Mamaia.

As mentioned above, LI Brezhnev storge punished participants "patriotic orgy" pouvolnyav many from work.

Halperin (Goldberg) refers to "a handful" of his friends who helped her in all her "endeavors."


Well, my dear reader? Recognize his friends — "udachniki" promptly make a career? Learned their intelligent, sophisticated, looked around with a strange disdain you wives? Understands the threat posed these ladies are our grandchildren and great-grandchildren? Hope realized. And if you do not realize the end, read, as they are in life, what rite of Brac, as giving birth.

This information is taken from me, "Studies of ritual killings …" unforgettable devotee of Russian literature Dal interpretations and translations of handwritten Talmud. Most of the chapters: "Koddashim» (N 263.26 in the catalog of manuscripts in the Fund Hasidic Public Library F 182), "Shulchan Aruch» (N Heb. 26, F 182, ibid), a passage devoted to the ritual of marriage (N 263.13, F 182, ibid) and the Laws of the ritual cutting of animals and ritual impurity (N263.4, F 182, ibid.) You'll understand, I hope, why Chassidim so brazenly, unceremoniously, trying to rob us of these manuscripts — grave evidence against the hateful and fascist religion, whose name is Jewish.

Knew about it long ago. In the Middle Ages, the great martyr tserkov announce dozens of infants killed by Jews. In the last century the famous Russian scholar V. Dahl told the world about the atrocities of the Jews in his classic work, "Notes on the ritual murder":

"Having all this terrible number of cases per capita and disturbing incidents often proved historically and legally, the charges in the martyr Jews killing Christian children for Easter can not be considered as a ghost and superstition, and must ensure that the prosecution is thoroughly as well and the general opinion about their use of the blood of the martyrs now … "

The reader is a legitimate question: why they use the blood of Christian martyrs? The answer to this question is contained in the above manuscript. And drink the blood that's what:

We give one more quote from the "Memoirs …" VI Dahl: "These fanatical Jewish (Hasidic) suggest, first, that by killing Christians, do what is God, and secondly, they use blood for the spell, for superstitious rituals. For this purpose, in densvadby Rabbi gives the newlyweds a baked egg, sprinkled with salt zoloyu instead of linen dipped in the blood of the Christian martyr … ".

In this case, the rabbi says farewell: "May you good luck in the deception of the goyim, and let him be your well-being is based on the deception." In itself outrageous for us goyim farewell, with his head exposing Jews to chauvinism. Yes, our zealous in the pursuit of Russian judges are afraid to move with the word Jew. Accept their slavery and we are being forced by the courts to accept the unjust. But this is not important in the ritual, which sometimes sweetly ("what a beautiful ceremony!") Admiring stupid goyim.

The main thing in the ritual of ashes! This ash from the blood by the Jews ritually tortured baby tortured specifically for such a beautiful ceremony. Remember, my dear reader, advertisements in newspapers, "wanted a girl of three years, wanted a boy of five years, wanted, wanted, wanted by …!" Maybe you saw a picture of the child (Razyskivaetsya!!), Whose ashes, smacking his lips eat fatty at the wedding of these cannibals. This ritual blood today free, (with a lot of money) is on sale in the synagogues. To disguise the blood sold as a ritual pieces of canvas, blood soaked linen strips are brown. Each ritual murder — supervygodnoe financial enterprise. Draw conclusions, my dear reader. Will you be scared label "anti-Semite" — your child can and pardoned. Maybe not.

So, with cannibalism, family life begins orthodox Jew and, as they believe, with this blood begotten a new life in the womb of a Jew. Without such an atoning sacrifice for their beliefs, Jehovah will not let a Jew living soul. We have to prove to Jehovah that the space allocated on the ground (baby goy) for a Jew released. And what would Jehovah remained in doubt, a Jew, a woman in labor or a midwife in addition brings the ritual blood sacrifice of our baby in the very moment of his birth. Ie Jew conceived and is already tied to life with his cruel tribe of cannibals crimes and blood.

And no matter how high up on the social ladder and the property was not a Jew, she would not conceive and give birth to a child with no guarantee that he could bring this bloody sacrifice, for the birth of "not following the rules," the Jew will never take the place of honor in their hierarchy. And what mother does not think about the future of his child?

Based on the foregoing, in families where the spouse goy, a non-Jew, a Jew are struggling to conceive a child "on the side" of the "noble" and a rich Jew, for the same reasons. However, she finds a full understanding and support of the entire Jewish community, led by a rabbi. Blagoslovlyaeetsya copulation itself in the synagogue, the husband of this course is not reported. Ie In such families living Jew begins with adultery and perjury. For the Jews, as it is only a special case of the use of material resources for the benefit of Jews to non-Jews. And this brings up the "Daddy" cuckoo, proudly looking like the entire Jewish community loves "his" child and respects "his" wife's integrity.

Clear from this inferiority of the Jews and their hatred of the goyim, which, although they are superior in some way: a lifetime poor fellows have to prove to others and to themselves that they had the right to be born at the cost of such crimes. If moral standards gentiles reject these crimes, then they reject (inverted brain Jew) the right to life Jew. Today, unfortunately, my brain turned over not only the Jews. Many respected people rush to go on the attack on anyone whom the Jews are accused of anti-Semitism, and spend great efforts (under the giggles of the Jews), to fight against those who risk everything to protect the future of the Jews and their future (and not his) grandchildren. It would be better to spend this energy on reading VI Dahl.

Legitimate question: if people knew about all the crimes of the Jews, then why are forgotten? That's what is oblivion and tamed all these honorable people, Likhachev, Annenkov and Astafieva. It is they, and the like have inspired generations of sustained hostility to the middle (knight) ages, sire John 4 (the Terrible), oyavlennogo church of the great martyr, "served" as mad, note Dahl and other incriminating material is declared a law. At courageous Serbs left in their prayers remembrance of the Holy Innocents, "tortured by the Jews", incited by their control of mass media, the whole world. Took part in the infamous genocide of Serbs and Russia. But gullible simpletons believe that the Jews are offended and always poor people.

And can not "brilliant" tribe of Jews out of this, the trap is laid up for themselves, for three thousand years. Live according to ancient antiquity and kill, kill, kill … kill men, kill women, kill infants and unborn babies. And require that we put up with it?


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