Russian animal will raise cowboys from Montana

Russian animal will raise cowboys from MontanaRussian authorities have decided to revive the livestock in the Voronezh region with real cowboys from the U.S.. To do this on the money allocated by the state of Montana in the Voronezh region will bring, in addition to cowboys working horses and 1434 head of cattle. The ultimate goal of the plan — to increase self-sufficiency of the Russian livestock, writes The Los Angeles Times.

All of this should come as a result on Stevenson Sputnik Ranch — a joint venture between American Darrell Stevenson and Russian investors. Director of the Agricultural Management Montana Ron De Jong said that the Voronezh region looks like Montana a century ago, when there were some solid pasture notes InoPressa.

Russia now has only 500 thousand head of beef cattle, but in the next decade, the authorities plan to boost its numbers. It should be noted that the relevant agreements on the import of livestock concluded not only with the U.S. but also with Europe, Canada and Australia.

Darrell Stevenson's wife Sarah notes the difference in American and Russian approaches to livestock. In Russia, pastures are fenced on one cowboy has fewer cattle than in America, and the infusion of state much more serious.

Part of the subsidies, according to an American newspaper, goes out to provide jobs for unemployed residents. Therefore the absence of fences and hence the need to use two or three shepherds in every 200-300 head of cattle, instead of one, as in Montana, even beneficial.

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