Sable Island-alien biorobot?


Earned notoriety sailors Sable Island, located in the Atlantic Ocean, 240 kilometers to the east of Canada, on the approaches to the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Along the coast of the island facing the two main currents of the Atlantic — Labrador, carrying the icy waters of the Arctic and the warm Gulf Stream. As a result of their meeting dense veil of fog enveloped the island for weeks or even months. Add to this, again, and frequent storms. Not only that, Sable Island, like melyam Goodwin also "wandering" — for the last 100 years it has moved from west to east for 20 miles!

Crawling "Graveyard of the Atlantic"

The island was discovered by the Portuguese in the beginning of the XVI century and was given the name of Santa Cruz (Island of the Holy Cross). Half a century later, he was given a more appropriate title — Sable. Translation of the word is controversial: not-sable ", not the sword," not the "sand" … But some sailors call this island a Funeral — for being here found their death many hundreds of ships: Portuguese, English, French, and pirate ships were no exception.
What's the mystery here? What terrible secret hiding fanned notoriety island? Why all the seas and oceans has long been talking about him bad rumor, and in port taverns and pubs sailors often talk about Sable damn creepy, blood-curdling stories? In this case, never try to call it as it is necessary, and prefer to be called "Island Shipwreck" and "Graveyard of the Atlantic."

Sable interested scientists for a long time. Back in the early XX century, they found that the West Island is constantly exposed to strong sea currents. So powerful waves — is unknown how many thousands of years — systematically eroding shore Sable. On the east side there are constantly increasing, as something living, more and more sand bars, which seems to be the logic of things and the laws of physics simply nowhere to take. But they're still growing!

The most entertaining thing is that, although the island and is in constant motion, the causes of which remain unclear to scientists, the length of Sable for hundreds of years does not change! -Graveyard of the Atlantic "like a greedy giant monster, slowly but surely, as if having a predetermined clear goal, is constantly moving in an easterly direction. According to what the researchers, the average speed of the island is about 200 meters per year!

Reefs aqua

In the area of Sable almost all year raging storm. It was only for one month — July — as if on command unknown forces, the storm suddenly subsides, and the island is available for drop-off from the boats. But only on the north side. The biggest trouble that artfully hid Sable, patiently podkaraulivaya passing by the court — is sharp reefs and shoals around them. They display here completely unique property — are sea-green, so "-dissolve in it and almost invisible. As we know, such a capacity for mimicry is peculiar only to animate beings.

What other unsolved mysteries may be lurking in the depths of the Sable? Why does he constantly moves to the east? Many scientists have tried to solve the riddle of its sands. Here repeatedly landed scientific expedition. But the island was not so simple. "Graveyard of the Atlantic, is able to keep its secrets. As soon as people began to conduct any work, and in particular the excavation dug pits immediately filled with sea water. Their walls are strengthened, but the sand relentlessly showered, and had to start all over again. Was constantly need a new attachment material, which is very difficult to bring to the island. A pump water out of the pits — like trying to scoop up the ocean, because she always arrives. Mysterious Sable tenaciously holds its secrets and does not tolerate attempts to penetrate the fact that he trusted. That's just nobody knows who trusted and why?


Space biorobot?

However, at the end of XX century, some Western scholars have put forward a rather anomalous phenomena bold and original hypothesis. They believe that Sable is nothing like a live alien organism! It exists on laws that can neither understand nor explain within the current knowledge. The fact is that the heart of a similar organism is silicon rather than carbon, like all living things on the earth. A silicon — is sand! Ufologists D. Peybl (USA) and W. Laynes (Canada) suggested that the island — not a piece of land in the ocean and … biorobot space. In ancient times it has thrown on the ground by unknown advanced civilization in a suitable place to land in the ocean. Biorobot successfully engraft and diligently for centuries collects information unknown to their owners.

Catches from time to time the earth ships, which are caught gaping insects. And examining their catch this "sea spider" is able to determine the technical level of earthlings. Between bio-robot and a civilization that sent him to support the communication. Perhaps, therefore, once a year, namely in July, in a pre-appointed time and there comes the perfect weather for a robot Sable could give a full report to deep space. Or even in the not too distant? How to know?

Secrets of the twentieth century number 41 2011

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