Russian chakra

Predominating divided into three structures:

* The first three lower chakras are responsible for the physical development;

* Average three chakras are responsible for Du shevnoe development;

* Upper three chakras are responsible for the Spirits tion development.

Nine dominant chakras


Chakra is located in the coccyx. Through it, a person receives the vital energy that comes from it expires. It absorbs all kinds of energy.

Color — Black (unknown, beyond human perception).

In this audio range chak pa perceive infrasound (extremely low frequency). Infrasound can cause human Rights panic.

In the eastern system, this is called the muladhara chakra, and our ancestors called it one wali concise and understandable words tion — Source. Everything originates in a source.

2nd — began

Rod is responsible for, that is, for the birth of life, as well as take other energy gih living entities; through it WMO DIT into a woman virility. In addition to this first, this chakra takes a specially designed energy flows (jinx, curse, and so on). Xia finds in the pubic area. —

Color — red.

Sound-note "to".

In the eastern system of this chakra is called svadhisrara.

3rd — Belly

In Slavonic "life" will "belly". A place where life arises. Through this chakra first person receives energy in the womb, then the energy of the cosmos from its star-Master. Location — the navel.

Color — red.

Sound — the note "D".

In the eastern system called Manipur.

4th — Percy (Chest)

Emits and absorbs the energy of creative quality. Responsible gasping. Finding chakra — center of the chest (solar plexus).

Color — gold.

Sound — the note "E".

In the eastern system called ana-hata.


Is on the right shoulder. Coverage Vaeth armpit, shoulder joint. Takes the energy and radiates love, kindness, gentleness. In addition, this chakra corre exists for the performance (mechanical perception).

Color — green.

Sound — note "F".

In the eastern system called Surma Chakra.

6th — Lola

Located on the left shoulder. Regulates heart function exists and takes energy intuition. Provides intuitionistic itivnoe knowledge of the world Reveal, intuitive tion creativity and anticipation. Therefore th man says, "I feel my heart."

Color — sky blue.

Sound — note the "salt".

In the eastern system called chandra chakra.

7th — mouth (mouth)

System covers the throat.

This chakra gives sound energy, is responsible for the materialization of thought (it also receives and transmits energy sensory images.

Color — blue.

Sound — the note "A".

In the eastern system called visnudhara.

8th — Chelo

Intellectual chakra controls the brain processes the images and thoughts. It employs energy currents without sensuous color. Sensing system of this chakra is beyond human perception. This chakra is responsible for energy vision. Location — the man (between the eyebrows).

Color — purple.

Sound — Note "B".

9th — Spring

Relates to the world of fame. From this' chakra moves channel, stretching into the world of law. Provides communication with Rod, receives and accepts the help and support of their gods and ancestors, taking the energy of higher mental and spiritual images. Through this chakra in the world of rules were designed and thoughts. Rayo is not in the head.

Color — white.

Perceive ultrasound (sokie ultrahigh frequency).

Flows upstream and downstream

Man produces energy — from air, water and food. And he get em energy from the outside — from the Sun and the Earth. This energy interacts with the chakras.

All predominating chakra IMPLIED divisible by:

• low energy chakras (World Navi): origins, was born and abdomen.

These chakras affect the structural state of the physical body of man. Some people work only to these three chakras — people Ms vuschie primitive instincts (sleeping, eating, drinking and so on), that is, like animals.

• Chakra medium energy (World Reveal): Percy, Lada Lola.

Creativity in the World Reveal possible for people with a harmonious development of the chakras E 4th, 5th second. The man, who operate these chakras called shevnym do.

• Chakra high energy (world famous) and ultrahigh-energy chakras (Peace Rules): The lips, brow and springs.

Power Cross

When people work all the chakras, including the most senior, it is spiritual. A man who lives only to the three higher chakras, not developing or using the lower, as a rule, one hundred becomes a hermit, he was cut off from of Peace, and it is not harmonious person. Lower energy centers signed into account the top, so Slavs always harmoniously developed and used all venues

• communicate with the bottom at Rhoda;

• emotional connect with other people;

• spiritual enable vzglya nut at the world from the side and realize the structure of our tours apparent world.

Nature in the activation of all the energy of low-energy centers are not la-programmed aging in the human system.

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