Russian people of the good and the evil Nazis

Good Russian people, with all the indignation and outrage, denouncing the evil Nazis that they (those same Nazis) are violators steady flow of public life, an obstacle in the democratic development of the country, agents of ethnic hatred, ardent opponents of any friendly relations between nations, and in general , do not give all the normal life in peace and harmony. Not to mention the fact that, because of the Nazis, a good man scared to go out at night.

Before discussing further, I want to understand the term favored by good people — "Nazis." Attracts as their word. And they repeat it on any occasion, getting probably unheard of pleasure. Where did they get it?

Back in the 20's, Adolf Hitler came up short for his movement — Nazi. As soon as the Nazi Party gained power, its opponents come up with different derogatory nicknames. The most successful was introduced with the Marxist press the word "Nazi", which on the one hand was like Hitler's term (Nazis), but it was of derogatory. The term "Nazis" popularized the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia Konrad Heiden. After Hitler came to power, the term "Nazis" was made more sinister and dark shade. Well, the term "neo-Nazis" (a modern interpretation of the "Nazis") appeared closer to the 60s for the identification of natural politicized groups gravitated to the aesthetics of the Third Reich. However, unlike the term "Nazis", the term "neo-Nazis" received additional meaning — "Nedobitko." So the term "Nazis" and the term "neo-Nazis" were introduced in the active vocabulary of the enemies of the Nazi movement in Germany. This should be considered by the nationalists who today unthinkingly use these words, suggesting that they carry a positive charge, and the "good people" who are trying to insult those words real Russian patriots.

The present Russian nationalist and a patriot — it's not a drunk skinhead "Gopnik" urinating in your porch, not young truant school classes, who painted a swastika on the fence next to the dump, not a rapist, a pervert who molested a poor teenage girl, not a moron, who beat your neighbor, who was returning from work in the evening. Do not mix, please grade and mental health of the Russian people with all kinds of filth. Nationalist and a patriot — is, above all, a man who values his home, neighborhood, city and country, and every Russian perceives as a member of his family — the nation. He is, by definition, can not scoff at their land and threaten their half-tribesmen. Nationalist chief law: "You — a nation, a nation — for you." Chief Patriot Act — the love of Russia.

Why do you, "good and honest people," evert real sense of Russian nationalism, of confusing and painted white to black? Why are you so eager to see in the national-patriots all evil and inhuman, all human vices? Why do you need to distort every normal word, giving it a negative connotation? What is the cause of your hatred for the man who declared his love for his people and his country? I have no doubt that the first "good man", read this article, reinterpret its meaning beyond recognition, will turn everything upside down. You, probably, it tells your good heart?

"Kind-hearted" Russian people say that love Russia no less than the infamous "Nazi." And, if the "Nazis" just like Russian Russia, the "good people" do not suffer from such a one-sided, and the approach more widely and objectively. They do not distinguish between the Russian and non-Russian, the main thing for them — the man, not his nationality. They are valid for all. To love and to judge everyone equally, without showing any preference based on nationality. And that, in their opinion, the main advantage of the "good" of the Russian people.

Yes, the evil "Nazis" several different views on this subject. In the world, there are two basic laws on which the person is able to judge others — it is justice and love (and this is not a "Nazi" beliefs and reality). And love and justice are incompatible.

Love — is the ultimate injustice. Love is unexplained preference for someone in particular — all the rest. Love can not be explained, it can not be weighed or counted. Love often seems absurd. However, the law of love — this is the highest law in the world.

Can be fair and impartial judge, until it comes to foreign people. But if forced to choose between a stranger and her own mother? Whether the person is so cool to be able to assess the general criteria of his mother and his father, his wife and his children with all the others? Is it possible to put on the scales of their close relatives and strangers? Will there be an equal sign between them? This is the vaunted Russian "goodness": that the, that the other — there is no difference? Do not you think that only a person with a heart of stone, the last villain, will bring love and justice to be guided only by the choice between a father and a stranger uncle? Will he, after that, man? And not just any man, but also a kind man with a big and a good conscience?

You can apply impartially to the conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijanis, and Georgians and Abkhazians. But how to be fair in assessing the Russian-Chechen military conflict? And Russian and Chechens — Russian citizens. But, for some reason, my heart aches just for Russian soldiers. It gives me "Nazi"? I apparently deprived of boundless Russian "kindness" and justice? Or play a role here love for his people?

Russian people need to know and be sure that Russian nationalist never be impartial judge them with any other peoples on justice, but always and only — for love. It's not fair? And you truly love your mother? Or treat it only impartial and fair? Like? And this is fair? Why do you love her more than the others?

"Good and fair" Russian people, you accuse the Patriots of Russia "Nazism", racism, fascism, chauvinism and extremism. Exhibiting nationalists aggressive animals that are ready to cut the throat of any foreigner.

Russian soldiers, in a fit of unbridled chauvinism, defeated and conquered the German people in the last century. Or was it love for his people and his defense? Russian great-grandfathers, the extremist purposes, destroyed the Poles, Swedes, French. Or had other motives? Fascist Dmitry Donskoy Tartar corpses littered the whole field. Is it just for the love of Russia and the Russian people? And where is the justice and the Russian "kindness" in any situation? Not a "Nazi" Does he? It seems that he liked to kill Tartars only for the fact that they — the Tatars. Sorry, did not find that the nearby swastika.

Frankly, do not touch my family and be at least three foreigners, I will not hurt you too. No threats — no aggression. Your boundless "kindness" is very strange: Giving to the Russian nationalists, but are afraid to offend the neighbors brazen, calm look at the starving Russian pensioners, but regret Caucasian traders out of the market, normally about the Russian forced prostitution in the neighboring countries, but can not stand tears hurt Tajik Girls, do not notice the Russian unemployment but greet countless stream of immigrants Russian deny in the least — the right to a normal life, but for the greater good neighborliness with foreigners willing to give them all that they might have asked. Such "kindness" is difficult not to admire. And in "Nazi-fascism" You can not be reproached. You never even swastika drawing, which, of course, indicates your holiness and "kindness."

Conversation "Nazi" with "good" person who does not paint a swastika:

"What are you doing, what your life is full?" — "I love my favorite." — "Is that all?" — "Still." — "But what are you doing?" — "Yes, I'll say: I love you." — "But your favorite raped, and you sit" — "It does not stop me from loving her …".

Russia today raped. A "good" people say, "Do not fight it, just relax and try to have fun."

Advocating equal rights (and more — preferred) for visitors and invited guests, and gagging the Russian patriots — it is aiding in the rape of Russia. You are "good people", holding her arms and legs to the "guests" were comfortable and they did not complain that they are poorly met and do not give them the best.

Why do national and sexual minorities should have the same rights as the majority of the Russian? Innate fairness dictates "good" to the Russian people, that everyone should have equal opportunities and the truth can be established only by a democratic vote, ie together: Russian — one voice, Chechens — 1, Ingush — 1, Tatars — 1, Bashkirs — 1, Tuva — 1, the Jews — 1, visitors Azerbaijanis — 1 vote, the Armenians — 1, Georgians — 1, negros from different countries — to 1 vote, homosexuals — 1, lesbians — 1 vote, etc. They all live in Russia and have every right to decide how to organize their lives here. This, in the first place — the people. Vote now: Who is to improve the lives of the Russian people? How many hands? And now — for improving the living conditions of the non-Russian people. Unanimously with one abstention? All right, do not argue. Russia, after all, multinational. Not the only one Russian people live in it.

Let's look at the multinational Russia. What does it represent?

Based on the population of Russia is 150 million we get the following figures:

Tatars — 5,522,096 people., Or 3.7%, Chuvash — 1,773,645 people., Or 1.1%, Bashkirs — 1,345,273 people., Or 0.8%, Mordovians — 1,072,939 people., or 0.7%, Udmurtia — 714,833 people., or 0.47%, Mari — 643,698 people., or 0.42%, Buryatia — 417,425 people., or 0.27%, Ossetians — 402,275 people ., or 0.27%, Kabardian — 386,055 people., or 0.26%, Yakuts — 380 242 persons., or 0.25%, Dargin — 353,348 people., or 0.23%, the northern Komi — 336,309 people., or 0.22%; Kumyks — 277,163 people., or 0.18%, Lezgins — 257 270 people., or 0.17%, Ingush — 215,068 people., or 0.14%; Tuva — 206 160 people., or 0.13%, Kalmyks — 165,821 people., or 0.1%, Karachai — 150,332 people., or 0.1%, Komi-Perm — 147,269 people., or 0.098 % Karelians — 124,921 people., or 0.08%, Circassians — 122,908 people., or 0.08%; khakasy — 78 500., or 0.05%; Altai — 69,409 people., or 0.046 % Nenets — 34 190 people., or 0.02%, Evenki — 29,901 people., or 0.02%, Khanty — 22,283 people., or 0.015%, Shors — 15,745 people., or 0.01 % Chukchi — 15,107 people., or 0.01%, Nanai — 11,183 people., or 0.0074%, Koryak — 8942 people., or 0.006%, Mansi — 8279 people., or 0.0055 % Dolgan — 6584 people., or 0.004% Selkups — 2877 people., or 0.0019%; Ulchi — 2710 people., or 0.0018%, Eskimos — 1704 people., or 0.001%; Sami — 1615 people., or 0.001% Udegei — 1443 people., or 0.00096% Yukagirs — 857 people., or 0.00057% Itelmen — 754 people., or 0.0005%, Orochi — 704 people., or 0.00046% Tofalars — 628 people., or 0.0004%; Negidals — 497 people., or 0.00033% Orok — 168 people., or 0.00011% Enets — 103 persons . or 0.00007%, etc.

It is only those nations and peoples who are indigenous, that is, lack of statehood outside of Russia. Their total number, together with the Chechens and Jews, 15% of the total population. Why the vote they get 150 votes, while Russian, which is 85% — just one? Why are forced to listen to their needs, and Russian and do not want to listen to?

Is Russian and indigenous peoples of Russia have the right to set their own house in order, but only in accordance with the proportion of each in relation to the total population of Russia.

And visitors let the team in their own countries, but not in Russia. Here, they have no rights can not, except for the right to unimpeded travel. This is racism, and "Nazism", right? "Good," my anti-Nazis, take a visit to the Azerbaijanis, Georgians, Kazakhs and Jews. Tell them that you — the person, and you have all the human rights. You will be pleasantly surprised when you communicate clearly explain what they have in the country you can not be a human rights and have no more than a stray dog. This is called a hard ethnocracy, when the country is run only by representatives of the titular nation, which often make up almost half of the total population. But you do not dare calling them "Nazis", right?

Do not believe me? And you do not want to go abroad? Live in Tuva, Yakutia, in Chechnya, among Adyghe, Tatars and Bashkirs. That will teach you to love the Russian people, I promise you. And even after that, we'll talk about justice, equality and a "Nazi."

"Good people" always notice the swastika on the fence and unpleasant odors in the car (which is, in their view, irrefutable proof heinous acts "Nazis"), but persistently turned a blind eye to the crimes against the Russian people. The "good and decent" people always have an excuse: "Russian, no one kills for the fact that they are Russian."

Of course, when two citizens Higerii and Gambian national were detained by private security, after the foreigners, without any motive attacked a 29-year-old St. Petersburg man and beat him severely, causing serious bodily injury, "good people" said the innocent was caught negros " Nazi "and he got what he deserved.

When Vladivostok successful businessman Ahmed Hadith "ordered" his pregnant Russian girl, the motive was all too clear — 'reluctance to have a child with a Russian woman, based on an understanding of the Chechen traditions. " After all, "good people" honor the rights and traditions of our "guests" Khadisov — is the same people. A Russian girl — malignant offending those rights and traditions.

I'm sure if this happened to a pregnant Chechen woman — the media would show a 10-minute reports at the start of the news release a couple of months. "Good people" would cry about the "Nazi" and the government would create a commission to protect the rights of pregnant Africans.

I have for a long time do not see that Russian boys attacked the "guests from the South", even the day of Airborne. And a few years has not heard of Russian-Caucasian and disassembly of market pogroms. But every day confronted with the fact, as "guests from the Caucasus" rude, humiliate and oppress the Russian, as in cattle treated with Russian girls and women. More recently staged automaton gunfight in broad daylight in a residential area. Miraculously, not hurt people on the street and the residents nearby houses. They are probably protected from Russian "Nazi"? And I did not immediately understand.

About Russian genocide in Chechnya (which there almost all already cut) no hurry to blow telling. Russian killed there, not because they are Russian, but simply because they are tradition. We have a multi-ethnic country.

Facts speak for themselves, but the national-patriots who want to protect their land from foreign criminal plague called fascists and "Nazis." Through the efforts of the "good people" there was a deliberate substitution of concepts.

If Russian nationalists came to Nigeria and Azerbaijan, and there would be murdered and raped African students Azerbaijani girls, it can be agreed that this is fascism, which should be punished. But something about these cases has not been heard.

There was another interesting case of the murder of Armenian-Russian girl rapist. Given her nationality, human rights (which consist of the "good" of the Russian people) plunged, screaming and scatter my saliva, to defend the rights of Caucasians rape Russian girls.

Every day in Russia "good visit" kill two Russian students. But it says nothing about our zvonkogolosaya press. Yes, kill for different reasons, but if you kill a nigger Russian, the motive is clear — fascism. If a black man kills Russian — this is a misunderstanding.

Murder of Russian on Russian soil — this is a random, small incident, not worthy of attention. Russian one more, one less — nothing changes. But killing a Negro, Caucasian or Asian — is a terrible manifestation of the "Russian fascism-Nazism" on which to write the articles, books, and rent gear. Do you agree with this "good and fair" Russian people?

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