Russias interests in Kyrgyzstan have been under threat

Russian interests in Kyrgyzstan have been threatenedAs a result of his own visit to Moscow by Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev said that Bishkek is not interested in the existence of the Russian 999th Air Base, located on the territory of Kyrgyzstan (in Kant). In general, the issue of closing the base has not yet been resolved. But the Kyrgyz president gave to understand that he is resolute. In light of the new, not political, but economic relations that Kyrgyzstan wants to build with the Russian Federation on the risk of being not only a strategic site in Kant, and other projects in Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation. As reported by the newspaper "Kommersant", it is a controlling interest of "KyrgyzGas", "Kyrgyznefti" plant "Dastan" and the construction of four hydroelectric plants.

As can be seen, Moscow hopes to secure the loyalty of the Kyrgyz administration — after the overthrow of former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev — did not materialize. As sources say "Kommersant", the statement Atambayev became apparent surprise for Moscow. On the eve of the elections in autumn 2011 Atambayev had a reputation as specifically "pro-Russian" policy, and gave a promise to fulfill all obligations to the Russian Federation.

Last Saturday, Atambayev criticized the government of the Russian Federation, said: "The base only flatters vanity Russian generals do not pay rent, duties does not. Why do we need it? "

According to the Kyrgyz president, at the meeting it became clear that president Medvedev has no idea about the situation with the base in Kant. The rent for the base, according to Atambayev, have not been paid for four years. Accumulated debt of nearly fifteen million dollars. But information about this debt, said Kyrgyz President, Russian favorite is the first time I heard from him.

Surprised Dmitry Medvedev immediately ordered that the Ministry of Defense paid off existing debts — within 10 days. But, highlighted Atambayev, Kyrgyzstan's control position on this issue remains constant: most likely, the base will be closed soon.

The consolation for Moscow is a statement of intent Atambayev immediately get rid of the U.S. military base "Manas". Yes, consolation — but very feeble.

Our homeland — after non-long lull — must renew the struggle for influence in Kyrgyzstan. As learned from its own sources "Kommersant", as a precautionary measure, the original Moscow has given Bishkek denial of new loans to refinance debt.

A high-ranking source in the Russian government said that our homeland is planning to use the Kyrgyz outstanding debts as a tool to enforce the implementation of existing obligations. The source explained: "We have already given credit under Bakiyev unfulfilled promises, so do not want to step on the same rake. On a loan of 30 million we are not seeing. " In addition, the Kremlin press service said that the solution to the problem of debt repayment Kyrgyzstan to the Russian Federation (which is 493 million dollars) in almost everything depends on the position of the Kyrgyz government.

In general, the President Atambayev told the newspaper highlighted that Kyrgyzstan from now on will not be "begging for loans," however, the credit will not give aid unless such will be offered. So abrupt change of government behavior Kyrgyzstan favorite explained to the highest GDP growth in Kyrgyzstan over the past year and a solid continuation of the current tendency.

Recall that Atambayev approach towards Russia changed dramatically just for his election.

As a presidential candidate Kyrgyzstan, Atambayev was very generous with his promises. For example, he promised to close the South American air base at Manas airport — in accordance with the interests of the Russian Federation. Next, in exchange for writing off debt of 180 million dollars, he promised to send the RF building trade consulate in Bishkek and 48% of the plant "Dastan", producing torpedoes VA-111 "Squall". Also, presidential candidate Atambayev gave hope to Moscow union of all Russian military facilities in Kyrgyzstan in a single database — under contract to lease 40 nine years with automatic extension. Even before the overthrow of Bakiyev promised Bishkek in southern Kyrgyzstan to open a training center under the auspices of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

In addition, the implied Kyrgyzstan Russian municipal companies realize 75 percent of "KyrgyzGas" and "Kyrgyznefti." Along with the "Inter RAO" Bishkek planned to build hydroelectric power station "Kambarata-1" and "Kambarata-2" and "RusHydro" — 4 power plant on the river. Naryn. In exchange for the fulfillment of these criteria Our homeland has been willing to give Kyrgyzstan soft loan of 30 million dollars and an additional loan of 106 million dollars from the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund.

As learned "Kommersant", now thinks Bishkek to reconsider almost all the preparatory arrangements. Bishkek renounces promises to open a center CSTO, asks to pay the market value for the "KyrgyzGas." As for the plant "Dastan", the Bishkek ready to write off the debt on account of only 48%, the rest will be sold at market value. If Russia refuses to these unprofitable conditions, the assets may be offered to other countries interested in the impact in the region, the U.S., China, and Turkey.

Further in the interview to "Kommersant" Atambayev explained to their attitude to the Russian base in Kant. President said the signs to the economic growth of the country and gave it to understand that from now Bishkek will build business with Russia in a new way — from the standpoint of a mutually beneficial partnership.

Kyrgyz president noted that the position of affairs in which Russian base does not own responsibilities and puts the rent, the Kyrgyz government is not satisfied. According to Atambayev, in all the years of existence of this base in Kant, the authorities themselves are paying for electricity, water, heat, communications, and in return — nothing.

Atambayev concluded: "It is not only in the lease payments. There has been a number of responsibilities. For instance, they had to learn our pilots. None have learned! So the question arises, do we need such a base. " The president has denied allegations by the fact that the base makes the defense function.

As President, if our home will go from Kant, the authorities will be able to use the airfield as a civilian.

Asked about the arrangements of old times of the Russian Federation with the deposed Kurmanbek Bakiyev about the opening of a training center for the CSTO, Atambayev said, "With a lot of that Bakiyev signed, as a lot of that was allocated for it. But it should be responsible for Bakiev himself. There is a written commitment on behalf of Kyrgyzstan. We are ready to do all of the obligations, but insist that cases were equal. And you make commitments. "

Kyrgyzstan's favorite interviews also confirmed the intention to close and South American base "Manas". He said that the Americans did not believe him for a long time, when he explained to them that the Manas should not be a military base. The president, he said, with great difficulty, the Yankees assured that he is not trying to knock out the U.S. additional funds themselves or their own family. He patiently explained to his decision by sa
ying that "in any civilian airport should not be a military base."

He added that many people do not understand and, as a consequence, "looking for some dark motives. Say, Atambayev wants to close the South American base to ask the Russian Federation credit. Yes, I currently have a penny of the Russian Federation did not ask — no loans, no grants! "It was able to Kyrgyzstan last year increment revenue. "Kyrgyzstan is now — the other country. This is not the country that will have to beg someone loans. If someone wants to assist us, we will not give up, "- said the president of Kyrgyzstan. He added that if the Chinese will provide loans on more favorable criteria than our native land, then Kyrgyzstan will take them.

But experts have expressed doubts that the Kyrgyz government will be able to solve their prepyadstviya without Russian loans. General Director of the Center for Research post-Soviet space MSU Vlasov said in an interview to "Kommersant" that the Bishkek now desperately needed money. The analyst says that Turkey has written off debts of the country, but gave no new funds. And China provides a means to a very stringent criteria. The analyst concludes that the only source of cash income is blackmail Moscow and Washington over the air bases. According to the views of Vlasov, President Atambayev expression can be fully interpreted as an attempt to put pressure on Russia before the election.

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