Russians want to replace migrants

Make the life of migrant workers in Russia comfortable, pleasant, safe and legal struggle to power. Coming up with new ways to attract and keep workers in Russia. Latest offers — museums and lead them to pay pensions.

The city authorities will drive to the museums of migrants who arrived in Moscow to work. The officials believe that it will help them to integrate into our culture. The idea belongs toHead of the Department of Culture of Moscow Sergei Kapkovu(Businessman who engaged in the reconstruction of Gorky Park).

As Kapkov, so foreigners will form, to show them the sights and "demonstrate universal principles". Apparently, the city authorities believe that with the universal principles of the migrants' problems.
How all this will look like, it is not clear: whether guest workers will crowd onto buses to ride on cultural places of the capital, whether to invite everyone to go to the museum for free. The "Museums for migrants" will start next year.
President of the "Migration XXI Century" Vyacheslav Postavnin
the air CITY-FM, said that museums are unlikely to help resolve worsening of the situation of migrants:

'This is a utopian idea. For show another event held, after which our workers will be easier to integrate into society. This is self-deception.
In general, this approach I do not like: undertake for some minor details. Do not want to do serious work. Migration Act, a very good, regulatory mechanisms, which were established 50 years ago.
Migrants come to a place, a lot of them. People dissatisfied Russian marches, slogans
"Russia for the Russian — migrants out." This is because the locals do not affect the invitation of migrants. Solves the bureaucracy at the top. It is necessary to include people. May delegate to municipalities, so they decide how many migrants invite. A local authority will answer then let the local people: she invited a lot of migrants or little, they took jobs or do not do. "

Sergei Kapkov also said that now with all national communities living in Moscow is doing a great job to celebrate within the capital of national and religious events are "less aggressive, less kitsch and more in the Moscow "with the ethnic interests.

Another suggestion — to make visitors learn the Russian language. Party "United Russia" on the eve of elections has attended the assimilation of migrants in the Russian society. Several deputies were sent to the committee on constitutional legislation amendments to the law "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation." According to the document, some categories of migrant workers who come to Russia from the former Soviet republics, should know the Russian language at least at a basic level. This, above all, about who is going to work in the trade, consumer services, housing and utilities.

Another idea put forward this week, the Federal Migration Service: guest workers in Russia have a pension.
The MinisterKonstantin Romodanovskyconfident that this will be an incentive for foreigners to work legally in this country. As noted Romadanovsky,"It is necessary to search for mechanisms to ensure that migrant workers were interested to work legally."
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development Yuri Krupnovthe air CITY-FM, said that such a proposal can be seen as a desire to replace the indigenous population:

"This idea seems to me monstrous. By and large, this schizophrenia of our ministries and departments. There are certain things, basic statistics that even the children in the country knows that. For example, check out enhanced, promoted and leave the most qualified and active. Simultaneously, the policy of "Migrants save Russia" and enter the least skilled and also very active. All are asking that you want to replace the native population? That is, one should leave, and others need to come?
FMS comes from the fact that there are objective economic processes, which themselves go and need to legalize migrants. Maximum equalize with Russian citizens. This world is nowhere. Ramadan openly said in the interview that we workers will pay more than the indigenous population, while immigrants will be legalized. "

Scientists of the Berlin Institute for Population and Development issued a report which shows that Russia will inevitably fall into a demographic hole. And we can only rescue workers. And then — not for long.

By 2030, the population of Russia will decrease by 15 million people. But in 2050 — even though the flow of migrants — in the country will not live more than 116 million people. Decline, according to foreign experts, will be almost 20 percent. Although it is on migrants, the report their hopes, for example, to restore the remote corners of the country with harsh living conditions.

Chairman of the Public Chamber Commission on Social and Demographic Policy Elena Nikolaevathe air CITY-FM stated that migrants are indeed the only way out soon, but it is impossible for them to focus:
"In the period of validity of the local workers are the only way out in the near future, but not this way of solving the demographic problem emphasis. Necessary to stimulate the birth rate, stimulate normal state family policy, which is, unfortunately, not fully formulated. "

According to statistics from the Federal Migration Service in Russia in 2010, 1.6 million legal work for migrant workers. "According to experts, in the Russian economy in legitimate attracting 1.6 million people engaged in labor activities about 11-12 million migrant workers.


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